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South Korea to Repatriate 56 Falun Gong Followers to China

2016-01-22 Source:kaiwind Author:Qing Feng

According to reports published by overseas media, South Korea will repatriate 56 illegal refugees to China. It has been learned that these refugees dispatched leaflets in public places to publicize Falun Gong, designated a heretical cult by the Chinese government, to Korean and foreign people. 

  Jiang Xiuju, 58 years old, was arrested in South Korea in July 2014. 

It is reported that the South Korean government has been on China’s side of the fence on the Falun Gong issue, and has strictly examined asylum seekers since 2002. Statistical data shows that more than 100 Falun Gong followers who had applied for political asylum have been rejected by South Korea since 2002. At present, these 56 Falun Gong followers, including Jiang Xiuju, are in custody in a detention center in South Korea, waiting to be repatriated to China.