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Wang Xinguo’s Wife Jumped Out of Window to Seek Consummation (Photo)

2013-06-14 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Yang Hu

Wang Xinguo, who had just lost his wife, was still in deep grief. This 55-year-old man was fairly thin, and looked much older than his real age. Wang Xinguo greeted journalists from the Kaiwind website, poured and served them drinks, and then began to talk…


My wife Xiong Wanju had worked in a print factory in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. In the fall of 1997, she was laid off in restructuring of the factory since she was physically weak and did not have diploma. At that time, our son was still studying in the secondary school, while my wife needed to take medicines on a regular basis. Although we were poor, we lived a peaceful life.

But one day in the summer of 1998, my wife came back home and mysteriously told me that she recently practiced Falun Gong, which was so magical that it could bring benefit to the whole family as long as one person in the family practiced it. Falun Gong was not only helpful to improve physical health without taking injection or medicine, but could also help people get whatever they want when they achieve consummation and ascend to the heaven, she added. She also told me a few examples about how Falun Gong helped people recover from diseases without taking injection or medicine.

Since then, my wife had yearned for Falun Gong. She took books on Falun Gong wherever she went. Learning and practicing Falun Gong was the top priority in her life. She placed the book Zhuan Falun by the side of her pillow even when she went to sleep at night. She actively attended activities including group practice and experience exchange. After she came back home, she practiced Falun Gong late into mid-night. Gradually, learning and practicing Falun Gong became the sole purpose of her life. In order to ascend to higher levels and to reach consummation as soon as possible, she got up at 3 o’clock in every morning to sit for meditation.

In July 1999, Falun Gong was outlawed by the government. Despite several reversals, my wife eventually returned to normal life. We lived a peaceful life again.

But we were not as blessed as I had imagined. Our happy and contented life came to its end soon.

One day prior to the Spring Festival in 2005, when my wife and I did shopping in a marketplace, a middle-aged woman put a leaflet about Li Hongzhi’s new teachings into the handbag of my wife. Since then, my wife was fascinated by Falun Gong again as if she were possessed. She often left home alone, resumed her close contact with Falun Gong practitioners, and restarted her efforts to practice Falun Gong and to reach consummation.


By the end of December 2010, my wife felt that she had already learned the essence of her master’s teachings. When she was practicing Falun Gong at night, she was half awake and felt that her body was ascending, as if she were floating in the air. Over a few consecutive days, she was occupied by such feeling and thought that she had reached a fairly high level and her consummation was approaching.

On the morning of February 20, 2011, it was still cold outside. When I got up, I found that my wife had already begun to practice meditation. She told me excitedly that she felt her body was very light as if she were ready to fly. She said, “I saw my master looking at me in the sky outside of the window. He was waving to me. I am going to ascend to the heaven.” Then she stood up and rushed towards the window. I held her tightly and took her to our sitting room. I scolded her. It seemed that my remarks had sobered her up. She went back to the bedroom. In order to prevent any accident, I asked my 82-year-old mother to take care of my wife. Then I went to work.

When I returned from work at noon, I saw that there were a lot of people downstairs of our building. I came over out of curiosity. But my spirit sank when I saw my wife lying in blood. She was already dead. I was told that my wife insisted on realizing her dream of ascending to heaven and turned a deaf ear to my mother’s advice. She at first sat in meditation. When my mother was off guard, she suddenly rushed towards the window, and jumped out the window while yelling, “I am coming, my master.”