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Rick Alan Ross with netizens to discuss Falun Gong Tiananmen immolation incident

2015-01-19 Source:kaiwind Author:Gua Wai Jan

According to the Globalvoicesonline.org on January 21, 2011 published the former editor of Global Voices, John Kennedy launched  "Falun Gong Tiananmen immolation incident ten years on. Netizens very warm discussion. Among them, the suspected members of Falun Gong have challenged Rick Alan Ross's point of view, Mr Ross take “Tiananmen Self-immolation events”, "Why Falun Gong as a cult" and so on with netizens for a sufficient communication solutions, And strongly refuted the charges against him. The compilation is as follows:

John Kennedy:The title "Falun Gong Tiananmen immolation incident ten years on", Following up discussions,Falun Gong members in tiananmen square to set self-Immolation incident that ten years has passed,Why didn't cause the protesters as "Tunisia response" revolution.

Falun Gong researcher:

Falun Gong practitioners, now known as Falun dafa, did attempt an self-immolation event in the hopes of instigating in a uprise against the communist ruling party who had ruled them "An Evil Cult" and outlawed the group. The attempt backfired on the Falun Gong group and they quickly distanced themselves from the practitioners who volunteered for the self-immolation. In a lecture prior to the event, Mr. Li himself, the spiritual founder of Falun Gong , praised the monks in Vietnam who committed self-immolation as a means to protest the injustice that occurred in their country. Falun Gong member vehemently deny this recording, even claiming it to be a hoax when actually played for them, but it is real enough.

Falun Gong is not a Perfect Angel as they like to present themselves, where as they engaged in many activities in China such as breaking in to TV and Radio station and hijacking the systems to play their messages; blocking the entrances to businesses who have published negative comments towards them; protesting and even going as far as causing workplace disruptions towards individuals who disagree with them; engaged in slander and libel by calling anyone who disagrees with them as Communist spys; creating hoax and fraudulent news about persecutions and organ harvesting where there is no evidence to support their claims; showing photos of cancer and accidents victims and portraying the individuals in the photos as Falun Gong members who have been tortured by the hands of the Chinese Police.

The mainstream media has looked in to the Falun Gong claims and found them baseless, and that is why you don't hear about this in main stream news.

Having followed this group for years, it is my opinion that they engage in fraudulent "news creating" means to draw attention to themselves, to gain the sympathy of the world and its leaders, and to inject their cause and believes in all discussion where China and human rights is discussed.

As for the beliefs of Falun Gong ; it is a mishmash of Chinese Taoism, Buddhism and local Shamanism with the founder Mr. Lee as the center of the belief system as its one and only leader. Many cult researchers and leading psychologist have declared that Falun Gong displays the traits and characteristics of a classical cult, and given its history with the self-immolation and the willingness of the members to commit crimes the group may be a dangerous one.

Make no mistake, Falun Gong is at war with the communist party in China. They will use any means and ways to hurt the communist party, its leaders, and to sabotage the CCP's mission and end goals. Falun Gong these days is far more political, perhaps a pollitical party of its own making in exile, that that of a peaceful meditation group as its brochures portrays.

John Zhang:Would you please provide sources for these claims, "researcher"?

SGstudent:Hello, i am a student from Singapore and i am doing a paper with regards to Falun Gong in China. How would this Falun Gong scandal challenge the legitimacy of the CCP?Why can't Falun Gong Be seen as just another religion like Buddhism, but is deem as evil. I would be really glad that if anyone can help me with this questions. Thank you.

Rick Alan Ross:SGstudent and others interested in Falun Gong :

It is important to see Falun Gong from more than the simply the perspective of Li Hongzhi's devoted practitioners.

The "Epoch Times" is run by Falun Gong practitioners and is a biased source."New Tang Dynasty TV" which produced "False Fire" is likewise an appendage of Falun Gong controlled media.

To better understand the horrific event that took place at Tiennneman Square from a first-hand perspective you can read the interview at CultNews.com.

See http://www.cultnews.com/?p=2422

To better understand why many cult experts regard Falun Gong as a "cult" read my analysis also accessible through CultNews.com.See http://www.cultnews.com/?p=2346

There is also a large archive of articles about Falun Gong collected within the Ross Institute Internet Archives.

