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Ten cases of children who have been maimed by cults

2016-02-06 Source:Kaiwind Author:kaiwind

Children's Day is coming. In this special day, let us review the ten cases of children who have been maimed by Falun Gong, Eastern Lightning Cult, and Society of Disciples. Let these cruel and inhumane scenes always alert us not to forget the cults’ harm on children.

Case one: Liu Siying self-immolation

(photos of Liu Siying)

Liu Siying was born in March 1988 and was a fifth-grade pupil in Kaifeng City, Henan Province at the time of her tragedy. In 1999, she followed her mother Liu Chunling to practice "Falun Gong" at home. According to Li Hongzhi’s requirement to "lay down life and death" and "pursue perfection," on January 23, 2001, she went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to conduct collective self-immolation with five other Falun Gong members, led by her mother Hao Huijun. Other practitioners told her, "the fire won’t burn you, it will only touch you and go, and you will go to the heaven in a moment”, “It is a wonderful world, you would at least be a 'King', and there are many people to serve you." But when she lit the gasoline, everything changed. After the flames sprang up, terrible pain and great fear made the young Liu Siying cry aloud, "Mom, Uncle, help me." However, by then no one could rescue her. Her mother Liu Chunling was burned to death on the spot. The police put out the fire, and Liu Siying was sent to hospital. The diagnosis by the burn unit of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital: thermal burns 40 percent, with severe inhalation injury and 4th degree burns to her head and face. Despite the hospital’s emergency rescue, she died of her serious injuries. She was only 12 years old.

Case two: Guan Shuyun strangled her daughter to death

(photo of Dai Nan and Guan Shuyun)

Guan Shuyun, female, came from Yichun City, Heilongjiang. She began to practice Falun Gong in April 1997. In order to practice, she put everything else "down." She did not work, did not care about her home, and she often practiced at midnight. She also persuaded her husband to practice together, so the couple frequently quarreled. She constantly exchanged experiences with other practitioners and looked forward to the early “consummation". On April 22, 2002, Guan Shuyun gathered 40 Falun Gong practitioners at home, including four teenagers, to practice and eliminate the "slayers". In the morning of April 22, Guan Shuyun did not let her daughter Dai Nan to go to school, and told the people around that there was a “devil” in Dai Nan’s body. She claimed that it would cause endless troubles if it was not gotten rid of. She sternly asked Dai Nan, "Who are you in the end? Where do you come from? How many bad things have you done? How many people have you harmed?" The daughter was scared and said, "I am Dai Nan, I'm not the devil, I am a real person!" But she firmly believed that her daughter was held by a devil, so she pinched her daughter's throat. Her daughter constantly cried "Mom, Mom," and helplessly said, "I am a person. I am not a devil. I am really Dai Nan. You will commit a crime if you kill me." Guan Shuyun told others that the devil was talking, so she continued to pinch the daughter firmly. Some of the people knelt, some prayed with folded hands and asked to get rid of the demon as soon as possible. Some feared that the devil himself would come to them, so they hid in the corner while others looked on woodenly. The daughter repeatedly struggled, and finally could not resist Guan Shuyun, and was strangled to death.

Case three: Tong Yan hacked her 6-year-old daughter to death

(photo of Tong Yan)

Tong Yan was a female employee of Liaoning Liaohe Oilfield Water Company. She began to practice Falun Gong in October 1996 and became an addict. In the evening of 16 December 1999, in order to achieve completion and rise to heaven, she killed her 6-year-old daughter Xu Che in her bed. Tong Yan ran out of the building barefoot and bloodstained, and murmured, “heaven, heaven ......" Tong said afterwards: "when I was practicing “Falun Dafa”, I felt that my practice is far from perfect. For the salvation of Xu Che, I felt that the opportunity was coming, so I took a knife from the kitchen and came into the room, and hacked my daughter’s head, face and neck several times. Her blood spattered on my pants and then I went downstairs to do salvation for Xu Che." Tong also said, "There was a devil who said to me that if I killed my daughter, I would be able to be a Buddha." Before practicing Falun Gong, Tong Yan was an active worker, she cared for the elderly, and she was a good wife and mother. Practicing Falun Gong changed her into a "devil."

