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The "Falun Gong cult” movement that I know (extractions)

2012-03-02 Author:By Sima Nan

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Sima Nan (China) 

Special engagement, Master Li Hongzhi, "4.25 Incident”, analysis from a special perspective, a comparative study of the definition of the Evil Cult, the role of anti-evil cult associations, mistakes of the Chinese government, brief information about the author (enclosure)

Special Engagement

In 1995, Li Hongzhi asked his followers, "do you know about Sima Nan in Beijing? He reprimanded many masters but me. Do you know why? Because I have put a ‘Falun’ on him to conduct remote control, but it is a counter-clockwise one. He will lose his sight this year, and both of his legs next year under the wheels of a car…”

Some of Li Hongzhi’s followers admired dearly the master who is said to be capable of challenging every law in the world and grasping the fundamental laws of the universe. They are firm believers of Li’s prophesy. But at least as fas as Sima Nan is concerned, Li Hongzhi was talking nonsense. Now, 5 years passed, I have lost neither my sight nor my legs.

Many people are very concerned about me. They say: "What if any of the masters does harm to you with the help of their extra-sensory perception (ESP), because you have made so many enemies?” As I have explained to numerous people who are concerned about me, I do not fear this at all. Should they rush to me with knives, I would run away immediately if I couldn’t beat them. But as for ESP as a method of "remote-control” of the Falun, I do not care a damn about it. What’s more, if it can be proved, I will give away ten million yuan.

In May, the Beijing Express of the Beijing TV Station (BTV) interviewed some experts and scholars on the Qigong management. Academician He Zuoxiu and I were interviewed. Up to now, I have no slightest idea about what mistakes Mr. He and I have made, which lead to the fact that more than one thousand people went too as far as to besiege the BTV. Threatening in a gentle manner, they said if BTV did not admit their mistakes, more and more Falun Gong practitioners would come here all the way from Shandong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and all around China to express their protest.

In July, "The Life Monthly” published an article written by Li Liyan titled "Catch Sima Nan”. The article cited me, when I criticized the Falun Gong practitioners protesting under the pretext of spreading the Falun Gong’s Fa around the country. Unexpectedly I caused great trouble again. The Falun Gong practitioners besieged "The Life Monthly’s” editorial office as they did to BTV. Under enormous pressure the magazine was made to apologize on the first page of the latest issue after the incident. 

In August, I visited one of my friends in Guangzhou. He turned pale with fright, "go away, how dare you come at such a moment?!” Only after I have hidden in a safe place did I learn that a group of the Falun Gong practitioners were staging another round of a Fa-promotion offensive in a newspaper’s office. They wanted to make the newspaper admit there were mistakes in their coverage of the Falun Gong before and rendered examples that some news agencies have admitted their mistakes and covered the Falun Gong in a positive way. After a long time of standstill, the group of people made a performance in the related department of the Guangdong provincial government.

The Falun Gong praises itself, claiming to practice "truth, forbearance and compassion”. My own experience made me feel that they are everything but people with "truth, forbearance and compassion”. On the contrary, dozens of news agencies and government authorities have been besieged by the Falun Gong practitioners and endured their offensives time and again.

In 1999, the Chinese government decided to clamp down the socalled Falun Dafa, and this is a piece of good news. I myself did my best to support it. But our fight with the Falun Gong cult was still very arduous, because some master under cover is still doing harm to society. Li Hongzhi is like a malignant tumor rooted in the soil of superstition. As long as the tumor exists, the fight will not end. Spreading scientific thinking and opposing ignorance and superstition are long-term tasks. (The above part was published in 1999).

Master Li Hongzhi


The concept of Qigong: an method of physical training based on China’s traditional culture.

The history of Qigong: it has historical ties with the traditional Chinese medical science. It was only a way of doing exercise among people, and a way of convalescence of China’s state founders in the Beidaihe Sanatorium.

Reasons for the popularity of Qigong in 1979: China’s openingup, market economy, social transformation, aging of the ideology of the communism.

Causes for the popularity of Qigong: (1) A child realized that his ears could identify words spoken by others, which resulted in a controversy with media’s coverage; (2) Pang Heming & Zhao Jinxiang Qidonggong; (3) Yanxin Qigong, Zhang Hongbao Zhonggong; (4) two national Qigong organizations were set up; (5) the involvement of scientists; (6) sophisticated research on the national defense, a psychological war; (7) a worldwide ESP study craze.

