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Close contact with my “Idol” Li Hongzhi (Photo)

2013-09-02 Source:Kaiwind Author:Huang Qingyun

The word “Idol” gets increasingly popular nowadays. Most young people have their own “idols”. They madly and even somewhat blindly worshipped the stars. I am Huang Qingyun, 79-year-old, a retiree from the People’s Hospital in Lishui District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. I admitted embarrassingly that about 20 years ago, I was also a mad star fan in my sixties. In my photo album, there is a special photo. Taken in 1994, the picture was of Li Hongzhi, my “idol”, and me. I often looked at this photo with an aim to remind me of avoiding similar mistake.


Huang Qingyun (the third from left in the front) and Li Hongzhi (the fifth in the second row)

When I retired in 1993, I was in poor physical health, suffering from chronic diseases such as hypertension and joint pains. I was looking for a natural way to improve my health by doing exercises and nourishment. At that time, Qigong was very popular in the district. Under the guidance of a retired teacher surnamed Cheng, I got interested in Qigong. After learning and practicing Qigong for a period, I felt relieved and refreshed. Afterwards, I got to know that it was Falun Gong, which was established by Li Hongzhi. All of my fellow practitioners admired Li Hongzhi so much that they wanted to follow him wherever he went. Since there wasn’t any book on Falun Gong available then, the only way to learn it was to listen to oral direction.

In February 1994, teacher Cheng got the news that the second training seminar on Falun Gong was to be held in Hefei city, Anhui Province. He encouraged some practitioners in Lishui District to attend the seminar so as to get teachings directly from Li Hongzhi, who was then worshipped as our idol.

When we got to Hefei, we were informed that each of us had to pay 50 yuan to get the admission ticket. This amount was equivalent to half of my monthly salary then. I was somewhat confused since the master was said to publicize Falun Gong with an aim to save people rather than to make money. However, to express our respect for our idol, we bought the ticket with a hope to get direct guidance from the master.

The assembly hall was very crowded. Some practitioners had to stand against the wall, while some others sat in the aisles. I reckoned that the seminar would generate revenues of at least 170, 000 yuan. Since we were very fatigued from the trip and were bothered by the cold wet weather, many practitioners dozed off during the lectures. The master said to us, “You fell asleep because there is something wrong with your brain. I am adjusting your condition by giving you anesthesia. When you get awaked, you will feel energetic and refreshed without missing anything I had said. ” I dozed off in the class, but I remembered nothing about what the master said. I thought that I was not pious enough. But when I asked other practitioners, they all said they remembered nothing either.

In those days, it was very cold and wet in Anhui. Since we had spent money on the ticket for the seminar, we had to live in cheap guest houses. As a result, many practitioners had diarrhea. But our master said, “This is a purification process. When you enter the classroom, you will be protected from any harm and will recover soon.” He told us that he had placed a law wheel for us and offered us perfect protection. Nonetheless, I had never witnessed such miracle of curing diseases.

In the early morning of the following day, when I was practicing Falun Gong under a tree with some other practitioners, I saw the master come toward us. We were excited and nervous. The master pointed out the problems that we had and asked some practitioners surrounding him to make demonstration. We begged the master to make demonstration himself, but he refused to do so. In response to our earnest request, he agreed to take a photo with practitioners from Lishui. The first close contact with the master, our idol, made us extremely excited.

Taking a close look at him, I found that the master, who was supposed to be always energetic, looked tired with some trace of blood in his eyes. As far as I knew, the master was under protection of the law wheel, and had supernatural powers. So I wondered why the master looked as ordinary as us.

Upon request of practitioners, the master guided us to practice Falun Gong. Since I was standing very close to the master, my heart palpitated. I watched him breathlessly. At this moment, I heard a rumbling in his bowels. I thought it was only my illusion until I heard another rumbling. It seemed that the master came to realize something. He speeded up his speech. He became absent-minded and impatient with practitioners’ questions. As practitioners continued to raise questions, he abruptly raised his tone and said hurriedly, “As a practitioner, you should try to comprehend the law by yourself, rather than depending on master. Those who have reached fairly high level did not depend on their teachers. Instead, they practiced very hard.” Then he hurried away. But the master’s voice was not loud enough to cover an expulsion of his intestinal gas. When I was wondering where the noise came from, I smelt a terrible odor. I held back my laugh with difficulty. The master also caught a cold and got a loose bowel.

During the lecture following the morning excises, the master wore another pair of pants, which confirmed my guess. As a matter of fact, my idol was an ordinary man. He was telling a lie when he talked about protection under law wheel, about being disease-proof and the highest level of cultivation, and even about the consummation. The master said practicing Falun Gong may purify the body and make the body fragrant. But I smelt a bad odor from him.

During this trip to Hefei, I had a chance to get close contact with my idol. Fortunately, I happened to smell the “real gas” of Li Hongzhi, which made me realize the true color of Falun Gong. Under the direction of Li Hongzhi, Falun Gong used fake mask to cover its internal dirt. How ridiculous it is!