It is important to take in all the information when examining the situation of Falun Gong and its leader Li Hongzhi.

Rick Alan Ross:

To whom it may concern:

I interviewed two women face-to-face that participated in the self-immolation at Tienanmen Square.

Attempting to deny that they once were loyal followers of Li Hongzhi and practitioners of Falun Gong is a deeply disturbing response to this tragedy.

Not only does it fail to address the fanatical influence that led to this horrific event, but it also denigrates the integrity of these two women, who have suffered great pain because of their loyalty to Li Hongzhi.

Li Hongzhi has made deeply disturbing racist and homophobic remarks, which have been reported by the press, but he has never apologized.

How can Falun Gong improve if it is not willing to acknowledge its mistakes?

And the supernatural claims made about Li Hongzhi by his followers are reminiscent of similar claims made about cult leaders of the past, such as David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite and Shoko Asahara.

Affected families in the US have complained to me about the influence of Falun Gong , particularly regarding the medical neglect of loved ones that have become active practitioners. This is similar to the complaints about Falun Gong in China.

In fact an American family asked me to participate in an intervention concerning a Falun Gong practitioner. This intervention is mentioned in a recent paper I presented in China.See http://www.cultnews.com/?p=2421

For wikipedia is defended Falun Gong 's comments,Mr.Ross pointed out:

It should be noted that there have been problems at Wikipedia, which is an "open source" encyclopedia.

Wikipedia banned Scientologists from editing articles, which was a punishment for repeated and deceptive editing of articles related to the controversial religion.

Wikipedia's disclaimer states, "The structure of the project allows anyone with an Internet connection to alter its content. Please be advised that nothing found here has necessarily been reviewed by people with the expertise required to provide you with complete, accurate or reliable information."

It seems that Falun Gong supporters currently dominate the Wikipedia entry on that religion.

For Falun Gong called Mr Ross "no authority" of the accused,and NTDTV about the analysis of self-Immolation,Ross said:

I have been qualified and accepted as an expert witness within 10 states in the US, including US Federal Court through what is called a "Daubert hearing." In such a hearing the expertise of the expert is quite literally put on trial before a federal judge.

I have never failed to be qualified and accepted as an expert in any court proceeding.

Though I have not attended college I have lectured at more than thirty colleges and universities including the University of Chicago, Dickinson College, Carnegie Mellon, Baylor, The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Duquesne, Knox College and Rutgers.

I have also worked as a paid professional consultant/analyst for CBS, CBC and Nippon television networks.

Margaret Singer, PhD was a leading expert on brainwashing and one of the most respected cult experts of the 20th Century. She said, "If you want a good description of a cult, all you have to do is read what [Falun Dafa followers] say they are."

Margaret Singer, PhD

The two women I interviewed, Ms. Hao Huijun and her daughter Chen Guo, were hospitalized with extreme injuries. The extent of those injuries is immediately visible to anyone that looks at the photos within my article.

See http://www.cultnews.com/?p=2422.

Reuters also did an interview with Chen Guo in 2002.

I have viewed the analysis of the self-immolation done by the Falun Gong controlled "New Tang Dynasty TV." Frankly, the conspiracy theories offered within this material are not credible. The simple truth is that this tragic event occurred as a direct result of fanatical devotion, which was encouraged and sustained by Falun Gong .

Your claim that these women are somehow "actors" is ridiculous.But such a response once again illustrates the intransigence of Falun Gong regarding taking responsibility for anything negative related to its influence.

Can you think of anything Falun Gong may have done wrong, which might be discussed, reviewed and potentially corrected?

Don't you think that the outrage of the gay community in San Francisco over Li Hongzhi's hateful and homophobic remarks, is an example of something that needs to be changed and corrected?And what about Li's racist remarks?

Falun Gong practitioners often fail to address these issues in any meaningful and specific way, which is quite telling in my opinion.

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Rick Alan Ross (born 1952 as Ricky Alan Ross) works as a consultant, lecturer, and intervention specialist, with a focus on exit counseling and deprogramming of those belonging to cults. He runs a blog called Cult News and in 2003 founded the Rick A. Ross Institute (later to be renamed the Cult Education Institute)

John Kennedy, Former Chinese Language Editor for Global Voices Online, Canadian and Chinese name is "feng37", now living in Hong Kong.