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Master Sheng Hui, Vice Chairman of Buddhist Association of China, Accused Li Hongzhi of Disguising Himself as Buddha

2016-10-01 Source:en.people.cn

Recently, Master Sheng Hui, vice chairman of the Buddhist Association of China, vice president of China Anti-Cult Association and Buddhist abbot of Mount Yuelu Temple, said, “Li Hongzhi pretended to be a Buddhist, yet he has nothing to do with Buddhism. Even if he was a Buddhist, he would be sent to hell for telling his lies.”

Photo of Master Sheng Hui, vice chairman of the Buddhist Association of China, vice president of China Anti-Cult Association and Buddhist abbot of Mount Yuelu Temple (Source: fo.ifeng.com)

Li Hongzhi is not a Buddhist, but a swindler disguised as a Buddhist

Information shows that Li was born in 1952, and in 1970, he started to work for the Jilin Grain and Oil Company. In 1991, Li left work and began to make a living by cheating. Taking advantage of the popularity of Qi Gong, he founded Falun Gong in 1992. Later, he traveled around the country selling Falun Gong to make money. In 1996, the China Qigong Science Institute expelled Falun Gong after their annual inspection.

Master Sheng Hui said, “Li Hongzhi was discarded by society.”

According to Master Sheng Hui, Li made his teachings mysterious in order to cheat more people. He changed his birthday to the day of the birth of Sakyamuni and fabricated stories to make himself seem the equal of Buddha.

By then, Falun Gong had already been established for two years. At the age of 42, Li changed his birthday from July 7, 1952 to May 13, 1951. That day was April 8th in the lunar calendar, the birthday of Sakyamuni. Master Sheng Hui said, by doing so, Li Hongzhi tried to deify himself.

“Li was never converted to Buddhism. He is not a Buddhist. Therefore, he has nothing to do with Buddhism,” said Master Sheng Hui. Falun Gong sells religious belief as Qi Gong and disturbed both the religious circle and the Qi Gong circle.

Fake ID of Li Hongzhi (Source: filed picture)

Master Sheng Hui said, Li Hongzhi usurped the name of Buddhism and named the cult after Dharma-cakra, a sacred notion in Buddhism. One important reason is that Buddhism is not only one of the three major religions in the world, but also the largest religion in China.

“Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong have many false tales in swindling people and many victims have suffered because of them,” said Master Sheng Hui.

As a representative of the religious group, Master Sheng Hui talked about the harm done to religion by Falun Gong. He said, Li Hongzhi plagiarized many Buddhist terms and definitions, as well as other religions. He distorted the meaning of them to serve his own interest. “All the religions became disguises for his swindling and the stepping stones in his pursuit of profit.”

For example, Li changed his birthday to that of Shakyamuni and fabricated the story that he was a disciple of Master Quan Jue, a 10th generation Buddhist descendant … and became a disciple of a master of Taoism at the age of 12.

According to Master Sheng Hui, Li even said that the level of Buddha was not high enough and it was him who was the real Buddha, with stronger power than Shakyamuni. According to Li, all religions are false and God doesn’t recognize any religion. The religions today, whether  Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism or Judaism, cannot save people and are thus at a lower level. Most of the religions which emerged in the past few centuries are false. Now, common religions cannot save people, but rather make your body and cultivation a mess so that you cannot go home. You are destroying your road ahead…….

According to Master Sheng Hui, Li Hongzhi was crazy in criticizing religion in his remarks and books. Falun Gong not only harms religion, but also damages the reputation of religions.