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One Shoulder Pole Harmed the Rest of My Life

2016-02-06 Source:Kaiwind Author:Yan Yu (dictated) Yuan Ying(organized)

1. Took medicine to cure disease but met Falun Gong disciple

My name is Yan Yu, I am 67 years old and live in Yunyan District, Guiyang City. My children all work in other provinces so only my husband accompanies me at home. We are both empty-nesters. I have been suffering from stomachache, bronchitis,   cysts on both kidneys, erythema nodosum and so on for many years. These diseases made my life so miserable. Especially erythema nodosum which made my legs always inflamed and prevented me from being able to move when it was very serious. Doctors advised me to take long-term traditional Chinese medicine to effect a permanent cure so my home was always filled with the smell of medicine. In the Spring of 2007, I went to TCM market at Sanqiao to make up a prescription, and I met my old school friend Xiao Wang whom I had not seen for a long time. Xiao Wang was Wang Xiuhua’s nickname at school and she is 4 years younger than me. We went to primary school together and lived very close. Later, she went to middle school and then worked at a company. I dropped out of school after primary school.

After many years apart, I chatted with her, knowing that her company transferred to do contract and she run her own small grocery store. She stayed at home when she got older (at that time she was 55 years old). She told me immediately that practicing Falun Gong could cure all diseases after knowing my situation. I was shocked at first because I had heard of Falun Gong before. Was it the cult that government banned? I asked her how she dared to keep practicing? She whispered to me with a secretive smile, 'I have been practicing for many years and all diseases have been cured. Look at how young and healthy I am. I can teach you at home, no one will know'. I looked at her; she definitely seemed much younger than her actual age and in good health. She also said the most important thing was that you did not need to spend a penny to ensure all the safety and fitness. Why not try? I was touched by Wang Xiuhua's warmness and honesty and thought of trying at home. If there was any problem, I could just stop practicing. Therefore, I met Falun Gong at age of 59 in a curious coincidence.

A few months after, I snuck to Wang Xiuhua's home to learn how to practice Falun Gong from her. My place was very small and my husband was still alive, so I was afraid he would be against it, so I suggested practicing at Wang Xiuhua's home. She agreed without a doubt. The first time in her home, I made a big mistake. I saw there was a portrait hanging on the wall in her bedroom so I asked her whether the man in the portrait was her deceased husband (her husband died of a car accident 2 years before). She immediately spit after hearing what I said and told me that this was the dharmakaya of 'the Master'. She continued by saying that 'the Master had countless dharmakaya which could help disciples cleans bodies every day. The Master would be responsive as long as the disciples behaved themselves'. That was the first time I saw the portrait of Li Hongzhi. I could not image that he would be so harmful that I would hate him in my guts.

2. To learn to sit cross-legged, use shoulder pole to press legs

Under the instruction of Wang Xiuhua, I began practicing officially after that. Wang Xiuhua told me that there were five methods in practicing 'Dafa'. The first one was 'stand' which I learned very fast. The fifth one was 'sit' which meant sit cross-legged to do meditation. Since I was old and not very flexible, I tried many times but could not cross my legs. I felt painful and sweat a lot every time when I did it. I asked Wang Xiuhua whether I needed to put both leg crossed? She took a picture of 'the Master' sitting cross-legged with a cassock on him, saying, 'see how the Master is practicing? You need to overcome the difficulties. You feel painful because you have heavy karma and if the karma could not be eliminated from your body, you could never be cured. It is not easy to be a Dafa disciple and you can choose to give up if you can not do it'. I changed my attitude when I saw she was angry, saying that I was not afraid of the pain. As long as my disease was cured, I could overcome the difficulties. Wang Xiuhua then told me that she knew a Dafa disciple who was older than me when she began practicing Falun Gong. In order to sit cross-legged, she used a millstone to press her legs. Now the disciple had achieved a very high level.

What Wang Xiuhua said really enlightened me. When I came back from her home, I used a shoulder pole to lift my legs in order to sit cross-legged. My husband was shocked when seeing what I did and asked me what it was. I did not tell him that I was practicing Falun Gong, but said that it was a folk prescription to cure my leg disease. However, I did not know the intensity at the first time, and I broke the ligament on my right knee. I limped along the way to Wang Xiuhua's home asked her whether I should see the doctor. She asked me not to go. I asked why and she brought out a book Falun Buddhism, reading a sentence to me written by 'the Master,' 'practicing can cure disease so do not take medicine while meditating'. Wang Xiuhua then explained, 'if you want to see the doctor, it means that you are too attached, and do not level up your mind. The Master will give up on you if you keep doing this. The more painful you feel about your legs, the more karma you have and practicing Falun Gong is eliminating karma which will not only erase illness but let you achieve higher level if you continue practicing'. She also told me the super power of 'the Master', such as 'the Master' once beat on the back of a humpbacked man, and the man's back became straight immediately. I was impressed by 'the Master'. Although I did not know what karma was, I was sure that everything would be fine if I followed the Master's instruction.

