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Ten Cases of Almighty God Killings and Harming Lives

2014-11-15 Source:Kaiwind Author:Li Xiaobai, Zeng Xiaohan

On the 28th of May, Almighty God disciples perpetrated a case of intentional homicide in Shandong Zhaoyuan. Six disciples asked for the phone numbers of people who were eating at a McDonald's. After being refused by one woman, they beat her to death in the restaurant. This was just one among a series of vicious Almighty God attacks which harmed social stability and people's lives. The Kaiwind website has sorted out ten cases of Almighty God killing and harming lives to warn people and remind society to stay on alert. 

  Case 1, one man insliced his wife's head, chest and abdomen 10 times to eliminate an 'evil spirit'   

  Almighty God disciple Wang Tang who comes from Shaanxi Xi'an thought his wife was possessed by an 'evil spirit' and that he needed to destroy the flesh to eliminate the 'evil spirit' and allow his wife to be reborn with a 'saint soul'. Around 9am on the 4th of March, 2012, Wang Tao beat his wife and then used pillow to cover her face until she was suffocated to death. Later, Wang Tao used a kitchen knife to slash his wife's head, chest and abdomen ten times. When it was all over, Wang Tao wished that the 'evil spirit' possessing his wife's body would perish quickly and hoped his 'God' could come to make her 'rise again'.  

  Case 2, taking her 2-month year-old daughter as a 'goblin', a mother inLankao killed her own child by cutting her throat  

  Around 7am on the 10th of January, 2011, Li Guirong, an Almighty God disciple from,,Province, killed her 2-month year-old daughter by slitting her throat with a pair of scissors. It is said that Li Guirong ascribed her demotion in the cult to her daughter, thinking her child was a goblin who haunted her so that she did not have time to 'believe in God' and read books. Therefore, she conceived the thought to kill her child.  

  Case 3, a woman fromMuyang attacked her 8-year-old son with an axe and crucified him on a 'cross'  

  Around 3am on the 22nd of February, 1996, in order to sacrifice 'the Blood of the Christ', clean all the 'crimes' and 'save hundreds of thousands of lives', Almighty God disciple, Wan Chengyan who comes from Muyang County, Jiangsu Province, attacked her 8 year-old son with an axe when he was asleep. Then, she separated his two arms and pinned his hands to a self-made cross using iron nails, as well as putting a long iron nail into her son's forehead.  

  Case 4, a 14 year-old boy fromNanyang who wanted to be cured was trampled to death by 'Almighty God' disciples  

  Zhao Xiuxia, who comes from Henan Nanyang, had a son named Liang Chao who had poliomyelitis and walked with a limp. In order to cure her son's disease, Zhao Xiuxia believed in the 'promise' that Almighty God disciples made to 'absolutely cure her son'. She even gave 10,000 yuan as a gift to the Almighty God church. Zhao Xiuxia brought her son to an Almighty God group for 'treatment' beginning on the 16th of August, 2011. The 'treatment' methods used by the disciples were to restrict her son to only one meal per day, chant scriptures, pray, use a wooden board to fix Liang Chao, pressing him with bricks and even stepping on him. The weather was hot, Liang Chao was very hungry and tortured by Almighty God disciples repeatedly, and died from the trauma on the third day of 'treatment'.  

  Case 5, a woman fromHuoqiu wanted to quit Almighty God but was threatened and drowned herself in a river  

  After being a member of the Almighty God cult for 2 years, Lu Qingju who comes from Huoqiu County, Hanhui Province wanted to quit but was threatened by the person who had introduced her to the cult. The introducer said that 'if you want to quit, the God will punish you, kill you and your family including you grandson!' Lu Qingju had once seen the church punishing people who did not listen to them. Thinking of the scenes of vicious beatings and the threatening words, she dared not to say another word. In November 2011, feeling threatened by the Almighty God cult, Lu Qingju drowned herself in a river in order to spare her family from the influence of the cult.   

  Case 6, influenced by the rumor that 'doomsday' was approaching, two disciples from Jilin Baicheng set themselves on fire and injured innocents  

  Scene of fire  

  On the 13th of Dec, 2011,there was an outbreak of fire in the corridor of a residential building in the Baicheng economic development zone in. Residents Guo Fengron, Bian Jing and Zhang Xiuqing who lived in this unit were found dead in the corridor of the first floor. After an investigation and autopsy conducted by the police bureau and fire bureau, it iwas confirmed that the three died of smoke inhalation. Guo Fengrong's corpse was in serious carbonization with partially damaged hand, feet and limbs. Her intestines had even come out of her abdomen. Therefore, it was determined that she must have been the one who set the fire and that there should be flammable goods on her body. The police also found an Almighty God related book The Word Will Show in Flesh in the backpack on Bian Jing's body.  

  Case 7, Almighty God disciple Jin Lijun who comes fromZaoyang committed suicide by slitting her throat in order to 'ascend to Heaven'  

  On the 9th of November, 2004, an Almighty God disciple from Hubei Zaoyang , Jin Lijuan, came back from praying, took a kitchen knife to the hillside, 200 meters , in front of her house, and said to her husband, 'I heard the call from God. God is asking me to go now!' After begging her husband and son to help her 'ascend to Heaven', she cut her neck using the kitchen knife and collapsed in blood. Her husband immediately sent her to Zaoyang No.1 Hospital for rescue. After doctor's successful attempts to save her, Jin Lijuan finally woke up but refused to take medicine and insisted on going back home. Reluctantly, her husband took her home. However, just a few days later, Jin Lijuan's condition got rapidly worse and she died of infective complications.   

  Case 8,Almighty God disciple Xie Yun committed suicide by drinking pesticide to 'ascend to Heaven'  

  Xie Yun, who comes from Yuelu District,Province, was obsessed with Almighty God and gave up all relationships. He was always hoping to that his soul would 'ascend to Heaven' and claiming that he was ‘close to Heaven because doomsday was coming'. One afternoon in autumn, 2003, Xie Yun was found on the doorstep in front of his kitchen with an empty pesticide bottle beside him. Due to ingesting too much pesticide, Xie Yun died at 2am on the second day of his stay at hospital.  

  Case 9, a man fromGuangshan was affected by 'the doomsday' rumor and slashed 22 elementary school children  

  Around 7 o'clock on the 14th of December, 2012, a vicious attack happened inin,,. A 36 year-old villager frombroke into the elementary school and slashed 22 students and 1 other person. Later, with the assistance of surrounding villagers, the suspect, Min Yingjun was arrested by police of Wenshu Town Police Station. According to the investigation, Min Yongjun had been incited by a 60 year-old Almighty God disciple from the same village and broke into the school and slashed 23 people.  

  Case 10,Nanyang Almighty God disciples committed crimes for 10 consecutive days which left 9 injured and 2 with no ears  

  From 30th of October to the 10th of November in 1998, Almighty God disciples committed crimes for 10 days in Tanghe,,Province. They broke people's legs, punctured people's faces and caused 9 injuries and cut off two people’s ears. On the 7th of March, 2000, the case went to its first trial. Almighty God disciples Liu Shunting and Zhao Fating were sentenced to 18 and 17 years in prison respectively and fined for crimes of intentionally injury and robbery.