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German sex offender cult leader lying dead in Uruguay

2016-10-17 Source:Kaiwind Author:qingfeng

(kaiwind.com)The notorious leader of a German sex cult "The Oasis of Light" was found lying dead on the coast of Uruguay, Sputniknews.com reported. His murder has again shed light on the activities of religious sects convicted of sexual assaults and violence.

 Local police started an investigation and didn't preclude the possibility of an act of revenge on the part of one of his followers. The body of Wollensak was found with his hands in handcuffs, legs tied, his mouth taped and a bag over his head.

"At the top of the hierarchical structure of a sect stands one person — economic or sexual flayer, usually, the sect's founder. He makes all decisions," álvaro Farías Díaz, the director of Uruguay's Research and Consulting Service on Sects said in an interview with Sputnik.

 The expert say sects use psychological manipulation and brainwashing to attract and recruit followers. 86% of people who have undergone those pseudo-therapies feel broken, while 50% suffer from depression. Many of the sects are also associated with sexual violence.

 Lea Saskia Laasner(the girl on the left )、Arno(man in the middle) 

One of the victims was Lea Saskia Laasner who was sexually abused by the man since she turned 13. The girl was turned into a "sectarian sex slave" and was a constant subject to rape until she managed to escape.

 Lea Saskia Laasner 

According to reports, Mr. and Mrs. Arno fled to Uruguay in 2007, they used forged Surinamese documents. Mrs. Arno has been reported missing since the body of her husband was found by the police.


Wollensak, a native of Oerlinghausen in Lipperland, Germany, founded the sect “Lichtoase” (Oasis of Light) in the early 1990s and led it together with his wife. The group, made up of about 40 members, moved to Belize in Central America in 1992. While there, Wollensak is alleged to have sexually abused Swiss national Lea Saskia Laasner, whose parents were members of the sect, beginning when she was 13 years of age. Laasner’s parents were bewildered by Arno's doomsday theory, and eventually sold their property, along with Arno go to Belize. Laasner and other six children were locked in a small room of the cult. Before long, Arno came to "visit" them, under the pretext of health care, and rape them. Laasner said that the church's parents have been completely indoctrinated by the leader, the girls in the cult became the "sex slaves" of the church.

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