On Nov. the 1st, 1995, the International Qigong committee reported: thirty-five Qigong schools jointly claim a huge number of "Ten Thousand Qigong recovery cases”. The names of these schools  were hardly comprehensible: Yanxiang Gong, Dayan Gong, Zhineng Gong, Ziran Gong, Zhilian Gong, Puti Gong, Yuanji Gong, Dongyi Gong, Mingjing Gong, Fanteng Gong, Sanqing Gong, Shentong Gong, Qixing Gong, Luohan Gong, Yangqi Gong, Lingquan Ruyi Gong, Yuzhou Xinxi Gong and so on and so forth.

The following Qigong craze in China could hardly be imagined by foreigners.

From May 1992 to the end of 1994, Li Hongzhi, a Qigong master in Northeast China, conducted 53 training classes, from which 13 were in Beijing. "Li Hongzhi and his followers attended the Oriental Expo held in Beijing in 1992 and 1993.” In August 1993, Li Hongzhi’s school was acknowledged by the China Qigong Science Academy as a school of a direct Qigong system, and Li Hongzhi himself was authorized as a certificated "Qigong Master”.

On July 24, 1996, General Administration of Press and Publication of China issued the Notice of Immediate Confiscation and Sealing Up of the book "China’s Qigong” and four other books. After that, on Sept. the 12th the Chineese Academy of Qigong Science submitted a report on the problems of Li Hongzhi’s Falun Gong Cult, and on Nov. the 28th the Decision on eliminating the Falun Gong from its direct affiliation in the Qigong System.

Basic experience: junior high school education, work on a farm in the village, trumpet player, forest police, Song and Dance Ensemble, returning to the city, work in a grain shop.

Li Hongzhi was born on July 7, 1952. His father left home when he was a child, causing a setback to his growth. His classmates said he was an ordinary boy, a little bit shy, and not talkative, but was quick-witted in identifying the right time to take actions. Actually, he was very decisive in developing precise promotion strategies and had an enormous desire for power.

Declaring the inception of his "career” in May 1992, he did that only for money. Taking a pyramid structure as a model, he developed chain groups around the country (making a profit of 1.5 million per year). "I have 100 million students learning Fa. If only I just tell them to give me one yuan each of them, then just imagine, I will be a billionaire… I should only say, give me ten yuan each of you…”

When he was teaching his Fa around the mainland of China, he stressed he "will stay away from politics”, and denied the Falun Gong be a religion.

Basic reasons for the expansion of Li Hongzhi’s Qigong: (1) going in for fitness; (2) practicing "truth, forbearance and compassion”; (3) seeing is believing; (4) thinking comes before seeing; (5) the only way to success; (6) breaking conventions; (7) practicing thinking; (8) gaining through losing; (9) taking laws to be your teacher; (10) laws are not constant. He preached "breaking up with human’s social nature and breaking up with human selves”.

He did very well in cheating people by saying "I’ve got millions of dharmakayas, which ensures your safety.”

One of the examples he often cites is the following "when I was teaching in Beijing, one of the students rode a bike to the class. One day he was hit by a car where the road bends… it was a big bang, and her head was hit by the shed of the car. The foot of the student was still on the bike. However she didn’t feel any pain. She was not bleeding. Neither there was a bump on her head!… But the car fell into a big pit.” (The Rotation of the Falun)

When his lies were discovered, he was horrifically good at rebutting:

(1)"Things happening now were presupposed long ago by the history.” (June 16, 2000, Towards Consummation)

(2)"I have them exposed intentionally.”(Oct. 22, 2000, Suffocating Evil)

He was full of lies in boosting the morale of his students, "What do you think of the hardships and testing you are through? I tell you all, but for possessing holy power so much, a person would not experienced so much pains. The pains and hardships endured by our Falun Gong practitioners, I tell you, are not only for self-discipline, but this is also a test for the Falun Gong made by the senior life to purge the practitioners of the degenerated lower life.

"Since the ban on the Falun Gong cult was put, I have been doing my utmost to overcome it. But, it is too huge, and, the process to destroy it takes time, no matter how fast it is… Moreover, you have to endure it apart from destroying it. However, I know that if our practitioners go through the process, probably they will not measure up to it. So, I can just let our practitioners bear the evils demonstrated by people, while I will bear the nature of the matter”.

(Dec. 9, 2000, Li Hongzhi’s Teaching at the Conference in North America’s Great Lake Area)

"4.25 Incident”

Survival Strategy: he immigrated overseas, chose the most sensitive moment and place and made a sensational act, thus provoking disturbance and expanding his influence. His masterpiece was the besieging of Zhongnanhai by ten thousand people on April 25, 1999. After that, his strategy found its way to the common people. He played a political role of acting anti-China, anti-CPC, being anti- Chinese, and fighting for human rights.

"In 1997, Li Hongzhi started to go through procedures to immigrate to the United States. At the beginning of 1998, he together with his wife and daughter arrived in America. He got the "Green Card” in an astoundingly quick time, and settled down in Long Land, New York, and had his home in Atlanta, becoming a permanent citizen of the USA.

