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Zheng Chunhua: Bitter remorse on wheelchair

2013-07-19 Source:Kaiwind Author:Dictated by Zheng Chunha&Compiled by Hui Suilin

My name is Zheng Chunhua, a 59-year-old woman from Zaoyang City in Hubei Province. I used to have a happy family where all children got married and settled down to their jobs while my husband and I were spending our twilight years in comfort. But ever since I was introduced to and later obsessed with Falun Gong, my life turned miserable, and I lost the comfy and cozy of the past.


It all started on May 1, 1998 when I joined a party of friends and met a long lost classmate. We recalled the school days and asked each other's current situation. When she learned that I suffered from high blood pressure and had to take medicines all the year around, she said: “I recommend you practice a Gong. Neither does it cost any money nor does it take any trouble. As long as you keep practicing every day, before long your disease will be cured.” On hearing this, I was itching to have a try. After the banquet, she gave me a book entitled “Zhuan Falun”, asking me to read at home.


I went back home and looked over “Zhuan Falun”, in which such views as “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" were mentioned. And that was in keeping with my desire to be a good person, so I was determined to practice Falun Gong, in the hope of having my hypertension cured once for all. Since then, I began to lead the life of a cultivator.


During the time in practice, I complied with the exhortation of the Master, never taking any medicine despite my disease. After regular practice for some time, I felt my body somewhat refreshed, breathing exceptionally smooth, and spirit a lot better. Since then, I was convinced of the wonders of Falun Gong and began to search and study Li Hongzhi's books and teachings on Fa continuously. I prostrated myself before him and determined to follow the Master at any cost so as to achieve Consummation as soon as possible.


In July 1999, the Government banned Falun Gong. Confronted with this sudden news, I was at a complete loss of what to do. I called my fellow practitioners, some of whom claimed that the outlawing was only temporary and persuaded me to continue my cultivation. They said that if I gave up halfway, all my previous efforts would be wasted and I might get possessed by the devil and fall into hell of destruction. What they said relieved me from my anxiety. In the following days, I was more devoted to practicing.


With my practicing being more and more in-depth, I became more and more radical in my thought, deeming it my duty to “save people in the world” and my happiest thing to help others realize their dreams. In December 2003, in order to “get promoted to a higher level” and “reach Consummation” sooner, I ran away from home to spread Fa with some fellow practitioners. I went so far as to use up all savings of my family. I was convinced that all what I had done would quickly increase my “Gong Powers”, and soon I would reach “Consummation” and my illness would get cured.


As time went by, to my surprise, my health was getting worse, and I often felt headache, dizzy and fatigued. I became grey-faced and had poor mental state. My children urged me to take antihypertensive pills regularly, or to go to hospital for an examination if possible. I agreed in words, but still endured the pain with all my will.


On July 1, 2006, as I sat in meditation as usual, I felt a sudden burst of strong headache and dizziness, and soon lost consciousness. My family found me and sent me to the hospital for emergency treatment. The doctor diagnosed my illness as a sudden brain hemorrhage and immediately had a craniotomy surgery. Doctors’ effort saved my life, but I still ended up with the sequelae of paralysis.


By now, I have suffered from aches and pains for five years, being paralyzed in bed and barely able to take care of myself. The harsh reality has awakened me from the dream of Consummation!