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Epoch Times is a mouth piece of the Illegal Falun Gong cult

2012-06-11 Author:China Watcher

Last night I went out to have a dinner with my family at an eatery shop serving Northern Indian Food and I managed to get hold of a free copy of the Epoch Times (English version) and the translated Mandarin copy, which were freely distributed in a country in South East Asia.

I was shocked by the written content in the paper which contained mostly anti-China news and the promotion of the banned Falun Gong. What I could not bear was the amount of news which were twisted to portray China as a big bully and a destroyer of Western forms of human rights. The articles published reminded me of some US newspapers who are championing a hidden agenda – to bash China at every known way it could to demonize China to the general public.

I performed a check on the Net and it is not a surprise that the Epoch Times is funded by the Falun Gong cult, a religious grouping who had been focused at overthrowing the current Chinese government in China. Is it possible? Nope, without the public or the Chinese support at large it is highly remote. That is the reason why they are actively promoting their cause to the world including the overseas Chinese.

What saddened me was that the Falun Gong (and the Tibetan dissidents) had been used as pawns by the Western world to promote the Western World hidden agenda that is to introduce Western type of democracy in China.

I am sure the Falun Gong has many followers and supporters (the human rights activists, Amnesty International and the US Congress) and the most important of all, the US government. To fund this particular exercise through the printed media as well as from the many online sites would require massive amount of free funds and I would not be the least surprise if the US government are fully behind this.

The “forces” behind this strong support wanted to cause instability in present China, with the hope to create an environment which would bring about a change of government that is more democratic and one which is fully dependent on them and if possible to be administered with a dotted line reporting to the US government. China, after all, is the only nation in the world who will be able to undermine the US dominance status (the last 80 years) in this world. The West has to date refused to admit that this autocratic government has succeeded to achieve many No 1s throughout the world.

When I left the place, I noted there were still many copies left at the corner of the shop even though it is free. I am sure there are many first time readers like me who thought that it is just a normal international paper which will provide a more balanced reporting. We were obviously wrong.

The copies which I took from the restaurant ended as paper trash fit for use in the toilet!



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