Case four: Chen Ying jumped from a train and died

Chen Ying was a female high school student of Shuren School of Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. She originally had a high academic performance and had been awarded "good student" many times. After she began practicing Falun Gong with her mother, Chen Xiuzhen, her spirit became slouchy. In July 1999, Chen Ying left home in the name of practicing. Her relatives and the school looked for her everywhere. In August, her family finally found her. But Chen Ying had developed mental disorders, and tried to commit suicide to go to “heaven” several times. On August 16, she took the train to Beijing from Jiamusi and jumped from the train. After seven hours of the rescue, she died at 9:35 pm due to her severe injuries, and she was only 17 years old.


(Photo of Chen Ying)

Case five: Li Yanzhong killed his daughter and nephew

Li Yanzhong, born in 1972, was a Tianjin Dagang oil field worker. He began practicing Falun Gong in 1996, and to the extent of obsession. At 4:00am on July 10, 2005, Li Yanzhong killed his 6-year-old daughter Li Yue and 6-year-old nephew Zhang Xin with a kitchen knife at home. Then he went to the local public security bureau (Gangxi police station) with the knife and surrendered himself. Li Yanzhong said: "I’ve practiced Falun Gong for nine years, and I just want to kill people for no reason." "My mind was filled with the idea of killing, and my thoughts were controlled by some bad “life.” It controlled my thoughts and asked me to do murder, suicide and other things."

Case six: Wang Qunying killed her daughter in pursuit of “completion”

Wang Qunying, born in 1976, lived in Huang Keng Town, Nanxiong City, Guangdong Province. She began practicing Falun Gong in 1998, and her sole pursuit in life was “completion”. In 2007, she was deranged, and her family found that she had thoughts of suicide, so she was sent to hospital for treatment. She did not cooperate with the treatment and her condition gradually worsened. At 2:55am on July 7, 2009, her husband Mr. Xie (partially paralyzed) was awakened by the unusual sound in the room of his wife and daughter. He shouted to his brother who slept in the next room. His brother then broke into the room, and found that Wang Qunying was cutting her own neck with a kitchen knife, and the 6-year-old niece had fallen down in a pool of blood. She had been hacked to death by Wang Qunying. Wang Qunying initially survived the ordeal and was temporarily out of danger. She said that after her "completion", her daughter would live a hard life in this world, so she resolved to bring her daughter to the immortal world. Wang had no remorse for the killing of her daughter, but she resented the people who muddled in her "good thing." In the afternoon of July 17, Wang’s condition deteriorated and she died.

Case seven: Mother (member of Eastern Lightning Cult) cut her daughter’s throat

Li Guirong, was born on April 10 1975. She was a farmer of Han nationality and only had a primary school education. From the summer of 2003, she joined the Eastern Lightning cult and soon became the most diligent believer. She was recognized by the cult and then was appointed as the "Gospel deacon" and later she was promoted again and appointed as a "leader" (advanced backbone). In November 2010, her daughter Geng Minjie was born, but at this time, she was obsessed with the "religion" and "evangelism" .The daughter did not bring joy for her, but added endless trouble for her. Breastfeeding and the child’s night crying disrupted her sleep and also affected her work for the Eastern Lightning Cult in the daytime. In this way, Li Guirong was downgraded from “leader” to “deacon”, which was a big blow for Li Guirong who was obsessed with the cult. After 2011 New Year's Day, Li Guirong found the reason for her demotion: her daughter was a devil, who was always bothering her, leaving her no time to "believe in the God” and “read.” She then had the idea to kill the daughter. At 7 am on January 10th 2011, in her mother’s bedroom, Li Guirong stabbed her sleeping daughter’s neck with a pair of scissors, causing her instant death. After killing her two-month-old daughter, Li Guirong hid the scissors under the pillow and slept. The body was not found until the family called her to have dinner.

