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Macau Falun Gong Backbone Lin Yiming Died of Colon Cancer

2015-12-31 Source:kaiwind Author:Li Jing

On August 2nd, Lin Yiming, the main Falun Gong backer in Macau, died of colon cancer. He refused chemotherapy to treat his condition because Falun Gong prohibits its followers from taking any medicine and tells them that Master Li Hongzhi (the founder and head of Falun Gong) will save them.

Lin Yiming began practicing Falun Gong in 1997. His wife and daughter also became Falun Gong followers due to his influence. He organized Falun Gong activities in Macau, Hongkong, and Taiwan. What’s more, Lin was Li Hongzhi’s trusted follower and main source of financing for Falun Gong. Li Hongzhi viewed him as one of the model local backbones in the Falun Gong organization.

Lin Yiming

In 2014, hematochezia (bleeding from the anus) was found by Lin Yiming but he refused to see a doctor. The disease worsened in April this year and he was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer, but Lin still refused chemotherapy and believed Master Li Hongzhi would save his life. The patient took part in a Falun Gong meeting held in New York on May 13th. During that time, Master Li Hongzhi treated him using his “Gong” (like QiGong) and promised him that he was cured. Unfortunately, Lin Yiming died of his cancer just three months later.

What’s more tragic, Master Li Hongzhi blocked all news of Lin’s death. There was not even any mourning ceremony for his passing.

Lin Yiming is not the first of Falun Gong’s backbones to die, believing Li Hongzhi’s claims that he could save them.

Li Dayong

On March 2nd, 2014, Li Dayong, the head of the Falun Gong 3-Exit Center, died of AHN in his 50s. Li Hongzhi ordered that the news be suppressed, ensuring that Falun Gong media had no report about the death.

Li Jiguang

In May 2012, Li Jiguang, the vice president of Falun Gong’s news group The Epoch Times and Li Hongzhi’s brother in law, died of illness.

According to Li Hongzhi’s theory, Falun Gong members are not allowed to take medicines or go to hospital when they get ill. No matter what illness they suffer from, they will be cured by Li Hongzhi. Li also claims to have “removed every Falun Gong follower’s name from the list of hell” so his true believers will never die.

Lin Yiming, Li Dayong, and Li Jiguang, were three trusted followers of Li Hongzhi and backbones of the Falun Gong organization. Li Hongzhi could not save any of his true believers, so how can he justify his theory?