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Shocking! Falun Gong Hirelings Get Paid in Public (Photo)

2015-12-31 Source:kaiwind Author:Li Jie

[Kaiwind.com, May 15, 2015, Reporter: Li Jie] On May 13, an interesting photo was taken in a park in New York: a few elderly people who had just attended a gathering organized by Falun Gong took off or hid their yellow vests, and sat on the grass, waiting to get paid. The old woman on the right side was distributing money, while the one on the left side was asking for the amount as they discussed in advance The elderly gentleman was waiting anxiously to be paid.

It is reported that Falun Gong organized a parade in New York on May 13-15 to celebrate Li Hongzhi’s fake birthday. To show their strength, Falun Gong hired a number of unemployed people to attend the gathering as ringers. Of course, these p eople did not work for free. They were paid on a daily basis.

As you can see, the hirelings got paid immediately after the gathering.