Case eight: Wan Chengyan killed her 8-year-old son with an ax and nailed him to a "cross"

Wan Chengyan, female, Han nationality, junior middle school education, was born on Jan 15, 1965 in Zhaxia Town, Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province. She joined the Eastern Lightning Cult at the end of 1995, and from that time she was obsessed with the cult and left her children and the farm unattended. She often ran out of the home and often did not go back at night. Her eyes became dull and she often murmured something unclear. She gradually developed mental illness. At midnight of February 21 1996, Wan Chengyan sat in bed and read "the book of God." At 3 am of Feb 22, she suddenly remembered that the cross and diary book given by "the preacher" the other day had disappeared. She suspected that the cross and diary book must have been fetched back by “the God.” She murmured, “I'm guilty”! According to the "divine book", only by offering “precious blood” to the "Almighty God" could “the evil in the body” be cleared and “the people in the world [could] be saved”. She wanted to “expense all the treasures and take all her energy for the God”, and she wanted to be “obedient to the God till her death, and to be like a lamb led and killed by the God ....... ". Tossing and turning, finally she thought of her 8-year-old son. Taking advantage of the dead night, Wan Chengyan quietly found an ax from the outside hallway. After kissing her son's forehead, she picked up the ax to pound her son on the head. Her son’s head bled and she held the son to the ground. She found some bamboo and laundry board, and banded them to a “cross” with packaging tape. Then she dressed her son and laid him on the “cross”. She hit the son with the ax again and she saw that he moved. Wan Chengyan found long nails from a drawer and nailed her son’s two hands on that “cross”, and also nailed a long nail in her son’s head. The lovely 8-year-old son was killed by his biological mother ...... at 4:00 am, Wan Chengyan held her daughter and left the home with her “divine book”. She buried the “divine book” in the snow. At 9 am, she was arrested by the police.

Case nine: believer of Eastern Lightning Cult trampled a 14-year-old boy to death 

Zhao Xiuxia came from Henan Nanyang. Her son Liang Chao had leg disease caused by polio. In order to cure her son, Zhao Xiuxia believed in the “commitment” of “absolute curing” made by the believers of Eastern Lightning Cult, and she offered 10,000 Yuan to the cult. From August 16, 2011, Zhao Xiuxia handed her son to the hands of the believers of Eastern Lightning Cult for "treatment." The "treatment" meant one meal a day, chanting and prayer. They tucked Liang Chao’s legs with a few planks, and put one plank on the top; they fixed the planks with a rope and pressed them with brick, and then tightened the planks. Liang Chao kept howling on the bed, but they even trampled him. Due to hot weather and hunger, together with the torture of the followers of the Eastern Lightning Cult, Liang Chao physically collapsed and died on the third day.

Case ten: The Society of Disciples killed 12-year-old member

Yang Xiuying, female, born in 1967, lived in rural area of Chongqing. In October 1998, she and her husband were persuaded to join the Society of Disciples, and they spread the "gospel" everywhere. In February 1999, in order to let her son get a "reward", she and her husband coaxed their 11-year-old son to join the cult. They were obsessed with the cult, and carried out prayer, "evangelism", developing believers and other activities, ignoring the care and education of their son. The child began to skip classes, and even started to steal things. He gradually became a bad boy. At 7:00 am on June 20, 2000, the son stole money from a neighbor. She severely beat her son, and then the son drank DDVP. After seeing her son’s purple lips, though the situation was critical, Yang Xiuying did not send the son to the hospital, but she thought that the cult’s "prayer can cure." So she and her husband and a couple of the cult believers took her son to a small bed, and began to pray for him. Four hours passed and at 11:30 am or so, the son did not get any better, and the situation was getting worse. Then the son kept rolling in bed, and did not utter any words in addition to painful cries. At that point, the husband quickly got a tricycle and took the son to the town hospital. Unfortunately, the son died because the rescue time was delayed, and he was only 12 years old.