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Experience the illusory miracle of university entrance examination

2016-02-06 Source:Kaiwind Author:Pu Jiang

I did not understand how fake what Falun Gong called miracle was, until the college entrance exam scores were released

My name is Wang Conghui. I come from Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. Influenced by my mother, I used to expect a lot from Li Hongzhi. I thought he was the supreme god and believed that I could successfully enroll in my ideal university as long as I had his protection. Although my mother and I practiced devoutly, the result was a total failure. I could not even  reach the junior college’s minimum qualification. Were it not for the help of anti-cult volunteers, I might have thought it was because I didn’t practice devoutly and diligently, and would blame myself for not getting accepted by the university due to not being able to meet Li Hongzhi’s requirements.

In 1998, my mother started practicing Falun Gong because of her health problems.After regular practice, she felt better, so she was grateful to Li Hongzhi and overstated him as fantastic. Influenced by her, I started to feel good about Falun Gong. I had a poor school record but my mother said that as long as I practiced diligently with her, Master Li Hongzhi would arrange a good university for me and she asked her friend, who practiced with her, to download some articles about the miracle of college entrance examination from a Falun Gong website. At first I was doubtful, but after reading those stories with real people’s names about passing the examination with the Master’s help, I was hopeful.

Falun Gong was banned lawfully by the nation in 1999, but my mother told me it was because the nation did not know about Falun Gong. She said she just did some exercises and her body was better because of Falun Gong, she did not know that it was the result of her physical exercises. I did not know that the movements of Falun Gong was the movements of Qi Gong put together by Li Hongzhi. My mother benefited from Qi Gong’s movements, so I supported her to continue practicing at home. Although I did not practice Falun Gong at that time, I thought Li Hongzhi was amazing because of how my mother praised him. In my mother’s words, I was a destined person of Falun Gong. She always talked about some Falun Gong scriptures on my way from school and I thought Li Hongzhi’s sayings made sense. I became a member of Falun Gong formally in 2008, and studied Li Hongzhi’s scriptures every day after school.

In this way, my grades were not good, but I still entered a not very famous high school through the high school entrance exam. Although it was a general high school, my mother was still very satisfied and said it was the result of the Master’s protection. But the middle school education was universal education and only  few children cannot enter a school in Chengdu.

In the first semester of senior one, my teacher found my grade was not that good, so he called me to his office. He taught me some methods of study and told me to work harder after school. Due to his encouragement, I made some progress on my study and in the final exam of senior one, I was ranked at about twentieth in my class. I should have continued to work hard and make persistent efforts because the grade was the result of my good performance in and after class and had no connection with Falun Gong, but my mother said it was the result of both of us practicing Falun Gong. She claimed that the Master revealed the answers to me and she even asked whether I was quick-minded when I was taking the exam. Actually, I acquired the knowledge and I of course knew the answers of the questions on the exam, but I was convinced by my mother at that time and I believed that Li Hongzhi was an immortal who could do everything, and he made his disciple daughter benefit.

After time my mother and I intensified the practice. I thought that as long as I practiced Falun Gong well, I did not need to work hard for the university entrance examination. As such, I spent all my time learning Falun Gong except for listening to the teachers’ classes in the second semester of senior one. My teacher in charge and the other teachers who taught me had talked to me several times, but I still regarded learning Falun Gong more important than the high school study because my mother always told me that we couldn’t have good fortune without the Master Li Hongzhi’s protection. She claimed that our destinies were manipulated by Li Hongzhi.

Due to the fact that I did not work hard, my grade was always bad, but I never felt the taste of failure because I believed that with the Master’s help I would be in the same situation as the Da Fa disciples in the published articles of Minghui Website. I thought that I would know the answers of the exam because they would be revealed by the Master, or the Master would change the scores of the exam for me and so on. In a word, I thought I would succeed anyway and just looked forward to the exam day. Two years passed quickly and the university entrance examination of 2015 arrived. I remember that the day before the examination, neither my mother nor me slept well since we were both learning the scriptures and reviewed the articles about how the Master helped the disciples enter a university which were published on the Minghui Website.

When I sat in the exam room, I had neither the Master’s hints of the answer nor the answers which came naturally before my eyes. All I had was confusion. I looked at the test paper and didn’t know the answer of even one question. After the exam, my mother was cheerful and said the Master would bless me to enter a university because the Master was powerful. But I only got 274 scores in the exam, which university could enroll me?

My mother’s mind was controlled by Li Hongzhi. Although I had a heart which was extremely expectant and persistent, she said that I had failed not because the Master was not powerful, but because we did not practice well. If it wasn’t for the help of volunteers from the anti-cult association, I would still believe Li Hongzhi’s illusory miracle of examination and not choose to restudy. Now I have started to review the high school’s courses and am preparing to enter an ideal university through my own strength next year. Hereby, I tell everyone my own experience in the hope that those who are still addicted to Falun Gong can clearly see Li Hongzhi’s true face and not be deceived by the “illusory miracle of university entrance examination” as claimed by Li Hongzhi.

Editor:Chuan Jun