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Couple Arrested for Killing Younger Sister with Motive of “Dispelling Ghost”

2013-04-10 Source:Kaiwind Author:Cui Rukun and Song Minglei from Qilu Evening News

Three members of a family in Yuncheng County were all believers of a heretical cult. A man surnamed Xu and his wife killed their younger sister in the name of “dispelling ghost” for her because she had illusion and began to rave. Then the couple fled to the Northeastern region. Thirteen years later, the couple was arrested and escorted back to Yuncheng by the police on the first day of this year.


On the night of January 1, the couple got off a train at Heze Railway station. With his head lowered, the man surnamed Xu looked regretful. As thirteen years passed by, the couple felt regretful for what they did to their sister.


The man surnamed Xu and his wife as well as his younger sister were living in Sui Guantun, Yuncheng County. All of them were followers of a heretical cult. At around 18:00 on January 19, 1999, they went to the home of a fellow villager surnamed Liang to attend a routine gathering of the cult. Some other people including a person surnamed Gao were also present. The gathering was not completed until 22:00.


Xu’s younger sister who was not up to 20 years old got into illusion and began to rave under the influence of the strong atmosphere at the gathering. The couple surnamed Xu shouted that their sister was possessed by a ghost. In order to dispel the ghost, they beat up their sister with bench, wooden stick and axe. Thus the girl was beaten to death.


When the couple realized that the girl was dead, they moved her corpse to the outside of their village and buried it there. When all things were settled, the couple came to themselves. They felt regretful and fearful, so they fled to the Northeast.


Since the Ministry of Public Security launched a program speeding up handling of murder cases in June of 2012, the police people in Yuncheng County Bureau of Public Security made up their mind to arrest the escaped murderers. Li Mingtao, a criminal policeman, studied the cases and figured out that the couple surnamed Xu killed their sister out of their belief in a heretical cult. He decided to carry out investigation and to solve the case as soon as possible.


After three months of efforts, Li Mingtao found that a direct family member of the man surnamed Xu received a parcel from Daqing City in Heilongjiang Province. This was an important clue. Li Mingtao felt instinctively that the parcel may have something to do with the couple.


Through further investigation, Li Mingtao found out that the parcel was mailed by the escaped couple. Results of investigation revealed that the couple was hidden in RangHuLu District, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. The man was working on a construction site, while his wife was working in a chemical factory.


At about 16:00 on December 27, 2012, police people from Yuncheng County arrested the two suspects in Longnan Hospital under the assistance of local police. On January 1 of this year, the couple was taken to Yuncheng under escort. By now, the couple has been held in custody by police in Yuncheng city. The case is pending further trial.