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Wu Moxun’s Road of No Return (Photo)

2013-06-26 Source:Kaiwind

Wu Moxun worked as an accountant in a public institution in Taiqian County, Henan Province during his lifetime. He died of stomach cancer on October 3, 2006 at the age of 62. Even before his death, he still believed that the law body of his master could protect him, eliminate his karma and take him to the heaven where he could enjoy endless happiness.




Photo of Wu Moxun

Wu Moxun gradually got his stomach disease when he was working. As an accountant, he was working hard, often working overtime while taking meals on an irregular basis. When he felt stomachache, he took some medicines. In August 1997, he retired and began to practice Falun Gong with a wish to improve his physical health.

In the first days, he doubted whether Falun Gong could help people cure diseases without taking injection or medicine. When he felt uncomfortable, he took some medicines. But some of his fellow practitioners warned him, “Why do you take medicines while practicing Falun Gong? Medicines will make it impossible for you to eliminate karma or cure your diseases. Moreover, you are doomed to more karma and more diseases.” Frightened by such remarks, Wu Moxun had not taken injection or medicine ever since. He only relied on Falun Gong to cure his disease and eliminate his karma.


In July 1999, Falun Gong was outlawed by the government. The harms of Falun Gong were made public via newspaper and television programs. Both of Wu Moxun’s wife and son advised him to give up Falun Gong. But he turned a deaf ear to their advice. During that period, he practiced Falun Gong at home in the daytime, and went out to distribute leaflets at night. He could not take meals on a regular basis. As a result, his stomach disease worsened.

One day in October 2002, when Wu Moxun and his fellow practitioners were distributing leaflets in the county town, the stomach disease attacked him suddenly. He could not endure the pain and fainted on the roadside. But his fellow practitioners ran away, leaving him behind.

Wu Moxun was not cooperative when he was in the hospital. “Aren’t you creating karma for me? The law body of my master Li Hongzhi will protect me. I want to leave hospital.” Having left the hospital, he continued to practice Falun Gong. When his stomach disease attacked, the pains made him wet with sweat. He had to press his stomach firmly. Even under such attack, he refused to take medicines or see a doctor. “It shows that my master was testing me. My karma will be eliminated as long as I keep on practicing. I will ascend to a higher level when I pass the test.”

In September 2006, Wu Moxun fainted again under the attack of his stomach disease when he was sitting for meditation. He was sent to hospital at once. Due to delays in medical treatment, his disease had developed into the terminal stage of stomach cancer. Although Wu Moxun got an incurable disease, he believed that the law body of his master was able to protect him, till he died on October 3, 2006.