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Truth on Falun Gong’s faked news about ‘Raping of Wei Xingyan’

2013-07-15 Source:Kaiwind

  In May 2003, Falun Gong fabricated a story that Wei Xingyan, a female graduate student of Chongqing University, was arrested for “telling the truth” and was detained in Baiheling detention house in Shapingba district. According to the story, Wei Xingyan was raped by a policeman in public in the detention house. Then she made a protest by refusing to eat but the policemen forced a food pipe into her stomach and damaged her esophagus and trachea. As a result, Wei Xingyan was not able to speak and her life was at stake.

  From then on, Falun Gong organization overhyped the faked news on the Internet. In the ‘Nine Commentaries’ cooked up by Falun Gong organization, they took the faked news about ‘rape of Wei Xingyan’ as an evidence to attack Chinese government. They also sent letters or e-mails to leaders of western countries and international organizations, asking them to exert pressure on China. On November 14, 2008, if you input ‘Chongqing University’ and ‘Wei Xingyan’ as keywords to search on Google, you may get 2, 080 pieces of relevant information, most of which are rumors spread by Falun Gong organization. This faked news has exerted a baneful influence.

  What is the truth on earth? The writer of this article carried out investigations and published investigation results and related information as follows:

  The investigation revealed that Chongqing University does not have a major called "high voltage DC power transmission and simulation technology," nor any female student named Wei Xingyan, let alone the ‘rape of Wei Xingyan by a police man’. The rape case of Wei Xingyan was a lie cooked up by a Falun Gong practitioner following the instruction of Falun Gong organization. The practitioner borrowed the name of Wei Xingyan from a prostitute whom he met in another province.


  Appendix I: The Solemn Statement by Chongqing University

  Appendix II: Declaration Clarifying ‘Rape of Wei Xingyan, a Female Graduate Student of Chongqing University’

  Appendix III: Retirees from Chongqing University Condemn Crimes of Falun Gong Organization

  Appendix IV: Chen Shumin and Other People Making Up the Story about ‘rape of Wei Xingyan’ Convicted

  Appendix I: The Solemn Statement by Chongqing University

  Since June 2, 2003, our university has been disturbed by Falun Gong organization. A group of Falun Gong followers with ulterior motives made up a ridiculous story telling that Wei Xingyan, a female graduate student in the college of electrical engineering under our university, was arrested for practicing Falun Gong and was raped in front of other people in the detention house.

  Chongqing University hereby makes the following solemn statement:  Chongqing University does not have any student named Wei Xingyan, let alone the alleged rape. The fabricated report released by Falun Gong organization was aimed at attacking the public security department in China and our University. Since the rumor was spread, some of Falun Gong practitioners, including those who claimed to be ‘foreigners’, made phone calls, sent fax and emails to faculties of our university. As a result, many of our faculties had to deal with these malicious disturbances, which negatively influenced their work, study and life. In addition, Falun Gong practitioners spread rumors via Internet, slandering our University viciously. They also harassed our faculties who were in their visit to other countries. Moreover, they published telephone and fax numbers of leaders of our university and some of our administrative departments and colleges on the Internet, encouraging Falun Gong followers from home and abroad to create disturbance.

  Now the police has found through investigation that the faked news about Wei Xingyan was fabricated by a few of Falun Gong practitioners, including Chen Shuming, a retiree from Chongqing Chemical Engineering Design Institute and Lu Zhengqi who works for a chemical company based in Shiqiaopu, Chongqing. They took Chongqing University as background, borrowed names, titles and telephone numbers of some of our faculties, fabricated a ‘female graduate student’ and made up a sheer lie. When Lu Zhengqi first fabricated the story, he did not name the female graduate student. But some other Falun Gong followers gave him a phone call, asking for name of the female student, At that time, Lu Zhengqi was staying with a prostitute named Wei Xingyan in a dance hall in Zunyi city, Guizhou province. So he answered that the student was named Wei Xingyan. Thus the news about Wei Xingyan, a female graduate student in Chongqing University, was published, and was used as an excuse to attack Chinese government, public security departments and our University. Chongqing University, with a history of 74 years, is a key university listed in China’s Project 211 and Project 985. During the past 74 years, our university has cultivated a large number of excellent graduates with scrupulous scholarly style and profound cultural background. Our university has been treasuring our students. It has been our tradition to protect students’ mental and physical health and legitimate rights. The rumors spread by Falun Gong organizations have seriously damaged the reputation of our University, our faculties, students and our 180, 000 alumni from home and abroad. All faculties of Chongqing University expressed intense indignation at such vicious slanders. We vow to sue those who make up the rumor and to defend our dignity with legal weapons.