Before and after "4.25 Incident”, there were 39 Falun Gong cult Internet websites in the United States, 20 in other countries, 20 in the mainland of China and one in Hong Kong and one in Taiwan.

After "4.25 Incident”, 6 mirror websites were organized in Canada. In the second half of 2000, the number of Chinese simple-form "Minghui Website” of the Falun Gong cult increased to 10, and fullform Chinese "Minghui Website” increased to 5. All the websites are interconnected and connected to its English version. In the meantime, the Falun Gong cult organizations also set up several websites in German, Russian, French and some other European languages. "The World Falun Dafa Radio Station” was set up on July 1, 2000, which made it possible for them to attack the Chinese government and infiltrate other countries of the world.

The websites and radio stations were all non-commercial and provided all kinds of free materials to all the visitors, which usually cost more than 100,000 dollars or several million dollars. Therefore, after having investigated the financing of the organization and operation of these websites, we can deduce the economic situation of the Falun Gong cult overseas organizations. And, we can easily come to the conclusion that the quick organization and long-term operation of over 100 non-commercial Falun Gong cult websites have obviously revealed that the Falun Gong overseas organizations enjoy strong financial support.

One month before the besieging of Zhongnanhai, i.e. "4.25 Incident”, Li Hongzhi published three "lectures” consecutively, which he seldom did. The "lectures” mainly expressed one and the same idea, that is, "someone has given up learning Dafa, and someone has even betrayed us. At present, it is a serious issue.” After Li Hongzhi became a permanent citizen of America at the beginning of 1998, the besieging incidents of news/media offices and State institutions all of a sudden mushroomed up.

Record of Falun Gong cult’s besieging of news/publishing agencies and State institutions of all levels from April 1998 to April 1999.

Time the Besieged:

1 April 1998 The Shandong Qilu Evening News.

2 April 1998 The Yunnan Donglu News.

3 May 1998 The Health Digest.

4 May 1998 The Beijing China Youth Daily.

5 May 1998 The Beijing TV Station.

6 June 1998 The Shandong Polular Daily.

7 September 1998 The Hebei Cangzhou Daily.

8 September 1998 The Hebei Politics & Law Daily.

9 October 1998 The Fujian Xiamen Daily.

10 November 1998 The Chongqing Daily.

11 December 1998 The Ha’erbin Daily.

12 December 1998 The Zhejiang Qianjiang Evening News.

13 December 1998 the Liaoning Provincial government.

14 January 1999 The Liaoning Shenyang TV Station.

15 March 1999 The Jiangsu Wujin Daily.

16 April 1999 Tianjin Education College.

17 April 1999 the Tianjin local government.

18 April 1999 The Beijing Zhongnanhai.

Cause: "4.25 Incident”, launched (not caused) by a small article.

On April 11, 1999, Mr. He Zuoxiu, Academician of the Chineese Academy of Science published an article titled "I don’t Support the Youngsters Who Practice Qigong” in "The Youth Science and Technology”, a magazine sponsored by the Education College of Tianjin Normal University.

It is this little article that caused the besieging of Zhongnanhai which shocked the whole world. The incident was first started when the Falun Gong practitioners went to Tianjin Education College for a dispute. Then the incident escalated day after day, and finally Zhongnanhai was besieged.

"In the morning of the 21st day of the month, about 2,000 Falun Gong practitioners came to the college.”"On April 22, about four or five thousand Falun Gong practitioners were waiting for the college’s reply. At around 8 o’clock in the evening, three or four hundred policemen were dispatched to the college to restore order… deep at night of April 23, the tension grew high and the practitioners who were kept out of the college went to the city government building for a dispute.

"At 21:40 on April 24, the first batch of Falun Gong practitioners, about 40 people, appeared at the north gate of Zhongnanhai;

"At 3:07 on April 25, ten buses from Hebei parked near Beihai, people getting off gradually gathered in the tunnel nearby;

"At 3:30, another group of people gathered beside the moat;

"At 5:13, a great number of the Falun Gong practitioners began to move west from the front gate of Beihai Park; another group of people moved towards Fuyou Street through the park;

"At 6:55, a large number of crowds were marching along Fuyou Street;

"At 7, at Zhongnanhai west gate in Fuyou Street, the Falun Gong practitioners organized a silent sitting;

"After that, the number of people gradually increased. To the morning of April 25, the number of practitioners gathered there had reached ten thousand. "These practitioners "came from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and some other places”.

Where was Li Hongzhi at that moment?

On April 21, when the number of the Falun Gong practitioners gathered in Tianjin Education College increased from "over 50” to "more than 2,000”, Li Hongzhi left New York for Beijing.

