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I Disillusioned Mrs. Lu of Falun Gong with Facts

2016-10-08 Source:Kaiwind Author:Wang Chengyi

 I am a community worker and Mrs. Lu, 58 years old, is my neighbor. She practiced Falun Gong with her husband since 1998. Mr. Guo, her husband, is an engineer. Initially, the couple practiced Falun Gong to strengthen their body and ward off disease. In 1999, when the government banned Falun Gong, I tried to persuade them to give it up, yet they still covertly practice it at home. This situation lasted for more than 10 years.

Since last year, the couple became quite feeble physically and mentally, and Mr. Guo even had to stay in bed. I took the opportunity to tell them the harm of practicing Falun Gong. At first, they refused to listen to me. Then I tried to convince them one by one. Gradually, Mrs. Lu began to accept my explanation. Yet her husband still insisted that he was expelling bad karma by practicing Falun Gong. Then I tried to ask Mrs. Guo to join me in convincing her husband. I told her the facts from three aspects to reveal the lies of Falun Gong.

I. Starting with her poorer health after practicing Falun Gong

I asked her if her health was becoming better or poorer after so many year of practicing Falun Gong. She kept silent and I prompted, “Why not take a body examination at the hospital?” She was reluctant and I prodded, “are you afraid?” She said, “Ok, I will do it.” Several days later, she came to me and asked, “What is the result of the body examination?” I showed her and she was worried about her high blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol. I immediately asked her to take medicine to control them and to do sports to expel the toxins. I took the chance and asked, “Your health is becoming poorer after so many years practicing Falun Gong. It proves that Falun Gong is not effective. Even gymnastics is better than it.”She said, “But I felt comfortable when practicing it.”I answered, “It might be paralyzing your nerves. We can only trust medical results.” She was silent for a moment and nodded, “Yes, what matters is the real effect.” From then on, she stopped practicing the movements of Falun Gong and turned to walking and eight trigrams boxing. She also went to the hospital to see the doctor and got some medicine. After that, her blood pressure came under control. Yet in our conversation, I found she still thought Falun Gong taught people to be good. I realized that unless I change her bad perception fundamentally, she would pick up the cult again one day. Then I started to give her in-depth analysis of the false reasoning of Falun Gong.

II. Proceed with the paradoxes in Falun Gong

I asked her, “If a person’s words contain a lot of contradictions, and his words do not match his deeds, do you think you can trust him?” She said angrily, “Of course not. Such a person has even failed to reach the standard of an average person. Even businessmen have to be credible.” I continued, “Then you believe Falun Gong is not being contradictory or lying?” She answered, “Of course not. I value Falun Gong for its truthfulness, benevolence and tolerance. Can you give an example of it being contradictory?” I said, “I can cite hundreds of examples.” She was shocked, for she knew I am an honest man. Then I said, “I will give you two examples. First, in March, 2002, when Li Hongzhi was preaching in North America, he said, it would only take 10 years for him to save the humankind. Now that 11 years have passed, has he fulfilled his promise?”She shook her head. I continued, “Is the development of Falun Gong becoming better or worse?” She replied, “Fewer of the dozen of my friends are practicing it. Even my husband and I stopped practicing the movements.”“It is becoming worse. Yet Li Hongzhi says it is becoming better. So you see, he is not telling the truth.” I continued, “In Dharmacakra, he said, if he was not telling the truth, then it meant he was promoting a cult. Now he is lying, and he fails to be a representative of truthfulness and benevolence. Therefore I can draw the conclusion that he is being contradictory and his words do not match his deeds.”She was speechless. I thought I should tell her more about the false reasoning of Falun Gong to help her free herself of it.

III. Revealing the loss of lives caused by Falun Gong

I recommended kaiwind.com to Mrs. Guo, for it has published lot of reports revealing the false reasoning of Falun Gong. I read the news together with her and we talked about some of the content. After seeing through Li Hongzhi and the self-immolation he instigated, she said to me, “Thank you for reminding me. Otherwise I would continue to be obsessed with Falun Gong and suffer from physical and mental problems. It would be too horrible if I commit crime. I must tell my husband right now.”

In this way, Mrs. Lu was persuaded by facts and her family was freed from the cult of Falun Gong.