I fought back the pain and did not see the doctor, and I insisted on pressing my legs with the shoulder pole under this condition. I was painful and I felt half dead. However, bearing in mind that 'the Master' could help me 'eliminate karma', I had to hang in there.  I kept practicing 14 hours a day for around 1 month, and I felt the pain in my leg was easing. I thought maybe because my 'karma' started to be eliminated by 'the Master', which made me really happy. Three months later, the pain in my leg totally disappeared, but I could not put my weight on my right leg and I walked with a limp. I thought my leg being numb might have been the result of  a long-time meditating with crossed legs so I did not care about it. During this phase, Wang Xiuhua asked me to learn the Fa, especially Zhuan Falun. My education level was very low so I only remembered 'truth, kindness and tolerance', and 'accumulating virtue to gain the benefit'. However, Wang Xiuhua told me 'the Master' asked disciples to 'save the public'. The more people we saved, the more merits and virtues we could gain, and it would also accelerate the speed of 'eliminating karma'. I asked Wang Xiuhua how to 'save the public' and she said we needed to circulate Falun Gong relevant material to the public.

3. Save the public, but suffered myself

By the first half year of 2009, I had been practicing Falun Gong for 2 years. During this period, I followed the instruction of Wang Xiuhua and spread Falun Gong flyers secretively at some parks and communities in Guiyang City, as well as provided other disciples with Falun Gong material. However, my right leg became limper and limper, and I always felt very painful after meditation. I asked Wang Xiuhua what was going wrong with my leg, she said, 'the Master said if we wanted to enhance practice, we needed to go out and tell the truth. Although you paid your efforts to Dafa, you are way behind enhancement. Every time when you promote Dafa, you are afraid, which means you still have heavy karma on your body. If you want to improve your practice, you need to eliminate your fear'. She was right about me being afraid every time when I spread Falun Gong material. So I had to go out regardless of the fear to 'tell the truth' so that I could achieve a higher level of practice.

During the national holidays of 2009, I followed another disciple, holding Falun Gong material that Wang Xiuhua gave me, and came to Qianling Montain Park in our city. Looking at people who were playing and walking at the part, I felt like a thief. I encouraged myself and passed the flyers to others, avoided eye contact and murmured 'Falun Dafa is good, truth, kindness and tolerance are good'. This was the 'nine true words' Wang Xiuhua taught me. She told me that 'the Master' would protect us if we read the nine words. However, I was still terrified. Although I had spread out Falun Gong materials before, it was only limited to putting flyers into the baskets of someone's electric bikes or sticking them on the wall in the passageway. This was the first time I spread the flyers under the eyes of the public. I thought that 'the Master' was testing me to 'give up my mind.' I could not be afraid because the 'dharmakaya of the Master' was protecting me. When I was wandering around, there were 4 or 5 middles school students walking to me. I brought the material from my bag and gave them to them in a rush. One of the tall boys asked, 'what is this? Is it for STD treatment?' They laughed at me. I said, 'look into the content carefully and it could bless you to go to college'. I left after saying that. However, not before I walked for 50 meters, the boys yelled at me, 'catch the bad guy, she is a Falun Gong disciple!' I looked over my shoulder, seeing that the boys chased me like hunters. I ran very fast towards a slope. I heard the steps were closer and closer, so I ran desperately. However, my knee was so crunchy that it broke all of a sudden. I was too painful to stand on my feet. After getting sober, I was dragged by those students toward the guard room of the park.

I do not need to describe the details for what happened afterwards. I made report in the police station and was sent to the hospital to treat my leg. Later, my husband came, as well as the kids. I told the police and my family about how I began practicing Falun Gong and how Wang Xiuhua arranged me to 'save the public'. After half a month staying at the hospital, the doctor said my right leg would be disabled forever. Using the shoulder pole to press my leg and taking long-time meditation made my leg bone deformed and tore the knee’s soft tissue. I can not recover, which means that I will limp for the rest of my life......

After being discharged from the hospital, the anti-cult volunteers of our community visited me in my home. Under their instruction, I realized the evil nature of Falun Gong and understood how Li Hongzhi achieved his anti-China purpose by deceiving disciples via mental control. Li Hongzhi and Wang Xiuhua, they fooled me and made me suffer a lot during my life in my 60s. Fortunately, the neighborhood committee applied minimum living allowance for me. After 2 years of treatment, my physical condition was a lot better than the time when I practiced Falun Gong. My limp leg was the proof of me being deceived to the wrong track. I sincerely call for the disciples who are still addicted into Falun Gong to awaken and realize the deception made by Li Hongzhi. Only if you go back to society and your family, should you enjoy a happy life.

Editor:Qian Feng, Xiao Han