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NZIS warns citizens to be alert for India witchdoctors

2016-10-15 Source:Kaiwind Author:qingfeng

(kaiwind.com)According to New Zealand journalism website stuffstuff.co.nz,New Zealand Immigration Service is reminding citizens to be alert for India witchdoctors,which illegally amassed wealth through black magic.

A witchdoctor arrived from India and advertised black magic and "good luck" services at a Hutt Valley hostel this month.

The self-proclaimed astrologer and relationship guru's emergence concerns an India community leader Pratima Nand greatly,Nand who helped expose witchdoctors last year, said "We have got one who has snuck in the country, in Wellington."

Lower Hutt, where the multi-purpose faith healing operator set up shop in this month. 

Nand was told the witchdoctor arrived three weeks ago. A staff member at the hostel corroborated this, but said the man left a few days ago.

 Pratima Nand 

In a community newspaper advertisement published on August 3, the witchdoctor described himself as an expert in "palm, face, horoscope reading, numerology, health, marriage, love, job, and husband and wife relationships".

Nand said the ad was very similar to those witchdoctors placed in community newspapers last year. She said migrants were at risk of getting ripped off by the pseudo-science practitioners.

The Hutt Witch doctor claimed to provide the professional services including “family matters, business, finance, education, children, mistakes and any personal problems” - and “bad luck and black magic removal.”

These witchdoctors did not pay tax or offer receipts, and worked contrary to visa conditions.

Nand had thought faith healers should learn from the mistakes of the past. but said some were trying their luck again.

New Zealand Immigration Servic is urging members of the public to be cautious.

"We would strongly encourage people not to be taken in by anyone offering these types of services. They cannot help you. All they are interested in is their own financial gain," INZ area manager Darren Calder said.

"As a matter of background all work or visitor visa applicants have to satisfy immigration requirements, including being of good character," he said.

"Anyone receiving payment for this type of activity would be in breach of their visa conditions, whether they are in New Zealand on a visitor or temporary work visa."

The soothsayer advertised "private and confidential meetings" for his services.

A Ministry of Health spokeswoman said the ad probably did not make specific enough health claims to render the advertiser liable for prosecution under the Medicines Act.

Nand was approaching the Advertising Standards Authority about the ad. The Authority upheld a similar complaint in December.

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