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Peng Yun, ‘Trees Can Produce Bread’ is Nonsense

2016-04-11 Source:Kaiwind Author:Peng Yun

I come from Lashi Villiage, Lashi Town, Xiangdong District, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. My children have their own families and work. Ten years ago, my husband and I opened a pig farm raising over 200 pigs, which could generate hundreds of thousands in profit every year. We were all in good health with sufficient energy, so we had a happy and rich life even though we were very busy taking care of the farm every day. However, poisoned by the cult ‘Almighty God’ for a period of time, the sunshine in our lives was covered by a dark cloud.

On a cold night at the beginning of 2012, I visited my neighbor after dinner. One of the neighbor’s relatives from another province paid us a visit, and we all called him Master Liu. He said to us that, ‘the Almighty God is the only God, you will be taken care of and blessed by God after believing in him’.

I joined the ‘Almighty God’ organization that night with half belif. I thought it was not a big deal for me to believe in God as it would not bring any harm and it did not matter whether the god could protect me or not. From that night, I began attending gatherings regularly. When we had the gathering, we closed the curtains and shut the doors and windows tight to read scriptures of the ‘Almighty God’ with other disciples. Later, because I always went to ‘believe in God’ at night, I did not have energy to work in the farm. So I considered quitting the activity of reading scriptures. However, Master Liu said that ‘you cannot quit after you join the Almighty God. If you quit, you would be punished strictly’. I actually did not know how God would punish me, but as soon as I thought of punishment, I was scared and trembled with fear.

Instructed by ‘Master Liu’, I brought the books home, hid them under the pillow and read it secretly when I had time. After joining the ‘Almighty God’ organization, I had no mind for the farm work, and did not clean the pig house carefully, which caused many of the pigs to die of disease. My husband was worried and quarreled with me, but I totally ignored him. I told Master Liu what was happening in my family and he laughed and said,

‘it does not matter that pigs are dead, you have already joined the Almighty God, which means that no matter if you work or not, you will have enough to eat and drink. Even the trees will produce bread as long as you are sincere to God. But if you have money, you need to donate to the Bank of Heaven which provides high interest to cover the cost for the rest of your life’.

After hearing what he said, I donated some money and did not want to work anymore, only waiting to get paid by the Bank of Heaven.

Because I was reluctant to work on the farm, do housework, and care for the family, there was a pretty serious family conflict. My husband asked my children, parents, classmates and friends to come and persuade me. He also asked my nephew and niece to help manage the pig farm. It seemed that my family was going through a dramatic change with everyone unhappy, confused and restless. No one could live a normal life anymore.

I could not bear the fighting anymore. Master Liu said to me at that time, ‘it is said in the church that doomsday is approaching. The earth will be destroyed on the 21st of December. Only by believing in the Almighty God could people be rescued’. He also asked me to leave home, follow him to go and develop disciples, and persuade people to believe in the ‘Almighty God’ to avoid disasters. I run away from home for a period of time, developed disciples at other places, ate instant noodles in the closet of other people’s homes and lived life like a refugee. The pig farm of our family almost shut down. I was always waiting for the tree to produce bread, but was offered nothing from God. I had got nothing worth more than a penny.

I was scared and panicked the night before the 21st of December 2012, but the doomsday did not come on the next morning and the earth was still safe and peaceful. I suddenly realized that it was a fraud and so was the Master. I came back home and resumed my old life with the re-opening of our pig farm. I understand that only science is the truth and only by hard work can we be paid back.

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