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Followers Killed in Car Crash on Way to Publicize Falun Gong

2013-09-16 Source:Kaiwind

Li Guizhong, male, was born on February 2, 1960. He was brought up in a well-off family. His father Li Qiang engaged in business in his early years, and earned a fairly comfortable life for his family with his diligence and capability. But their happy life ended on May 18, 1976 when Li Qiang died unexpectedly in a car crash. Since then, Li Guizhong and his family lived under a very difficult condition.

After the death of his father, Li Guizhong had to share the burden of life with his mother. He dropped out from school to take care of his family. As a 16-year-old boy, he did almost everything he could to support the family. The heavy burden of life deprived him of happiness. He complained for numberless times, and even thought about leaving the world filled with difficulties and hardship. But he persevered as he believed that everything would be better. In 1983, Li Guizhong got married and established his own family. But the growing number of family members did not improve his life. On the contrary, Li Guizhong was under heavier burdens because he had more dependents to support.

In 1995, Li Guizhong came into contact with Falun Gong through one of his fellow workers. The worker introduced that those who practiced Falun Gong would be blessed and enjoy a happy and comfortable life without working hard. So Li Guizhong tried to practice Falun Gong with an aim to get rid of all bitterness in his life.

At first, Li Guizhong was so exhausted from his work in the daytime that he went to bed early at night, which left him little time for Falun Gong. He was not very earnest for it either. When his fellow worker invited him to join group practice, he often found excuses to refuse the invitations.

As time passed by, the fellow worker realized that Li Guizhong was not serious about Falun Gong. Then he said to Li Guizhong, “You should not behave like that anymore. If you keep up in this way, you are unlikely to achieve consummation or get blessed. What is even worse, calamities may fall upon you and your family. ”

Li Guizhong was scared by such warnings. He did very little work in the daytime, while concentrated his focus on Falun Gong all day long. To save more time for Falun Gong, Li Guizhong borrowed money and bought an agricultural truck to do trucking business. He spent all of his spare time practicing Falun Gong. Later, he took over the mission of distributing leaflets on Falun Gong.

In July 1999, Falun Gong was outlawed by the government. But Li Guizhong did not change his mind. He had a firm belief that Falun Gong would bring him good luck and he would achieve consummation someday. He began to practice Falun Gong in secret. Afterward, he was appointed to head a branch of Falun Gong organization in Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia.

Over more than ten years, Li Guizhong recruited his wife, his mother-in-law and his cousin as key members of the Falun Gong organization. He also set up an underground workshop in the hometown of his mother-in-law to produce illegal publicity material on Falun Gong. They conducted illegal business while dreaming they would achieve consummation someday and enjoy a happy and peaceful life with the help of Falun Gong.

A few days before the Spring Festival in 2012, Li Guizhong and his wife returned to the hometown of his mother-in-law to attend a wedding banquet. After the banquet, they put a half load of publicity materials on Falun Gong into the car with a purpose to take the materials back to Hohhot and to distribute them out before the year-end. They expected a good end to their efforts to accumulate virtues in the year and wished they could achieve consummation as early as possible. Unfortunately, what was waiting for them was a calamity rather than consummation.

Since they put a great number of illegal documents on Falun Gong into the car, they were anxious to take the documents to a safe place. Being anxious and nervous, Li Guizhong drove the car very fast. When they were about 34km to Hohhot on the highway from Tuo County to Hohhot, Li Guizhong found a coal truck in front of them. He speeded up to overtake, only to find a car coming in the opposite direction. It was too late. Li Guizhong drove the car too fast to stop it. He instinctively made way for the car coming up. As a result, their car rushed toward the road shoulder and hit a tree by the side of the highway. Li Guizhong fainted on the spot. When he came to himself, he was in the People’s hospital of Inner Mongolia.

He was fortunate enough to survive the car accident as he avoided the tree. But his wife and his mother-in-law who travelled with him died on the spot. When hearing the sorrowful news, Li Guizhong stared at the ceiling of his ward, muttering, “We have endured so much hardship and bitterness for Falun Gong, but what reward did we get?”