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The Spam E-mail of the Church of Almighty God

2015-02-09 Source:Kaiwind Author:Rev. Ron Friedrich

One month ago I received an email (spam) from "the Church of Almighty God."   I normally ignore spam, but the 550 page book that was attached to this email message  got my attention -- especially because my computer is still on a dial-up service (slow!).  

This book informed me that Jesus Christ has returned!   

Sun Myung Moon? No. 

Jim Jones?   No. 

David Koresh?  No. 

Jesus is now a woman living in China.  In the Old Testament (the Age of Law) she was called "YAHWEH."   In the New Testament (the Age of Grace) she was called Jesus (appearing as a man).  Now in the Age of the Kingdom, she is a woman calling herself "Ever New God God-Self."  She is preparing to execute eternal punishment on all who do not worship her as God. 

What I find interesting is that she quotes the Bible a lot.  But in all her 550 pages, she never once gives a reference for her quotations.  Why?  Because if you looked up her quotations, you could clearly see that she misquotes the Bible.   Her misquotations often say exactly the opposite of what the Bible really says.



Rev. Ron Friedrich has been Pastor of Christ Lutheran Church of the Deaf and a chaplain at Gallaudet University since 2001.