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I Was Seduced

2014-02-07 Source:Kaiwind Author:Li Fu(Narrator) Xue Jian(Editer)

My name is Lifu, was born in Long Jing village, Shi keng town, Meizhou city of Guang Dong province. I am 47 years old. I’ve been living in the remote mountain village since young and was always a quite honest person. In the early 2008, I arrived at Meizhou city becoming a boiler man in a company. My wife works in Shenzhen. Our daughter lives with her aunt. We lead a steady and comfortable life though our family members can’t get together very often.

In the August of 2010, I met Zhang Xueya, a new coming packing worker in the company. She is in her early 30s, medium height with fair complexion, very charming. She attracted many male co-workers upon arriving but I know my limitations clearly. I worked as a porter part-timely in her department to make extra money as usual. But it seems fate made us together. In my memory, it was a rainy day and the floor was very slippery. Other people weren’t willing to work early but I came for more extra money. At the time when I felt very tired after carrying several cars of goods, Zhang Xueya appeared and lent me a helping hand. While we were working she talked with me gently and comforted me with sweet words. I felt very warm and touching.

Since then, we started to chat now and then and gradually she appeared beside me more often. Adding that we are from the same town, there are more common topics between us and we became closer. Often she asked me to go shopping with her when I was free. But in the beginning I turned her down because of lack of money. Later it seemed she understood what I was worrying about, started to drag me out saying she had enough money, just asked me to be her company. I could not refuse this gentle and understanding invitation and started to go out with her. She treated me meals and bought me new clothes. When I was on the night shift, she would wait for me and we had night snack together. When she learned that I rent an apartment and lived alone, she became more active. She came to my apartment, cooked meals for me and washed my clothes. Finally I could not resist her ambiguous temptation, had sex with her. From that time, Zhang Xueya often came to visit me in my rented apartment and we kept our ambiguous close relations.

One day in the July of 2011, she came to me with a lot of books, saying that is the best. She said to me “I had been practicing Falun Gong. It is very helpful to cultivate our mind and become a right person. Finally we can become God and Buddha. You shall practice with me.” At that time I knew that Falun Gong is forbidden by law and I did not have any intention to practice since I was so lack of money to live my life. So I refused her. Suddenly she became very mad saying that I did not understand her good intention and if I refused to practice with her, she would never meet me again. Finally I had to follow her since I became more and more depended on her. She restored her gentleness to me as I promised to practice and from that moment I started my experience with Falun Gong.

Actually, I had no interest in Falun Gong. But once I had the idea of quit, she would encourage me giving me some “sweet taste” making me more and more obedient. Later she started to teach me Falun Gong movement leading me into the trap. In the latter days, she came to “look after” me everyday asking me to read Falun Gong books, listen to tapes, sit in meditation, transcript the scriptures and practice it together. If I did it good, we could make out for a while. If not she would slam the door and left immediately.

My wife came to visit me in Meizhou city since I did not contact her for a long time. She learnt that I was practicing Falun Gong with Zhang Xueya and became very angry. She advised me earnestly that Falun Gong was heresy asking me to get away from Zhang. She also promised that my daughter and she would forgive me if I stopped practice and left Zhang. At that time I felt very confused. Who should I believe in, my wife or Zhang Xueya?

Zhang Xueya said sternly, “Falun Gong is an ultimate law of the universe. There is only way not to be knocked out. That is to believe in Falun Gong.” I was afraid of being knocked out and still addicted into Zhang Xueya. I moved out of the rented apartment to avoid my wife. My wife did not give up. But I always said bad words to her or even beat her. At that time, my friends, relatives all came to me asking me not to continue practicing. But I was possessed by evil, could not get in one word against Zhang. I continued practice Falun Gong and finally was caught by police on the spot. Zhang Xueya, once “taking special care of me” disappeared totally after I was caught.

My wife was desperate and disappointed with me. She never came back and my family was broken from then on.