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Almighty God Follower Made Three Suicide Attempts to Prove God’s Existence

2016-01-22 Source:kaiwind Author:Sun Sheng



On the early morning of March 23, 2015, the Trust-Mart at Fenghuang Street, Medical High-tech District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province opened for business.  

A strange woman ran into the store. She neither picked up anything, nor looked for anybody. She just walked here and there in the shop, murmuring such things as to believe in the Almighty God and God will empower you. Nobody could make out what she meant, so they looked at her in perplexity. Suddenly the woman took out a knife and cut her own right wrist. It is likely that it was her first attempt to cut her wrist because she just cut her skin instead of her artery. The woman seemed stunned. At that time, someone shouted, Call the police. She will commit suicide.The woman seemed awakened by the word police, rushed out of the store and disappeared into the street.  

Half an hour later, the woman appeared at the Century Lianhua supermarket in downtown. There she made her second attempt to cut her wrist. This time, she managed to cut her right wrist, and her blood poured out. The woman sat in the blood, shouting the slogans of the Church of Almighty God before being taken to a hospital.  

Kaiwind.com has learned that the woman was Zhou Xiuchun. She is from Zhenxing village, Fenghuang sub-district, the Medical High-tech District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province. A few years earlier, her husband was paralyzed and confined to bed. After that, Zhou Xiuchun was enticed into the Church of Almighty God. According to her mother-in-law, Zhou Xiuchun often said her family was heavily burdened with karma and her husband’s suffering was the punishment for their sins. She believed that confessing to God was the only way to save her husband. Her mother-in-law did not stop her because she thought Zhou was praying for her son. But Zhou Xiuchun did not care for her husband or their son, who was in middle school. Instead, she went out every day to chat with other followers of the cult. She even went out for long periods of time to publicize the so-called God’s glory. Zhou Xiuchun often fought with her mother-in-law.  

On the afternoon of March 23, Zhou Xiuchun was sent back home by police after she was confirmed to be in a stable condition. However, she did not reflect upon what she had done. Instead, she began planning her next attempt and this time, she chose a school and children for her audience.  

At about 6am on the morning of March 25, Zhou Xiuchun went to the entrance of Tangwan Primary School. She walked up and down in front of the school gate, trying to introduce the Church of Almighty God to passersby. Her behavior attracted the attention of security guards in the school. When the security guards came to stop her, Zhou Xiuchun became angry and shouted at them, Stop your evil behaviors. To prevent Zhou’s possible threat to students, the security guards called the police and asked Zhou to leave, but Zhou shouted that the guards were trying to bully her. When she managed to attract a crowd, she threw herself into a nearby flower bed while calling for the Almighty God. As passersby were gathering, she looked more frantic. She raised her right hand, shouting, Almighty God, my death will prove your existence.She then tried to tear open the dressed wound. At that time, the police arrived and stopped her.  

In recent years, the crimes committed by the Church of Almighty God have become evident in China. The Church of Almighty God is better-organized and more destructive than Falun Gong and it was widely known that the cult has destroyed families and swindled money. But the murder committed by members of the cult in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, revealed the violent nature of the cult. Since a number of the cult members tried to kill themselves or others, it is obvious that the cult members, like Falun Gong followers, are not satisfied with being a common believer of their God. Instead, they are on a path to destruction.  

Zhou Xiuchun made three suicide attempts to prove her so-called belief. On March 25, after she threw herself into the flower bed, she kept on shouting the slogans of the cult for about 30 minutes until she got exhausted. When she was taken to a hospital, she tried to tear open her wound again. She looked insane, while shouting the cult slogans. Her behavior revealed that the Church of Almighty God has terrible mental control and causes harm to its followers.  

On March 23, doctors are trying to save Zhou Xiuchun 

Zhou Xiuchun verbally assaulted security guards in front of the school gate 

Zhou Xiuchun threw herself into the flower bed and shouted, Almighty God, my death will prove your existence. 

Zhou Xiuchun tried to bite police who were attempting to stop her insane behavior 

At the entrance to hospital, Zhou Xiuchun tore open her wound