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Two Followers of All Mighty God Died in Self-Burning (Photo)

2013-11-22 Source:Kaiwind


Photo of Guo Fengrong

At 00:37 on December 13, 2011, three people were killed in a fire in the doorway of the first entrance of a residential building at No.53-1 Changsheng Road in the Economic Development Zone in Baicheng City, Jilin Province. The dead people including Guo Fengrong, Bian Jing and Zhang Xiuqing were all residents in the building. Results of site survey, investigation and autopsy carried out by police and fire department revealed that the three were suffocated with smoke and fume. The remains of Guo Fengrong was the worst burned with her hands, feet and limbs burned up and her towels spilled over. Guo Fengrong was affirmed to be the fire point because inflammable goods were found on her body. A book Manifestation of Words in Body, which was issued by the evil cult All Mighty God, was found in the Bian Jing’s bag.

Police people made further investigation into the fire and concluded that it was a self-immolation driven by the rumor of doomsday spread by the All Mighty God cult. According to police, two followers of All Mighty God set themselves on fire, which involved their neighbor with no reason at all.

The fire was set by Guo Fengrong. This widowed 43-year-old woman, ethic Han, with secondary school education, was a farmer whose residence was registered in Diyinzi sub-village, Youhao village, Heishui Town, Taonan City. Her ID number was 22088119680506132X. She was living in Suite 302 in the building. Guo Fengrong got divorced with her ex-husband Bao Guojun about 20 years ago. Then she went back to her parents’ home in Youhao Village, Heishui Town, Taonan City. Later she got remarried with Bian Yongjun, and gave birth to their son Bian Hui. Her daughter was renamed Bian Jing. They were short of money and owed a debt of tens of thousands yuan. About 10 years ago, Guo Fengrong sub-contracted 85 sheep from a fellow villager Wang Yongsheng. But she defaulted on payment of the contract fee of six-thousand-yuan. After she sold the sheep, she moved to Baicheng City with her family.

Since then, Guo Fengrong was on tenterhooks. In early 2008, she tried to seek psychological solace from the Christian religion. But she was led astray by the All Mighty God. In 2009, Guo Fengrong returned home to mourn over the death of her mother. On the funeral, she refused to kneel down to express her condolences as required by local tradition even when she was forced to do so by her sister-in-law. She claimed that she could not do it because she was a believer in God. In 2010, her husband Bian Yongjun died in a traffic accident in the suburban area of Baicheng City. Guo Fengrong lost her last hope in life, and got obsessed with the All Mighty God.


Photo taken on the site of fire

Another dead is Bian Jing, 22-year-old, ethnic Han, with primary school education, unmarried. She was Guo Fengrong’s daughter. She joined the All Mighty God under the influence of her mother. In October 2011, when Bian Jing was expecting to get married, her boyfriend requested break-up. Since then, she was in low spirit. She expressed for several times her disappointment with life. At 13:00 on the day of her death, she deleted all information on her QQ and changed her signature into “I am leaving. Farewell to the wonderful tomorrow. Goodbye.”

The police people found 14 books on All Mighty God in the bedroom of Guo Fengrong and Bian Jing. The books included Follow Lamp to Sing New Songs, Trial Begins from God, the Summary of Seminar of Christ and Church Workers, and Collection of Preaches and Church work. In addition, there were two MP3 discs on Path into Life and Preaches of Life and four copies of Work Arrangements of All Mighty God for October, November and December.

The article Only Those Who Accept Trial and Punishment from God Could Be Saved and Achieve Consummation published on the Path Leading Upward issued on October 15, 2011 wrote, “You should know the fact that people cannot achieve consummation without enduring attack by knife and swords, beat, endless sufferings or burning, all of which are trial, punishment and curse. This is the fact and secret of managing people. Therefore, maybe 90 percent of what people would experience is trial of sufferings and fire. ”

The article God is Eager to Spread Gospel in the Country published on the First Work Schedule about Spreading Gospel on November 15, 2011 said, “My day is approaching toward human race. How can you escape my trial? What you see today is just a sharp sword in my mouth. But you have not seen the rod in my hand or the fire I am about to set…”, “my job is to burn and purify remarks and behaviors of human…” “Although some people follow my directions, but some others do not. I will burn down those who do not obey me with my glory. You should know that I am not going to punish people with remarks. Instead, I will burn up all of those whom I have eliminated. They will have no chance to enjoy the chances I offer. They can see nothing but my fire and fury. ”

Through investigation into the life and experiences of the people involved, the police people concluded that both Guo Fengrong and her daughter Bian Jing lost hope in life after suffering from setbacks, and that they set themselves on fire after they joined the evil cult All Mighty God and were obsessed with the rumor about doomsday.

But Zhang Xiuqing was implicated for no reason at all. The old woman had neurasthenia. When she smelt the smoke after Guo Fengrong and Bian Jing set fire, she hurried downstairs to escape. Unfortunately, she was suffocated with smoke and fume.