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Exclusive: Li Hongzhi’s Application for League Membership (Photo)

2013-07-23 Source:Kaiwind Author:Xin Wen


Journalists from Kaiwind.com recently obtained from the Forest Police Detachment of Jilin Province Li Hongzhi’s Application for League Membership and his account of his ideological progress and problems when he served in the army as a trumpet player in 1970s. The documents were both written by Li Hongzhi, and the neat arrangement reflected his sincere attitude in those years. The documents were signed by “Li Hongzhi from the Squad Two”. The Application for League Membership was dated December 20, 1975.

The documents reflected Li Hongzhi’s sincere attitude when he wrote the reports about his ideological progress and problems. “I am expecting warm help from the League, and willing to devote myself for realization of communism.”

The documents revealed that Li Hongzhi was an activist who identified himself with the Youth League and was looking forward to communism in his youth. But now he turned into the head of a heretical cult who deceived people and got money by swindle. It was soul-stirring to see his split personality and the radical change in his inner world.