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She Practices to Eliminate Evils, but I Almost Lost My Son (Picture)

2016-04-08 Source:kaiwind Author:Zhou Qing

Sun Meihua, born in 1945, is from Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province.

Sun Meihua is a 60 year old, senior Falun Gong disciple who has been practicing Falun Gong for 17 consecutive years. She keeps practicing every single day and nothing can stop her perseverance. She gets full score for all the mandatory moves and is very creative when practicing the optional moves.

A quality asset like her who is a ‘three-good’ disciple of Master Li should have already graduated from the practice of ‘Truth, Kindness and Tolerance’as she got full score on the ‘Virtues’, and had amazing ‘Right Mindfulness’. She is outside the happy ‘Heaven’ and would set food in it only if the Master could push her for the last step. Sun thinks the same all the time.

However, Sun Meihua has become bothered by her own troubles recently. As she practiced ever more diligently, Sun found that her family gradually turned against her practicing Falun Gong. They gave her the cold shoulder more and more and even some relatives who had good relationships with her refused her visits, which made Sun Meihua feel very sad.

Who are the people around her? And how could they be so senseless and bold, ignoring a ‘Master’ who is about to achieve ‘consummation’ and become Buddha instead of admiring and worshiping her?

She follows the ‘Buddhist Master’, I have nothing to rely on when I am old, —— says her husband downheartedly.

Sun Meihua and her husband used to have a very good and deep relationship. Her husband loved her so much that he took care of all the household chores after Sun had their baby, because her health was very poor at that time.

In 1999, Sun Meihua joined the Falun Gong organization and her husband was supportive at the beginning. Falun Gong was developed and practiced among people in the name of ‘eliminating disease and improving health’, so her husband thought it was okay to follow the exercises. However, things began to happen beyond his expectation and gradually got out of control.

‘We have been a couple for so many years that lots of things do not matter actually. The things that bind us to live together are a mutual understanding of life and a feeling of interdependence’, says her husband. ‘The mutual understanding disappeared after she joined Falun Gong. She did not care about me anymore and reflect on my concerns. The family was torn apart and we became like two strangers.’

During her 17 years of practicing Falun Gong, Sun Meihua was absent from the lives of her family many times. She did not care about the pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy of her husband and did not pay attention to his basic needs. She became indifferent and was unmoved by her husband’s health condition. Her husband went to hospital and registered, payed, took medicine, and held the infusion bottle to go to the toilet all by himself when he was sick, only because she was not around and he did not want their son to know.

No deep relationship could bear the damage of indifference.

“Just let her go, I do not care anymore”, says her husband.

She practices for eliminating evils, I almost loss my son —— the son is furious when this is mentioned.

“Actually, I know that practicing Falun Gong is banned by the government. But my mom still wants to practice and I can not stop her because she is my mom,”says the son who is unable to control his anger. ”But she really should not involve my son in what she believes in. He is her grandson!”

It was until 2007 that Sun Meihua’s son was clearly against her practicing Falun Gong. In that year, her grandchild was born and everyone in her family including herself was extremely happy. She gave up practicing to take care of his grandson.

One day in August, Sun Meihua was taking care of the baby alone at home when the baby cried all of a sudden and she could do nothing to stop him. She was confused, thought repeatedly and decided that it might be a punishment by the Master for not practicing Falun Gong. Then, she left the baby alone and began practicing. After seeing what happened when they arrived home, other family members sent the baby, who was found in a fever, to the hospital immediately. Sun’s husband yelled at her for the first time of their marriage and her son blamed her as well. Sun did not argue with them but thought in her heart that luckily it was not too late for her to return to practicing Falun Gong to prevent bigger trouble.

A few days later, her husband went out and temporarily left the baby with her alone. The baby cried again and the noise prevented her from quiet practice. She cuddled the baby patiently but the crying was even louder. Sun Meihua was agitated even more and wondered why the baby acted like that while she was practicing. Could he be an evil sent to jeopardize her practicing? Sun covered his face and did not let him make any noise. As a result, the crying went lower and lower. She covered the baby even harder after seeing the effects. Her husband came back home at that moment and pushed her away as soon as he saw what was happening. The baby’s lips had already turned blue.

“We have seen people commit murder or suicide after practicing Falun Gong on the television before, but never thought it would happen to my mother. Now I finally get it,” says his son in regret.

She does not care about the family, I do all the housework —— the daughter-in-law feels great pressure every time she thinks about Sun Meihua.

‘If someone asked me about my feelings for my mother-in-law, I would reply in three words, I hate her’, says the daughter-in-law frankly.

No love in the world exists without reason and so it is with hatred. Your feelings for someone are usually based on his/her attitude towards you.

Among all the family members, the daughter-in-law is the only one who expresses her ‘hatred’ towards Sun Meihua out loud. Her mother-in-law never cared about her old, sick father-in-law, hardworking husband, and young, weak son. Although helped by her husband, all the housework, child’s education, festival and New Year preparation, and other relationship maintenance and affairs are on the shoulders of the daughter-in-law.

The daughter-in-law has never seen her mother-in-law in a normal state, possibly because she only joined the family in 2005. She has always seen her mother-in-law as a selfish person who seems to be otherworldly and always focuses on practicing Falun Gong.

She keeps destroying other people, the peace is broken in our families —— says her relatives with complaints and discontent.

In order to enlarge the organization, Falun Gong’s higher management always encourages disciples to consistently develop more followers. The development has a good name of ‘Du Ren’ which is a high-end description of helping people. For disciples who are addicted to Falun Gong, the number of people they help would also be seen as important assessment criteria for ‘entering higher levels’ and ‘achieving consummation’. So they spare no effort on encouraging others to join. Sun Meihua, who sees her herself as a member of Falun Gong’s higher management, would definitely be unwilling to lag behind in this respect.

However, in the beginning, Sun Meihua was repeatedly frustrated from carrying out her plan for ‘Du Ren’. Under the requirements of ‘going out’ and ‘telling the truth’, Sun went to the street and even went to other provinces to describe the fine features of Falun Gong to unsophisticated people who would be blind to the truth. However, these uneducated people could not recognize the ‘gold inlaid with jade’, and reported her to the police for disturbing residents every time.

Sun Meihua recalled the painful experience, adjusted strategic direction, and began to focus on her friends and relatives after repeated failure. Surprisingly she actually did develop several Falun Gong disciples successfully among those people.

Although Sun Meihua felt proud and elated in the organization, the families which were influenced by her got a lot of trouble. She was like a virus. Families infected by her would have no peace afterwards. After a long time, a common policy was agreed within the relatives. ‘Raise vigilance against fire, theft and Sun Meihua’ is what her friends and relatives always bear in mind.

Actually, as a veteran, Sun should not be bothered by all of this after over 10 years of practicing. She knows by herself whether it is cold or warm as well as what has been gained and lost.

She lost her kinship, reputation and family affection. Aren’t these the things you always hope to have?

‘Give up reputation, fortune and affection to practice and become the body of Buddha, Taoism and God’, says the Master.

Recent Picture of Sun Meihua