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Exclusive: Almighty God Follower Cut off Relationship with Children (Photo)

2015-12-31 Source:Kaiwind Author:Li Jie

[May 26, www.kaiwind.com,reporter: Li Jie] Recently an Internet user provided to www.kaiwind.com a letter written by Zeng Jinmei, a member of the Church of Almighty God. Zeng announced in the letter that she decided to cut off her relationship with her children in order to show her loyalty to the Almighty God. The letter is strong evidence that the cult destroys the families of their members.

Screenshot of the letter written by Almighty God follower to cut off relationship with children

The following is the letter:

I, Zeng Jinmei, decided to cut off my relationship with my son and my two daughters in order to show my loyalty to the Almighty God and to get help from the God. I believe in the God for the sake of myself, not for anyone else. From now on, their life has nothing to do with me. These words come from the bottom of my heart. I made the decision seriously and will never regret it. I will be responsible for any consequence. This letter was signed by Zeng Jinmei on the evening of January 3.

Why do members of the Church of Almighty God lose familial affection and give up their family? This author found the answer to the question in teachings of the Almighty God.

According to a textbook of the Church of Almighty God, relationships with one’s parents, husband/wife, children and other relatives are burdens and a person’s life won’t grow mature until he/she cuts off their relationships with family members.