  Sealed by: Chongqing University

  December 19, 2003

  Appendix II: Declaration Clarifying ‘Rape of Wei Xingyan, a Female Graduate Student of Chongqing University’

  I am a student of Chongqing University. Although I am not very satisfied with what the University has done in recent years, I would like to make some clarification from an objective position. Please believe me. What I said is true. I would not shield the university for what the university has offered do not deserve my lie; I would not frame evidence against the university for it is not a rational behavior.

  Let’s see how ridiculous the faked news about the ‘rape’ fabricated by Falun Gong disciples is.

  1. If there is a discipline of ‘high-voltage power transmission’ in the University, it should be based in the area A on the campus. But there is only one police station in the area A of the university. That is Songlinpo Police Station. I have lived in Chongqing for four years and have never heard of the Baihelin Detention House. I have consulted some of my classmates. Neither of them know such a place.

  2. According to the Classification of Instructional Programs published by the Ministry of Education, Electrical Engineering and Automation is the first-class discipline, under which the second class discipline that is relevant to high-voltage is high voltage and insulation technology. The so-called high-voltage power transmission does not exist at all.

  3. The most ridiculous part of the faked news is “raped her in front of two female prisoners”. Can you imagine such things may occur in a police station in university campus? Is it possible that the policeman was so stupid to make such a stupid mistake?

  4. If there was such a student in the university, why didn’t the writer specify her dormitory or her tutor so that we can go to the dormitory to make confirmation? In addition, the news described the student’s home address as a county (no specific information) under Dujiangyan city and adjacent to Lichun township, Pi county under Chengdu city, Sichuan Province. What a ridiculous report! It did not name the township. All personal information about the victim provided in the news was too ambiguous to confirm.

  5. Moreover, in such a university with perfect legal administration, is it likely that the students, teachers and faculties allow such behaviors of police people? Is it likely that teachers and students refuse to accept the student while seeing a student being tortured at such a critical moment? If what the report described were true, it would be completely unacceptable for teachers, faculties and students of the university. College students are not the type to be bullied. Even the police people are likely to make mistakes, they are unlikely to make such a foolish mistake.

  6. If there were such an incident, why didn’t the student take legal measures to deal with it? Even if she was conservative, the news is known to a number of people. Then what did her family do? The report said that the after the victim began to practice Falun Gong, she became a student good both in character and in scholarship, and got the top position among the students of the same grade. The lie is so ridiculous that does not worth my retorts. Everyone should be clear how ridiculous Falun Gong is. As to other information offered by the rumor makers, I did not carried out investigation. So I don’t want to give explanation. But I believe that it is also slander made up by the rumor makers against Chongqing University.

  Li Hongzhi and his disciples are always ready to stir up trouble! They deserve punishment by dismemberment!

  The truth will be fully revealed someday. We should believe in Chongqing University! (Chongqing University Gradate Entrance Exams BBS) (http://bbs.kaoyan.comthread-155812-1-449.html)

  Appendix III: Retirees from Chongqing University Condemn Crimes of Falun Gong Organization

  On the morning of December 15, 2003, more than 80 retirees from Chongqing University held a meeting in the senior people’s service center in the Area B on the campus to indignantly denounce crimes of Falun Gong organization. At 15:00 on the same date, more than 120 people, including the secretary of party branch of retired CCP members, the head of administrative group of the retirees and representatives of retired teachers, also held a meeting to condemn crimes of Falun Gong cult.

