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Rick Alan Ross: Falun Gong is a Destructive Cult

2016-08-23 Source:Kaiwind Author:Kaiwind

American Cult expert Rick Alan Ross confirms again in his new book Cults Inside Out that Falun Gong is a destructive Cult.

In the Introduction, Rick Alan Ross writes, “that some people seem to think that defining Falun Gong as a destructive cult is somehow politically motivated. But the real issue is, does the group hurt people? After receiving complaints from affected families in the United States and interviewing former members of Falun Gong as well as corresponding with current practitioners through e-mail, I have concluded that Falun Gong does hurt people through its practices. And in my opinion Falun Gong fits the profile of a personality-driven and defined group dominated by a charismatic leader—which is the most salient single feature of destructive cults. This book contains two chapters about Falun Gong, which has affected millions of lives in China and has reportedly contributed to the deaths of more than a thousand people.”

He also writes that, “the most poignant and heartbreaking meeting I have ever attended with any former cult member was my visit with self-immolation survivors and former Falun Gong practitioners Hao Huijun and her daughter, Chen Guo. The two women, once followers of Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, participated in a staged protest at Tiananmen Square on the Chinese New Year’s Eve on January 23, 2001. At that time a small group consisting of seven Falun Gong practitioners set themselves on fire. A twelve-year-old girl and her mother died. Hao Huijun and her then twenty-year-old daughter, Chen Guo, survived but paid a horrible price for their involvement with Falun Gong. Both women were hospitalized and endured multiple surgeries. Today they live together in welfare housing and are severely scarred and disabled. Hao Huijun told me she regrets encouraging her daughter to embrace the teachings of Li Hongzhi. She lamented, “You can see the disastrous effect this caused my daughter. I really regret that now.”

In the Introduction, Rick Alan Ross says, “This book is dedicated to Hao Huijun and Chen Guo.”

According to Amazon, Cults Inside Out by Rick Alan Ross has 584 pages, published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on October 16, 2014, with the price of 22.49 dollars.