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Chinese medicine through the eyes of foreign experts

2016-10-18 Source:kaiwind

  International conference on organ transplantation held in China 

18 – 22 August in Hong Kong hosted the 26th international conference on organ transplantation. Such forum held in China for the first time. The conference was jubilee – celebrated 50 years since the founding of the International Association for organ transplantation (The Transplantation Society), the number of participants of the world famous clinics and institutes exceeded 1,800.

Impressive changes 

For guests was organized the presentation on the state of transplantation in China. In 2010, the country had launched a pilot project for voluntary posthumous organ donation. 2015 completely abolished the previously used using bodies of criminals sentenced to death. News was the participation in the conference of donors, who nobly donating their organs for transplantation in the event of termination of activity of the brain. Now voluntarily bequeathed bodies become the only source of transplants.

The Chairman of the Committee of China health and family planning Li bin pointed out that the government steadily promotes the posthumous donation of organs. Today, the use of organs responsible ethical principles, strictly control the transplantation of organs from living people is restricted to “transplant tourism”, banned the commercial trade of organs, guarantees the rights of donors and recipients of organs.

 Project Manager of the who organ transplantation, Professor Jose nu?ez (Jose Nunez) noted that in China there have been significant changes, especially that last year imposed a ban on the use of organs sentenced to death, built a huge system of voluntary blood donation.

– Last year I come to China, and visited many medical centers. I found that a large number of patients lecture donated by donor agencies. This is a huge change, now in China people believe this system. So my impressions – now China is moving forward very quickly on the way based on rules and moral principles.

Director, transplant center University of Chicago Michael Millis (Michael Millis) also believes that China is at a new starting point, and can turn into a world leader in transplantation.

– China has the opportunity to lead the world. First of all, China could rely on existing international experience. Second, it has an enormous population, and for this reason is able to perform tasks that are unable to perform other countries. So I hope to continue to develop scientific cooperation with China. I want to use methods that we all learned in China to help patients around the world.

At the conference, paid attention and actively replicated to address China’s allegations of “black transplantation”. Former canadian state Secretary for Asia-Pacific region David Kilgour (David Kilgour) and canadian human rights activist David Matas (David Matas) in their report state that the annual number of transplant operations in China reaches 60-100 thousand, and most of the organs taken from criminals. Experts have noticed that all these messages come not from experts, but from a prohibited in China religious group “Falun Gong”, and replicated hostile to China forces and the media.

Harvard Professor, former Chairman of the International Association for transplantation Francis Delmonico (Francis Deimonico), said that he participated in the hearings of the U.S. Congress on the issue of organ transplantation in China. He believes that such accusations are used extensively in political discussions, “but we care about patients, not politics”.

Director, transplant center University of Chicago Michael Millis expressed the hope that the media will be able to pay attention to the results of today’s China, and it will benefit organ transplantation for needy patients and for all humankind. Michael Millis noted that such accusations are incorrect, the Chinese government has repeatedly clarified and made denials, and he has no reason not to trust the Chinese side.

Professor of the Tongji hospital of Central China University of science and technology, Chen Zhonghua:

– Kilgour and Matas politician and lawyer, not scientists, in their so-called report did not scientific information. They again criticize and vilify the Chinese government allegations launched Falun Gong, these rumours should just ignore.

Help. In 2016, the number of donors China ranked first in Asia and third in the world in number of transplants per year is second only to the United States. In 2015, the country has done 2766 donations of organs, and 7785 donations large bodies, which exceeded the figures for the previous two years combined. In the first half of 2016 was 5029 facts of organ donation, compared with the same period last year the figure rose to 45%.