  During recent months, Falun Gong practitioners from home and abroad spread rumors about the ‘rape’ of a so-called female graduate student Wei Xingyan of our university. Their vicious rumor has seriously disturbed the work and life of all students and faculties in the university. All of the retirees felt angry with such rumor.

  In the meetings, retired veteran cadres including Li Zijun, Mao Shiling, Wu Ziyu, Gong Zhigang and Peng Zhihua, exposed the anti-humanity, anti-science and anti-society nature of the Falun Gong cult, and expressed their determinations to firmly fight against Falun Gong cult, and to maintain the stability and unity. Secretaries of the party branch of retired CCP members including Xu Keqin, Li Yiping and Liu Hanyi decried Falun Gong cult, pointing out that Falun Gong followers served as lackey and tool of hostile forces. They said that the rumors spread by Falun Gong cult has seriously damaged the reputation of our university, and that the so-called ‘truth’ fabricated by Falun Gong cult was actually an means to disturb our life and work. According to the retirees, Falun Gong cult harboring evil intentions was trying to ruin the stability and development of our university. Qin Xiaolin, a retired teacher who had went astray, using his own experience as an example, disclosed that it is a favorite gimmick of Li Hongzhi and his followers to spread rumors and stir up troubles. The retired teachers took a clear stand, expressing intense hatred for Falun Gong’s rumors. They requested the university and related departments to severely deal with Falun Gong cult and ascertain their legal responsibility. Meanwhile, the retirees have realized that since the fight against cult is in a grim and complex situation, people should be clear headed and further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, intensify public awareness promotion, fully recognize how hard, how long and how complicated the struggle against Falun Gong cult will be, and carry on unflinchingly the fight against cult.

  Appendix IV: Chen Shumin and Others Making Up Story About ‘Rape of Wei Xingyan’ Convicted

  Xinhuanet Chongqing Channel, February 20, 2004 – Chongqing First Intermediate People’s Court yesterday announced verdict, ruling that five defendants including Chen Shumin, Yuan Qiuyan (female), Li Jian, Yin Yan(female) and Lu Zhengqi were sentenced to five to 14 years in prison over crimes of employing heretical cult organizations to sabotage law enforcement.

  Court investigation revealed that the five defendants including Chen Shumin, Yuan Qiuyan, Li Jian, Yin Yan are all Falun Gong practitioners. Chen Shumin was general manager of Chongqing Juxian Technology Development Co Ltd, and had spread heresies of Falun Gong to Lu Zhengqi (who served as vice general manager of the company). In late May 2003, Lu Zhengqi fabricated a sensational story about a Falun Gong practitioner being tortured. The faked news told that a female graduate student surnamed Wei (investigation revealed that Chongqing University does not have such a female student named Wei) was detained for spreading Falun Gong cult in a detention house in Shapingba District and was tortured there.

  Chen Shumin incited Yuan Qiuyan to spread the faked story via Internet. Then Yuan Qiuyan told the story to Liu Fanqin (also a Falun Gong practitioner who was handled as a separate case), who passed the news to Li Jian. Li Jian edited the story and stored it in a soft disk. On June 1, 2003, Li Jian gave the soft disk carrying the faked news to another Falun Gong practitioner He Mingli (who was handled as a separate case). He Mingli uploaded the story to Clearwisdom.net, an overseas media outlet controlled by Falun Gong cult. The spread of this news disturbed Chongqing University and related governmental authorities and has created bad influence.

  Chongqing First Intermediate People’s Court ruled that the behavior of these five people have constituted the crime of employing heretical cult organizations to sabotage law enforcement. Therefore, Chen Shumin was sentenced to 14 years in jail and was deprived of political rights for four years; Yuan Qiuyan was sentenced to 10 years in jail and was deprived political rights for one year; Li Jian was sentenced to 13 years in prison and was deprived political rights for three years; Yin Yan was sentenced to five years in jail; Lu Zhengqi was sentenced to 10 years in jail and was deprived political rights for one year.