At 17:10 in the afternoon of April 22, the Northeast Airline’s Flight NW087 where Li Hongzhi was on arrived in Beijing. Filling in an entry registration card in the Capital Airport, Li Hongzhi wrote himself "name: Li Hongzhi; Occupation: Businessman”. And then, he went by taxi all by himself to his dwelling in No. 16, Fahua Temple Square, Chongwu District, Beijing. That night, he met with Ji Liewu who represented the Falun Dafa Research Institute. In the morning of the day when Li Hongzhi arrived in Beijing, the number of the Falun Gong practitioners gathered in Tianjin increased to "four or five thousand”.

In the morning of April 23, Li Hongzhi had a meeting in his dwelling with the Falun Dafa Research Institute Vice Chairman Wang Zhiwen and some other major figures, Li Chang, Ji Liewu, Wang Huizhong, Liu Guirong. "Go to Beijing,” he dictated, "I want more people. The more, the better.”"This is the last chance.”"We cannot do this in the name of Falun Dafa Research Institute and the general tutoring station.” On that day, the number of the Falun Gong practitioners in Tianjin increased to "as many as nearly ten thousand”.

At 8:30 in the morning of April 24, the Falun Gong Beijing General Station organized a "regular meeting for Fa-Learning” of over 30 people at No. 7 Cangjingguan Alley near Yonghegong Lama Temple, sending orders and concrete deployment. On that day, Wang Zhiwen made over 20 calls from his stationary phones and his cell phone to the heads of the Falun Gong in Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning, Tianjin and some other places; Gao Qiuju who was Head of the Dalian general station and was in Beijing at that time, also called the Falun Gong practitioners to three provinces in Northeast China.

In the morning of the day, Li Hongzhi hurried to the Capital Airport with Ji Liewu. He bought an air-ticket to Hong Kong on Flight CA111 at 10:20. But the plane could not take off on time, so he changed to Flight CA109 which took off at 13:30 and reached Hong Kong;

On April 25, Li Hongzhi made phone calls for twenty times or so with Ji Liewu at Kangyi Park in Hong Kong; In the afternoon of April 26, Ji Liewu arrived in Hong Kong from Beijing to meet with Li Hongzhi.

At 22:15 in the evening of April 27, Li Hongzhi took the Cathay Pacific’s Flight CX103 and went to Brisbane, Australia from Hong Kong.

Almost immediately after the incident (May 8, 1999), at the meeting of the Falun Gong practitioners in New Zealand, at the first largescale open meeting after "4.25 Incident”, Li Hongzhi couldn’t help his excitement and declared loudly:

"Has it ever occurred to you that due to this incident, the whole world has learnt about Dafa! (Applause).

This effect is much wider than numerous Fa-spreading activities you undertake! (Applause)”.

Analysis from a Special Perspective

The Falun Gong cult problem became a hot-button social issue in 1999. People have a clear-cut understanding about its anti-scientific, anti-reasonable, anti-social and anti-civilizational spiritual essence. Besides all the harm done by the Falun Gong cult, it affects the physical and mental health of common practitioners. According to the statistics of the relevant medical organizations, among the patients with psychotic problems that resulted from practicing the Gong, the number of those who practiced the Falun Gong accounted for 10.2% of the total in 1996, and the ratio increases to 42.1% in the first half of this year. Another number reported by CCTV was even more shocking: more than 740 Falun Gong practitioners committed suicide or homicide.


The definition of the cult:

1. China determined the nature of the Falun Gong as a cult in 1999, and banned the Falong Gong on the basis of the following legal documents: "The Decision to Ban Cult Organizations, Detect and Prohibit Cult Activities” (the Permanent Committee of the People’s National Congress) and "The Explanation of Several Problems about the Handling of the Cases of Establishing Cult Organizations or Using Cult Organizations to commit crimes" (the Supreme People's Court, and Supreme People's Precuratorate). 

2. China's definition of the cult is simple and has Chinese characteristics. The cult is an illegal organization established on the religious ground, under the pretext of Qigong, or others, which immortalizes its leaders, deceives, enrolls and controls its practitioners, and harms the society.


The Falun Gong has something in common with the cults in other countries. All of them:

1) Have strong political ambitions, and have anti-state, anti-social characteristics;

2) Predict the Doomsday and the birth of a new universe to confuse people and attempt to seize the state power in the turmoil;

3) Most of the leaders were once ordinary people, and came from lower social strata, they immortalize themselves, and declare themselves saviors of the world, and demand their followers to pay homage to them, and show absolute obedience;

4) The leaders lead a corrupted life, while their followers are requested to abstain from worldly needs.


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