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10 Years of Trying to Conceive a Child All in Vain

2016-02-06 Source:Kaiwind Author:Shang Shan


It is already unimaginably painful for an infertile wife to see the happiness of family, so after being told by a “warm-hearted”person that practicing Falun Gong could make her fertile again, Youmei Xu, my neighbor, dedicated herself for 10 years to Falun Gong. In the end she found out it was nothing but a one big lie.

Xu lives in Woli Tun Street of Longfeng district Daqing. She was used to work in the laboratory of Petro China Daqing Petrochemical Company. As a former basketball player back in junior college, Xu has a healthy body and is 170cm tall. Unsurprisingly, she joined the basketball club in her company when she got hired after her graduation. Xu had a handsome husband and a happy marriage, but the flaw showed up when they found that Xu was not able to conceive a baby despite all the efforts they made. Disappointment came from her parents-in-law and her husband. The doctor said the problem was not about him.

In spring 1998, after 7 years of infertility, Xu secretly went to see a doctor. The doctor told her that it was the over exercise which caused a chronic inflammation and lead to her tubal adhesions blockage. He said that unfortunately there was nothing that could be done. This tragic result burdened her heavily. It made her a different person. Xu became more and more quiet, anxious and insomnious.

Struggling with this pain, Xu was told by Fengmei Peng, a colleague, that the actual reason of infertility was the “overloading karma”. Peng said by practicing Falun Gong, this karma could be eliminated and Xu could be fertile again. Peng also claimed that Falun Gong could cure diseases, make her “enter the higher level” and achieve “consummation”. Peng gave her a book called“Zhuan Falun.” At the beginning it was just a distraction for her tragic situation, but as time went by, Xu became more and more attracted by the novel “theory”. Along with Peng’s persuasion, Xu finally joined the group and started practicing Falun Gong. Accompanied by those people, Xu was delighted and stepped out of the misery of infertility. She decided to focus on practice and hopefully fix her problem.

After six years of practice had passed without her getting pregnant, Xu felt a little disappointment. Some of her “friends” terrified her that if she didn’t insist on practicing both her body and her spirits would be “perished”. Xu started feeling worried. At this time, one of her “friends”, Xugang Yang, made her feel comfortable by taking extra care of her and constantly accompanying her by her side. Yang took this advantage and introduced the “couple practicing” to her. He said Li Hongzhi once interpreted that all saints like Buddha are naked. By “couple practicing” you can make Yin and Yang achieve a balance because they are complemented. He lured Xu to think out of the orthodox and achieve a higher level with him. Yang said the “couple practicing” was intercourse and by doing this they would be connected and produce new life. He said that this new life would be an “origin infant” which would solve Xu’s problem. Gradually, Xu accepted this theory.

Unexpectedly, everything changed in autumn 2008. Xu and her friends were reported due to practicing Falun Gong. Now with help from volunteers, Xu finally recognized the evil of the cult. 17 years have passed and Xu has become an old lady, the love and warmth she used to have has become buried in her memory. Over 50 years old, Xu now lives a lonely life and that warm and happy family has long gone. Thinking of this, she murmured: I hate Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi…

Editor:Guan Xin