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Ma Jinyou: My eldest brother cuts belly open to seek ‘Wheel of Law’ (Photo)

2012-10-30 Source:Kaiwind Author:Narrated by Ma Jinyou & Edited by Bai Feng

I am Ma Jinyou, 60-year-old, and live in Chenbian Village, Xinzhongyi Town, Renqiu City, Hebei Province.



Ma Jinyou

  Ma Jianmin was my eldest brother. He worked in the 2nd Drilling Company in Huabei Oilfield. My eldest brother was a Falun Gong follower who firmly believed that he was able to ascend to heaven with the help of the Wheel of Law planted in his body by Li Hongzhi. He died of hemorrhagic shock at the age of 54 after he cut open his belly with scissors to seek the “Wheel of Law” on the afternoon of September 4, 1998.

  My eldest brother joined army in 1964. He worked diligently in the army and became a skillful soldier. Afterwards he got married with Hao Xiuwen, a girl from our neighbor village. They had a son and a daughter. My eldest brother became a worker in Huabei Oilfield when he left the army. He worked then in the water, heating and electrical task team. He worked hard and had been elected as a model worker for several times. Despite the tough conditions in those days, his family lived a happy life together.



In December 1992, Ma Jianmin was elected as a model worker.

  Afterwards the oilfield allotted a flat to Ma Jianmin. He and his family moved to the 5th Dongfeng neighborhood in the urban area. According to his neighbors, Ma Jianmin was a warm-hearted man who was ready to provide help to anyone in need. He often cleaned corridors, and repaired bulbs, doors or windows in public areas in the building at his own expense. He was a sociable person. Since his children grew up and established their own family, he developed a habit of raising birds. He raised several parrots and larks. He often took his birds and went out for a walk. He lived an increasingly comfortable life.



Photo of Ma Jianmin

  In April 1996, results of a medical examination revealed that my eldest brother had high pressure and hyperlipidemia. The doctor told him that it was not a problem as long as he kept on taking medicines and doing exercises. At that time, there were several kinds of Qigong. My eldest brother learned to practice any sort of Qigong that was said to be effective for keeping healthy. One Sunday morning, when he went to Workers’ Cultural Palace to do exercise, he saw Mr. Liu, one of Qigong practitioners, talking with a group of people with a book in his hand. Then he joined them.


  At that time, the group of people were introducing to Mr .Liu that the sort of Qigong was able to cure disease, to ward off evils, and to improve health conditions. Then my eldest brother asked Mr. Liu what the magic Qigong was. Mr. Liu said that was Falun Gong and was established by Master Li Hongzhi. He added that Li Hongzhi would plant a “Wheel of Law” in the abdomen of every practitioner, and the “Wheel of Law” was able to cure diseases. My eldest brother wanted to have a try. So he bought the book Zhuan Falun and two cassette tapes on Falun Gong lectures. Hence he began to practice Falun Gong.

  My eldest brother performed Falun Gong on a regular basis. He often did dynamic exercise in the morning, while read Zhuan Falun or practiced meditation in the evening. After a period of practice, he felt more refreshed and energetic. Moreover, his blood pressure was under control. He attributed all of these to his practice of Falun Gong. Since then, he refused to take any medicine because he believed that medicine was an obstacle to his practice and may hinder his elimination of karma. He sometimes spent two or three days on his trips to Beijing or Shijiazhuang to attend lectures by Li Hongzhi.


Since 1997, my eldest brother joined group practice instead of practicing alone at home. He often exchanged experiences with his fellow practitioners. When he learned there was newly released “textbooks”, he tried every effort to get the new textbooks despite the trouble of traveling tens of kilometers. As soon as he took home the textbooks, he read and studied carefully. My eldest brother, who used to be a hard working man, now took no care of the housework. He spent all of his time practicing, reciting texts or going around attending lectures organized by Falun Gong groups. He gave up his hobbies. He did not care about the dirty corridor or the broken bulbs in the building in which he lived. He even sold out his favorite birds. He was no longer an open-minded, warm-hearted person desiring for improvement.

  To ascend to heaven as quickly as possible, he spend nearly all of his limited amount of savings buying books and cassette tapes on Falun Gong, printing textbooks and giving them free of charge to his neighbors and colleagues. He also tried his best to persuade others to practice Falun Gong. He said, “As long as you practice diligently, the master will plant a wheel of law in your body, which will help you ascend to heaven and eventually attain consummation and become a Buddhist.” If some people did not agree with him, he may argue with them, or even quarrel with them sometimes.

  In 1998, my eldest brother got obsessed with Falun Gong. Sometimes, he spent a whole night on practice. When my sister-in-law advised him to take a rest, he turned a deaf ear to her advice. He secretly told my sister-in-law for several times that he could see a golden wheel of law shining and turning in his body when he was practicing Falun Gong. He even asked my sister-in-law and me to feel the turning of wheel in his body. This made me feel afraid. I joined my sister-in-law, advising him to give up Falun Gong. But he rejected our advice. He warned us that he would turn against anyone who may hinder his practice. Therefore, we could do nothing but to shut our eyes to his behaviors.

  One day in June 1998, he said to me at my home, “My master told me the wheel of law was going to help me ascend to heaven. I am attaining consummation. You’d better begin to practice. Then all of us can become immortal.”  Since I did not believe what he said, he kept such words on the tip of his tongue, repeating, “This is the last time for the master to teach Falun Gong. If you don’t practice, the master would not save you when the human race is destroyed.” Receiving no response from me, he became anxious and shouted to me. I did not have alternatives, but pretend to agree with him. Then he returned home.

  A period of time later, he suddenly tore open his clothes and scratched his belly when he practiced Falun Gong at night. My sister-in-law immediately stopped him. But he shouted violently, “Don’t bother me. The wheel of law is approaching. Don’t bother my consummation.” My sister-in-law was so frightened that she discussed with their children, preparing to send him to hospital for a medical check. But he did not agree whatever they said. Instead, he said they were devils bothering his practice. Due to worries over his behaviors, his children had to accompany him by turn for a period of time.

  At about 17:30 on September 4, 1998, when I was busy with my housework, I received a phone call from my nephew. He told me that my eldest brother was dying. I was completely shocked. I did not know what had happened since my eldest brother looked pretty good just two days before. I rushed to the town with my wife. When we got to their neighborhood, I saw a large number of police people. I smelt the smell of blood when I went into the flat. The door of restroom was opened, and the floor was covered with blood. I saw my eldest brother lying in the blood, with a pair of scissors in his hand, his belly cut open, his bowels exposed. He was motionless and breathless.



Photo taken on site of death

  The police found a letter on the tea table in the living room. The letter, written by my eldest brother, read, “My master told me that I am attaining consummation and the wheel of law is going to take me to the heaven. After I leave, you and our children should also practice Falun Dafa, trying to ascend to heaven as early as possible. I am waiting for you in the heaven.”