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Lin Jingyi Seeking Consummation Died Tragic Death in Bathtub

2013-06-20 Source:Kaiwind Author:Narrated by: Shi Shuhua&Edited by: Zhu Li

Shi Shuhua was filled with deep sorrow when she recalled the tragic death of her daughter in a bathtub.


Three years ago, Shi Shuhua’s husband died of stomach cancer caused by the deep grief over the death of their daughter. Shi Shuhua had survived from relapses of angina pectoris thanks to the care of her warm-hearted neighbors. Over the past years, she had been living a lonely life.


Shi Shuhua, a native of Jiading district, Shanghai, is 65-year-old. She had formerly had a happy family. Her husband was two years older than her, and was working in the same company as her. Their daughter Lin Jingyi was born in 1974. They had been living a happy life.


Lin Jingyi was an active, open-minded, and beautiful girl. Unfortunately, she got obsessed with Falun Gong shortly after her graduation from college in the fall of 1997. Since then, the whole family sank into a miserable predicament.


When Lin Jingyi graduated from college, she outperformed other candidates and was employed by a major bank. She began her career with desire for improvement. She left early in the morning and returned late at night. She spent most of her spare time learning professional knowledge. But after a period of time, Shi Shuhua and her husband found that there was something wrong with their daughter. Lin Jingyi shut herself in her room after supper every day and seldom left the room. Looking at her through the crack of the door, the parents found that the girl was reading books while murmuring something. They became rather confused.


It turned out that Lin Jingyi was reading the book Zhuan Falun rather than learning her professional knowledge. Her parents later learned that Lin Jingyi got obsessed with Falun Gong because she was told by one of her colleagues that Li Hongzhi was an extraordinary man and that Zhuan Falun was an unmatched book. She was also told that practicing Falun Gong could not only help improve physical health and be a good person, but could help ascend to the wonderful heaven and achieve consummation as well.


Since then, Lin Jingyi intensified her practice of Falun Gong. She looked absent-minded, reluctant to meet her acquaintances, to talk with other people, or even to communicate with her parents. She bought a tape recorder and cassette tapes on Falun Gong. Afterwards, she invited some fellow practitioners to her home to practice and to listen to the tapes together with her. Her home was made a public place full of people and noises. Gradually, practicing Falun Gong became the top priority of Lin Jingyi. She was often absent for her work, while spending most of her time meeting her fellow practitioners and worshipping their master.


When responding to her parents’ concern over her future, she said, “You don’t need to worry about me. I can support myself. Now I am a pious disciple of Falun Dafa. Someday I can achieve consummation and ascend to heaven, in which I can enjoy endless happiness.”


One day, Lin Jingyi told her mother cheerfully, “Mom, I have made rapid progress and reached such a high level that I can eliminate karma and cure diseases for both of you and my dad.” “What do you mean by eliminating karma and curing diseases?” “That means you don’t need either to take medicines for your heart disease, or go to see a doctor. You will get healed without any medical treatment as long as I keep practicing Falun Gong every day to eliminate your karma.” “I don’t believe it. It is not true.” But Lin Jingyi was confident, “According to Falun Gong principles, a person who practices Falun Gong will bring benefit to all in his/her family. I am so pious that I practice it every day. So you will surely get healed. You can wait and see.”


As a result of her deep concern over her daughter, Shi Shuhua suffered a relapse of her angina pectoris. It hurt so severely on her chest that she could not stand, with beads of sweat rolling down her face. But the girl did not come to support her. Instead, there was a note of excitement in her voice, “Mom, you should lie down and get rid of your distracting thought. I will invite my master to eliminate your karma. Now it is time to display my prowess. ”Shi Shuhua was in a daze and heard her shout, “My master, please come and save my mother. The bad karma was too much for her. Please come to help her eliminate karma.”


Shi Shuhua could no longer endure the pains and asked her daughter to take her to hospital. But the girl only sat still by the side of Shi Shuhua, reciting the teachings of Li Hongzhi. Shi Shuhua was not taken to a hospital until her husband went back home in that evening.


In July 1997, Falun Gong was outlawed by government. Lin Jingyi could not accept the fact. Shi Shuhua hided the book Zhuan Falun, the tapes on Falun Gong and the tape recorder with a wish that her daughter would forget all about Falun Gong. To her surprise, however, the girl began to look for these things only about a month later. She cried and even shouted hysterically till she eventually found those things.


Lin Jingyi believed that she had reached a fairly high level, and that it would not take a long time for her to achieve consummation as long as she keeps practicing. She became increasingly rebellious. Although many people advised her to give up Falun Gong, she turned a deaf ear to the advice and did not change her mind.


To achieve consummation as soon as possible, she devoted herself whole-heartedly to practice. But she became so weak that she lost her weight and her steps were not steady. Due to her obsession with Falun Gong, there was something wrong with her mentality. She did not dress her up, and often talked nonsense. Her parents were worried, but could do nothing with her.


On March 9, 2000, Lin Jingyi drowned herself in the bathtub in her home since she believed it was the time for her to achieve consummation.


It was 6 o’clock in the morning. Shi Shuhua got up and found water was running over and flooding her home. She hurried to the bedroom of her daughter, but the girl was not there. She traced the water to the bathroom and found that the door was locked from the inside. Shi Shuhua woke up her husband and they broke into the bathroom, only to find that their daughter had drowned herself in the bathtub. The water was still running. The girl was in the bathtub, with her eyes closed. She looked as peaceful as an infant, but she had stopped breathing…


Shi Shuhua fainted at the sight of the miserable scene.


Shi Shuhua and her husband later found a letter in the handbag of their girl: “Farewell, my dear Mom and Dad. I am going to the heaven. I will come back and pick you up soon.” Lin Jingyi eventually realized her dream of “ascending to heaven” in the bathtub. She was only 26 years old upon her death.