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‘The Disciples’ Killed Two People by Performing Exorcisms to Cure Disease

2016-02-06 Source:Kaiwind Author:Shi Yan

On the 17th of September, 1996, a mother and daughter were both tragically killed in a single night in Shuangsheng Village, Tiecheng Town, Wuqiao County. According to investigation by the police, Li Changjiang, a follower of ‘The Disciples’, tried to exorcise to cure his mother’s disease, which caused the tragedy of two lives being killed.

Li Changjiang, born in March of 1964, is a villager of Lizhuang Village, Caowa Township, Wuqiao County. He was an honest and hard-working farmer with a kind-hearted and virtuous wife named Zhang Xiuju and lovely daughter and son. The only imperfection was that Zhang Xiuju had chronic bronchitis. The condition  improved in summer but became more severe after autumn and in the winter. She had to take medicine and injections when she was ill. Although treated by several doctors in different hospitals, the disease had not been cured completely.

One day in October, 1994, Li Changjiang’s cousin got married. During the banquet, relatives talked and laughed with each other. One friend said that he believed in God. He claimed that as long as he prayed to God every day, he did not need to take medicine or have injections to cure disease. He also claimed that his belief in God would eliminate disasters and bless the whole family. Thinking of his sick wife and his mother-in-law, Chen Lianzhi (born in 1930),  who had suffered from high blood pressure and heart disease for a year, Li Changjiang asked this friend for more details on the purpose of seeking blessing for the family and curing the sick ones. Later, after being introduced by this friend, Li Changjiang joined ‘The Disciples,’ began believing in their God and ‘received the gospel.’ A few days later, this friend bought him a white cloth with a red cross on it, saying that this was the ‘victory flag’ and ‘spirit tablet’ and asked Li Changjiang to hang the flag in the middle of the bedroom as well as pray to it in the morning and at night. Later, encouraged by Li Changjiang, his wife Zhang Xiuju agreed to join the cult. The couple ‘prayed to God’ every day and read The Shining Spiritual Guide, The Holy Spirit and Assignment and prayed for God to make their family’s disease go away. After a while, Li’s wife said she felt better than before, and the couple attributed this to the ‘Sanshu God’, and became faithful followers of the ‘God’. Apart from routine praying under the ‘Victory Flag’, Li became so devout that he began preaching for his God, saying the God could eliminate the disease and bless people. He became a leader of the local area of ‘Sanshu Christ’.

On the night of 10th Nov 1996, Li got a phone call saying that his mother in law Lianzhi Chen felt ill and had asked Li to drop by. When Li and his wife arrived, Li told his father and brother in law that, according to his experiences and knowledge from two years of prayers, Chen was posessed and could only be cured by exorcism. His wife also agreed and said this should have been done a long time ago and it might be too late now. Li’s father and brother in law, although suspicious, agreed as well. Then Li and his wife knelt down around his mother in law, put their palms together devoutly and murmured: “Almighty God, please take the evil away from my mother”…After two hours, Chen still felt dizzy and couldn’t breathe. Li said to his wife, “it’s because the sin is too heavy, and the devil is too strong. We have to exorcise it in hard way.” Then he asked all of them to step on to his mother in law and started treading on her body. Chen, who was already suffering from her diseases and weak condition, begged them to stop and said, “my guts are almost squeezed out my body, please stop please, I don’t want to cure my illness anymore.” However, Li who was actually processed by this ridiculous idea ignored her and said, “that’s because the devil is inside of you. The more painful the more success this will have. The devil is coming out.” Moreover, he put a heavy board onto his mother in law and said to everyone, “it is almost done, so let’s make it quicker to ease the pain of my mother.” After a while, Chen went quiet. Li saw that his mother was dead and declared to the others that “the devil was beaten and my mother has gone to heaven. We have succeeded.”

Tortured by bronchitis, Li’s wife felt exhausted after all the mad deeds. She lay on the bed and wanted to get some rest. But Li had already lost his mind and was obsessed with his exorcising theory. He shouted that the devil had gone into his wife’s body and executed her in the same way. His wife didn’t hold on for long, and died from suffocation.

The ‘Sanshu Christ’ Li believed in didn’t cure his mother or wife but took their lives instead. Along with the two lives taken in one single night, the happy family that used to be was shattered into pieces.

Editor:Bai Feng