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How to prevent and recognize Almighty God Cult

2014-09-01 Source:Kaiwind

On the May 28, 2014, Almighty God cult members beat an innocent lady who refused to give their phone numbers to death in a McDonald’s restaurant in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province. This incident let us see clearly the cruel nature of the cult. In order to keep away from cult and prevent its harm, Kay wind website tries to illustrate the ways to prevent the cult for netizens.

How to recognize cult? 

Cult refers to those illegal organizations which take fraudulent use and in the name of religion or Qigong to deify its leaders, make up and spread superstitious fallacies to confuse, deceive, develop and control members and endanger the society.  


Six Features to Recognize Cults

Believe in living "God": Religion worship real God who is already a deceased person but cults believe earthly living person who is actually a deified leader. For instance, the "female Christ" Yang Xiangbin of Almighty God, Li Hongzhi of Falun Gong and Ji Sanbao of the Disciples are regarded as "god" of their followers. 

Fabricate fallacies: There are a set of complete teachings, rituals and classics for real religion while cults plagiarize terminologies and fabricate fallacies. For instance, Almighty God takes the name of Christianity and makes up the theory of "the incarnation of Jesus", Falun Gong makes up heresy of "Act of God protection", "karma cure" and "satisfactorily Ascension". 

Accumulate wealth: Religion only accept sacrifice of its believers in religious places (Buddhists are banned to accept alms now) but cult collects money anytime and anywhere. Their most common trick is forcing their believers to donate, or take the name of religion to diddle social donations. Such as Aum Shinrikyo forced believers to donate personal or private property to the church and claimed that "The more you donate the better you practiced" Uganda's "The movement of restoring Ten Commandments of God " claimed that the doomsday is coming and required its followers to sell all their possessions. As the followers handed in their property to the church and committed self-immolation collectively in the hope to “ascend to heaven”, the leader of the church took all their money and fled away. Almighty God asks believers to pay "sacrifice money" and Falun Gong set up a "donation box" to collect money from practitioners. 

Mind control: Cults seized human’s psychological weakness and physiological defects, taking advantage of people's desire for good to undermine believer’s normal consciousness. It continuously strengthens people’s psychological weakness or makes promise to heal disease and gradually lead believers to the trap of superstition, arrogance and madness and finally completely lost the ability of self-control and prostrate themselves in worship of the leader.  In order to prevent believers to quit, Almighty God’s "female Christ" said that I do what I said and everything is controlled in my hands. The one who has doubt must be killed, must be exterminated. There is not a single consideration for that those are hatred of my heart ". Falun Gong founder Li Hongzhi said that his “Dharmakaya” is “omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent”. 

Secretively conducting activities: Real religion has fixed public venues but cults always conduct activities in secret places. Such as the “Disciples” uses one-way link inside its organization and sets code signal to connect. Almighty God takes the same way. Li Hongzhi once had secretly set up 39 Falun Gong counseling terminus, over 1900 counseling stations and more than 28,000 practicing stations.  

A threat to society: Religious caters to social mainstream and encourage people’s good deed, promote social harmony and development while cults destroy families, destroy lives and create social chaos. Such as Almighty God made up the doomsday of December 21, 2012 theory to create social panic; Li Hongzhi's "karma", "higher level", "successful" and other fallacies lured more than 2,000 Falun Gong followers lost their lives. 


Features to Recognize Almighty God


Features of Almighty God 

1Believe in “Female Christ” 

Almighty God “Female Christ” Yang Xiangbin and High Priest Zhao Weishan   

Almighty God, also known as "Oriental Lightning", "Actual God", "the seven spirits" and "female Christ". It was established by Zhao Weishan, the key person of "the Shouters" in 1989. Zhao Wei Shan claimed to be the "Full Power Lord". He deified his mistress Yangxiang as “Almighty God” claiming that as the second incarnation of the "female Christ", she is the spokeswoman of God and she is the "Oriental Lightning".  

2. Erotic Temptation  

Many young believers of Almighty God are willing to use their bodies to seduce people joining into the church. They believed that Almighty God’s followers no longer have differences of male and female and they can share a bed and "communicate spiritual body". The leader Zhao Weishan also plainly pointed out that any price is worth to get people believed in the church, which is the principle of the gospel. 

3. Pay "Dedication Money” 

Almighty God asked followers to "play its part" and pay "dedication money". It makes rules like “All the money, materials, including all property all belongs to Gods, and need to be sacrificed. Besides the high priest (Zhao Weishan) and the “female Christ” (Yang Xiangbin), no one else can enjoy those sacrifice.” (The Ten Rules for God’s voters) Many believers dedicated their hard earned money to Almighty God behind their families’ back just for fear of not getting enough blessing. 

4. Have "Spiritual Bed"  

Almighty God set up a clearly divided four systems: administrative system, missionary system, logistics system and contact system. The administrative system is mainly divided into five levels: provincial working area, large region, small region, churches and small rows. Each level has a beautiful woman for sexual entertainment and that is called having “spiritual bed" or “Three day’s rotation”.  

5. Single-line Contact  

Almighty God’s preaching just like pyramid selling and adopts single-line contact. Believers are not allowed to take communication devices with them. They use aliases such as “little white”, “little pig” during communication.  

6. Violently “Guard” the “Church”   

Almighty God set up a “church guarding team” who commit kidnapping, illegal detention, or even cut off people’s ears, gouge eyes, broke arm, or cut toes to force people get into the church or prevent people from quit. For instance, in the year of 1998 in Nanyang city, believers of Almighty God continuous attacked people for over ten days injuring nine people and other two had their ears cut off. 

 Methods to fight with Cults:   

What to do if your family members stray into Almighty God? 

If he or she does not fall into it deeply, you can introduce him (her) to read reports from Kai Feng network or other media which exposes the harm and evil nature of the church. Meanwhile, stop the communication between your family member and the cult members and help him (her) reflect the harm of getting involved with the cult.  

If he or she was deceived deeply or even got away from home, the first thing you should do is to report to the local police immediately and secondly turn to the local anti-cult organization, anti-cult volunteers for help, and provide necessary information, work together with them get your family member saved. 

Matters to pay attention when rescuing cult victims: 

1. Communicate with them with an equal attitude;  

2. Get full understanding of the crux of their obsession with the cult;  

3. Step by step and be patient;  

4. Observe their mood changing carefully and seize the opportunity to break the heresy;  

5. Make a positive educational guidance and fill out their mind blank. 

What to do if you encountered with cults? 

If you encountered with cults, you should use your wit to get rid of it. You may accept his gift of books first and cater to their requirements, then try to find a safe place to call the police.