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Indian anti superstition Bill ban 23 practices including black Magic,human torture

2016-08-31 Source:deccanherald.com Author:deccanherald.com

The India Karnataka government is planning an anti-superstition bill to ban 23 practices including human torture in the name of rituals and display of ‘miracles’ to earn money,the Deccanherald reported.

Press reports said that the bill was first suggested in 2013,the proposed new law would ban superstition including prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifices and other Inhuman Evil and Aghori Practices and Black Magic Bill.

The copy of the Bill was circulated at the state Cabinet meeting,according to Law Minister T?B Jayachandra.

The 2013 Bill had met with resistance from various quarters because of banning numerology, astrology among others, and was referred to the scrutiny committee for modification.

It lists out practices which are proposed to be banned and those which will not apply under the provisions of the Bill.,according to sources. Besides social evils like human sacrifice and Aghori, the Bill proposes to ban ‘made snana’, the practice of people rolling over leftovers after Brahmins have partaken food in temples; and fire-walking, the act of walking barefoot on redhot embers.

Unhealthy rituals:

Human sacrifice; propagation of human sacrifice

Practices like ‘made snana’, fire-walking, ‘banamati’, ‘bettale seve’

Torture in the name of exorcism

Display of miracles to earn money or terrorise people

Inhuman, evil and Aghori practices which endanger life

Practice of black magic in search of precious things

Creating fear in others by claiming to have supernatural powers

Creating panic by threatening to invoke ghosts

It won’t apply to...:


Teaching of ancient and traditional learning

Performance of prayers

All religious celebrations

Piercing of ears, nose in accordance with religious rituals

Advice of ‘vastu shastra’, astrology and advice with regard to source of groundwater