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My husband’s Addiction to Falun Gong Killed Our Baby

2016-02-06 Source:Xinhua Author:Qi Qianting

I am living in Baiyun District, Guangzhou Province. I could not help remembering that miserable experience while looking at the photo of my son.

Newly-wed husband turned out to be cult disciple

I was 22 years old in 2008 and worked at a shop after graduating from high school. During idle hours, I always chatted with the wife of the boss of the tailor shop beside our store. She often talked about the unfairness of society and showed me some of the materials of Falun Gong. I accepted her views gradually. One day, the wife introduced me to a boy named Chen Shaogang, an engineer in a state-own company in Guangzhou. He was such a gentleman and I was fond of him. Later I found out that the wife and he both practiced Falun Gong. I was passionately in love and did not care about that. We were married at the end of 2008. After the wedding, I discovered that he was extremely addicted to Falun Gong. Besides practicing, he used his skill to download the most updated materials of Falun Gong, put it on DVD, and send to the wife and another woman named A Yan. In addition, they often brought strangers home for gatherings.

The husband focused on practicing while the wife was pregnant

I became pregnant at the beginning of 2009, however my husband was busier day after day. He was addicted to practicing Falun Gong all day long and did not consider any other things. He did not want to earn money and did not do family chores. He was only dedicated to practice according to what Li Hongzhi said about ‘focusing’. Thinking of the baby growing inside of me and my husband who was busy at practicing Falun Gong, I was afraid and tried to persuade him to give it up. I asked him to think of our child but he said that many disciples were contributing to ‘Dafa’. He would not achieve a higher level if he didn’t contribute enough. My husband made tools by himself, printed ‘Falun Gong’ slogan on RMB, and sent them out. I was unemployed at that time, and my husband was the only breadwinner. However, he spent 2,000 Yuan every month on purchasing DVDs and spreading the currency, which made our non-wealthy life even harder. Our financial difficulties and our quarrels were driving him to practice even harder. In order to escape from the current situation and achieve ‘consummation’ as soon as possible, he practiced day and night. He was indifferent and did not have a little excitement or responsibility as a father-to-be. I was very sad about that.

After his birth, the baby was very weak and had asthma because of malnutrition and my bad mood when I had him. He was sick very often but Chen Shaogang did not bring him to hospital even once. In January, 2011, I had to leave for my hometown to take care of my sick mother. I had no choice but to leave my son, who was only 1 year and 2 months, with my husband. The baby was having a cold because of the chill and I warned my husband repeatedly to take the baby to hospital if he had a fever.

One day after my departure, my baby had a fever. My husband thought that Li Hongzhi told the disciples not to see the doctors when people were sick but to eliminate karma. Therefore, he read scriptures around the baby to practice ‘right mindfulness’. Two days later, my baby did not recover, so my husband thought he needed to contribute more to Falun Gong to achieve the higher level and seek blessings from the ‘Master’. Other disciples told him that he would be discovered by the CCTV in the supermarket while spreading flyers at daytime. So he took the sick baby, printed the so-called newest Li Hongzhi scriptures, walked along the street and put the materials on the wall of the bus station in spite of the cold weather. In order to achieve the target, he sprayed slogans on the overpass on the way and was immediately caught by a police patrol. My husband carried the baby on his back and the policeman found out our baby’s face was already blue and purple. The policeman sent our son to the hospital immediately. My husband refused to provide any personal or contact information so, as a result, I could not see my son for the one last time but only his cold little corpse when I heard the news and got to the hospital.

My poor child who was only 1 year old was killed by Falun Gong. I did not get the chance to put my self-made sweater on him, and hear him call me mother… All the sadness and suffering turned into the hatred of Falun Gong. It was Falun Gong that killed my son, ruined my family and left me feeling miserable for my whole life.


Editor:Ling Xi