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Falun Gong Killed My Daughter

2016-02-06 Source:Kaiwind Author:Wang Xiuchun

My name is Wang Xiuchun. I live in Henan Zhai in Miyun County, Beijing City. I am 52 years old. I was sent on a blind date and married my first husband Li Lisheng in 1983. Because I am the only daughter in my family, Li Lisheng married into and lived with my family. The year after our marriage, I gave birth to my daughter Xiaozhi.

At that time, our family contracted several hectares of land in our village and built four vegetable greenhouses. Although life was hard and tiring, we could overcome the difficulties and earn around 20,000 or 30,000 RMB per year. We were happy at that time. However, a few years later, Li Lisheng became addicted to gambling. He was often called by his bad friends to go gambling. He was happy when wining some money but always drank alone when losing money. He spent all of our family’s savings and made our life very difficult. In 1995, I divorced him, however, he did not lose the bad habit of gambling and sometimes came back to harass me, which made me miserable.

After the divorce, I carried all the family burdens including taking care of the vegetable greenhouses because my child was young, my father had died a long time before and my mother was sick. Sometimes, I could not handle all the chores and asked relatives or villagers to come and help. Among those helpers, there was Feng Guoming who lived in the same village as us. He was 40 at that time and 7 or 8 years older than me. He was a widower without a child who lived alone.

He always came to help me and talked to me, saying that all the difficulties I suffered were ‘karma’ I created in my previous life. Li Lisheng was the evil in my life and in order to get rid of him forever and obtain karmic reward, I needed to practice. Practicing could not only protect my child and parents from diseases but could also make me become immortal and eliminate the devil, Li Lisheng, forever. He gave me a book of Zhuan Falun secretly that day.

Under the direction of Feng Guomin, I began practicing at that night. However, I could not understand the message in the book because I only had middle school education. Feng Guoming explained the contents for me and said we could practice together. Sometimes, he invited other Falun Gong disciples from our vilage or nearby villages to practice together. I practiced some time later and felt that my body was stronger and healthier. In addition, Li Lisheng who harassed me before did not come to my home for a long time. Later, he was sentenced to 2 years in prison because of gambling and fighting. I was extremely happy after hearing the news and thought it was my practice that created these cheerful results. I thought I had received karmic reward from the Master Li Hongzhi and believed in Falun Gong without a shadow of doubt.

I told the result of my practicing to Feng Guoming. He was very excited and told me to keep practicing with all-out effort, saying that I needed to get to the higher level by practicing even harder to eliminate karma forever. I asked him how to achieve higher levels as soon as possible. He answered that we could do couples practice. I did not know what couples practice was and he said we needed to live together. Although I did not know why living together could enhance the practicing skills, I agreed to live with him to achieve higher level as soon as possible, regardless of the consequences. He moved into my house and we lived together.

However, my parents were against us living together. My mother said that she was not against me practicing Falun Gong, but worried about rumors being spread in the villages. In addition, my daughter used to sleep with me. After Feng Guoming moved into my home, I sent my daughter to sleep at my mother’s room and she cried until very late at night every day. Honestly, I felt very sorry for my daughter, but Feng Guoming said that my mother and daughter were the ‘devils’ blocking my way to practice and that I would achieve higher levels as long as I passed through the difficulties. Therefore, I made my decision and ignored my mother and daughter to focus on the practice. I gave up on taking care of the vegetable greenhouses anymore for practicing, and my mother could do nothing about it but subcontracted the greenhouses to someone else.

In 1999, the Chinese government banned Falun Gong. Leaders in our village knew Feng Guoming and I practiced Falun Gong together and always came to my house to persuade us to stop. In order to deceive the public, I discussed with Feng Guoming that we told the leaders in our village we would not practice Falun Gong anymore and would get a marriage certificate. This really made my mother very happy, and my 15 years old daughter Xiaozhi was no longer against us. Actually, we never stopped practicing. Feng Guoming told me that we could not give up halfway. Because of the crackdown by the government, many people were afraid of practicing Falun Gong, and this was the time for testing and we needed to protect Falun Gong. If we could successfully practice Falun Gong, Master Li Hongzhi would let us become immortal. I asked him how to ‘protect Fa’? He said in order to ‘protect Fa’ we needed to ‘promote Fa’ which meant developing disciples. We needed to ‘promote Fa’ to our family members first, my mother and Xiaozhi.

Actually, my mother was always against me practicing Falun Gong. I told her that ‘I became heathier after years of practicing and drove away the devil Li Lisheng who harassed me for a very long time. People like you in poor health will have a good body condition after practicing and can achieve higher levels to become immortal like us.’ Persuaded by Feng Guoming and me, my mother finally agreed to try and practice. However, when we tried to persuade my daughter, she refused to practice saying that school already told them Falun Gong was a cult and practicing was illegal because the government already banned it. She also tried to persuade us to give up practicing and said that if we still practice, she would tell the leaders of our village.

I was afraid of persuading my daughter after she said that. However, Feng Guoming told me that my daughter was the devil and she had a devil in her body preventing her from practicing, just like Li Lisheng. She would also stop us from eliminating karma or achieving a higher level. As long as we drove away the devil in her body, could she begin practicing Falun Gong and we could achieve consummation. I asked him how to drive away the devil and he said that he needed to do couple practice with my daughter to help her eliminate karma and get rid of the devil. I must be possessed by ghosts at that time, otherwise, I would never agree with him and appreciate him for helping eliminate karma for my daughter.

The other night, I asked Feng Guoming to hide in another room, and made my daughter’s favorite dishes for supper after she came back from school. I helped her with her homework and she was really happy. Later, I said to my daughter that Feng Guoming had gone to his relative’s home and would not come back that night,so she could sleep in our room.

When I tucked my daughter in bed, Feng Guoming came in and threw himself on my daughter’s bed. My daughter defended herself fiercely by kicking and biting Feng Guoming. He asked me to hold my daughter and said that he would kill the devil inside my daughter’s body. I hesitated for a while but grasped my daughter’s arm. She pushed me away, crying and shouting, ‘you are not my mom, Falun Gong made you a devil! You are a devil!’ My daughter cried and ran outside followed by Feng Guoming. I was left in the house unsettled by what she had said.

My daughter and Feng Guoming did not come back that night. I could not find them inside or outside our village. In the morning on the next day, leaders of our village and policeman came to my home. They told me that they had retrieved my daughter’s corpse in the river outside our village and Feng Guoming had run away. After hearing the news, I felt as if there was a knife being twisted in my heart. I fainted after shouting my daughter’s name.

The death of my daughter made me realize that all the purposes of practicing Falun Gong like ‘eliminating karma’, ‘kill the devil’, ‘achieve higher level’, and ‘become immortal’ were all deceptions. I lost my daughter because of practicing Falun Gong and it broke up my family. It was Falun Gong that killed my daughter, which made me extremely regret my decisions.

Although there have been several years since my daughter’s death, I can never forget the pain. I am filled with misery and regrets while remembering my lovely daughter who had a painful life. I want to tell the people who are still addicted to Falun Gong to give up. Otherwise, you will be the next me who loses family and happiness because of Falun Gong.

Editor:Wang Na;Xiao Han