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Fraud and superstition

2012-05-30 Author:By Carl Kenner

Important! If you have a website, please consider adding links to sites critical of the following cults and frauds. This not only provides useful links to people reading your sites, it also helps move the sites to the top of Google's search results so people can get a fair view of what these groups are about. Otherwise google search results will only return the millions of pages by con artists seeking to scam people and make money. Make sure you use the search term as the text of the link. Please add links like these to your sites, it is important.

Scientology is an evil cult which brainwashes people to suck money out of them. They also threaten all their critics with legal action and violence. See also Scientology Lies, Scientology Kills, Secrets of Scientology, and Scientology associated deaths.

Falun Gong is another evil cult which brainwashes people.  It is also known as falungong, falun dafa, or falundafa. Falun Gong has many fronts which include the Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty TV, the Sound of Hope radio network, the Chinese New Year Spectacular, and anything falsely pretending to be theTang Dynasty.

Homeopathy is a con which rips off the most sick and vulnerable. It is a fake medicine made from pure water, after they take a nasty poison and dilute it infinitely with lots of magical shaking. See also Homeopathy - all the idiocy that fits, Homeopathy (Vic Skeptics), and Homeopathy Watch. It is also known as Homoeopathy.

Acupuncture is another medical fraud. It involves moving the body's magical energy by sticking pins in people. See also Acupuncture (the Straight Dope).

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