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Relighting the Light of Life

2016-02-06 Source:Kaiwind Author:Kaiwind

My first impression of Wang Zhong was that of a typical northwest famer working hard in the fields in the summer.

He was tall, with a dark complexion and slightly bent back. A typical famer from a northwest peasant family. It was hard to imagine that he was an addict of ‘Falun Gong’

‘I am just back from Jiuquan city where I’ve bought a new apartment for my son.’ Wang Zhong, riding on an electro-tricycle, said with an honest smile which could not help expressing his excitement.

Led by Wang Zhong, we came to a village along the winding country road in Suzhou district, Jiuquan city. He lived alone in a detached house with a yard at the very north of the village. Although the house was not newly decorated, he made it clean and tidy.

It was midsummer and Wang Zhong’s house was covered by the shade of trees and ripe yellow apricots and green apples hung all over the courtyard wall. Wang Zhong’s family had been living there for more than 50 years. They started working at sunrise and went back home at sunset, living a peaceful and happy life.

However, an accidental meeting broke the happy and peaceful life of Wang Zhong and his family, and caused his wife to leave him. Wang Zhong felt extremely regret while talking about this. He found it difficult to express his painful memory while touching the portrait of his dead wife who was young and beautiful.

In 1998, Wang Zhong went to a neighboring village to work and he saw someone practicing what appeared to be a kind of Kung Fu called ‘Falun Gong’. It was said that practicing Falun Gong could eliminate disease and drive away evil spirits, as well as improve business and provide good luck year after year.

Wang Zhong was persuaded to join the organization and practice ‘Falun Gong.’

In order to complete the purposes of ‘achieving consummation’ and ‘getting good luck’, Wang Zhong spent lots of time ‘learning Fa, reciting and copying relevant books, and promoting Fa’. He did not listen to his relatives who tried to dissuade him from his practice. Even more, he refused to come to his senses after the government banned Falun Gong publicly.

Besides his own practice, Wang Zhong later encouraged others to practice together. He also doggedly thought ‘Falun Gong’ was a good Kung Fu which could prevent ordinary people from suffering diseases. Wang Zhong’s wife was industrious and thrifty in managing the household before, however, after she began practicing Falun Gong with Wang Zhong under his persuasion, she did not care about the farmland or her young child anymore.

Wang Zhong and a dozen other ‘fellow disciples’ set up a secret meeting at Bei Jiao Park in Jiuquan City in order to achieve ‘consummation’ and promote Falun Gong in July, 2002. In August, he went to Lanzhou to participate in ‘Falun Gong’ Television Inter-Cut Skill Training and brought inter-cut equipment home for ‘fellow disciples’ to watch at his home. In November, Wang Zhou was detained by policemen in Suzhou for interrupting social orders repeatedly by spreading ‘Falun Gong’ illegal promotional material.

In March, 2003, Wang Zhong’s family members saw him as an enemy because of the death of his wife. Since Wang Zhong and his wife believed in the nonsense promoted by ‘Falun Gong’ that ‘disciples do not need to take medicine’, Wang Zhong’s wife refused to take any medicine. At the early stage of her disease, Wang Zhong also persuaded her not to take medicine. The ‘Master’ said that ‘taking medicine equals to accumulation of karma, and will eventually destroy oneself’. Wang Zhong and his wife believed firmly what the ‘Master’ said and thought that suffering from disease was ’karma elimination’ by their ‘Master’.

Regardless of persuasion by their family, Wang Zhong and his wife insisted on practicing Falun Gong, which led to the tragedy —— Wang Zhong’s wife missed the best time to treat the disease and died on the age of 30.

Wang Zhong realized his mistake after the death of his beloved, scolding from his family and education by leaders , helpers and teachers in prison. He finally recognized the cult nature of ‘Falun Gong’ and decided to give up practicing.

In order to help Wang Zhong remove the influence of ‘Falun Gong’ fundamentally, Suzhou District organized several volunteers to conduct psychological correction to Wang Zhong successively, and arranged for him to attend getting rich through the sciences and labor training organized by the town. At the same time, the town also helped Wang Zhong handle difficulties in life and in production to improve his economic situation and regain the confidence and courage for living a good and strong life.

Wang Zhong refused to believe, listen and practice Falun Gong after understanding the cult’s lies and voluntarily took the responsibility of being an anti-cult and law advocate. Now, Wang Zhong would not miss one event on promoting the law.

‘Although he is 50 years old, he looks very healthy after not practicing Falun Gong. His 20 hectares’ farmland has a good yield and sometimes he uses his tricycle to transport furniture and do odd jobs in the city during the slack season. He can earn around 40,000 or 50,000 RMB per year.’ His neighbors compliment him.

For now, Wang Zhong’s son and daughter are adults under his cultivation. His daughter is married and his son has foundsa decent job in the city after graduation. Wang Zhong is gratiful for all of this.

‘I bought an apartment for my son in the city and my wishes will come true once he gets married. I do not let my deceased wife down. I will never believe in any Kung Fu, let alone practice.’ Wang Zhong said firmly while looking at today’s life and remembering the past.

Editor:Xu Hu