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Does Falungong qualify as a cult?

2012-05-23 Author:By Zensorel

Does Falungong qualify as a cult? Similar to Scientology? Ban cults to protect public interests?

A cult is one that is not accountable to its members, the government and the public. Its main objective is to serve the material and spiritual interests of leadership / personality without regard for public health and order.

Yet FLG receives funding from various foreign sources and networks bent on frustrating the Chinese authorities. Majority are aware that cults attract gullible and impressionable followers who are oblivious of Li Hongzhi's agenda because they are mere pawns to boost the numbers of FLG.

It is a one-way traffic. What Falungong wants, it will fight to achieve. It accuses the lack of freedom in China but it forbids freedom of speech of others who hold different and alternative views and do not stand up to criticisms.

There are many similarities between Scientology and FLG. Beliefs in alien invasion, rejection of modern medicine and personality cult.

Anyone who personally knows loved ones fallen victims and suffered irreparable damage to these scams would appreciate why cults need to be checked and dismantled.

Why do Germany and some governments  and organisations seek to ban Scientology? Others fear because the cult supported by movie stars has grown too powerful to be reined in. The same can be said of FLG.



(Blogspot.com, December 7, 2011)


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