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Liu Huaili Refused Medical Treatment in Favour of “Eliminating Karma”

2016-11-01 Source:Kaiwind Author:Zhuang Dongsheng

Liu Huaili, of Han nationality, was born in 1964 and had only received primary school education. She was a farmer in Xianggou Village, Junan County. She died young due to obsession with Falun Gong.

Liu Huaili suffered from chronic bronchitis before she was married. She sought medical treatment in many hospitals and took many medicines, yet nothing could cure her. In April, 1998, Zhang Xiang, a villager from a neighboring village, said to her, “I know a religion named ‘Falun Gong’. As long as you practice it, you will be cured of your coughing and any other diseases without taking medicine or receiving injections. Many fellow villagers of mine are practicing it.” On hearing that, Zhang was very delighted that she could be cured without paying a penny.

From that time, she would visit Zhang Xia when she was free and practice Falun Gong with other followers. Several days later, she learned all the movements. After one and a half months, she felt better mentally and it seemed to her that her pain had eased to some extent. Zhang Xia gave her a book titled Dharmacakra, and told her, “it is not enough to just practice the Gong, you have to read the book to eliminate your diseases.” Liu trusted her and bought the book.

After a while, Liu became a pious practitioner and obsessed with the heretical ideas of Li Hongzhi, especially his claims that “diseases are Karma accumulated from generation after generation. If the Karma is not eliminated, then you cannot remove the rooting cause of diseases and medicine won’t work. To eliminate Karma, you have to follow Li Hongzhi in practicing Falun Gong.” These words made her even more resolute with the cult. She changed from a hard-working farmer to an idle, obsessed cult practitioner, leaving all of her farmland uncultivated. She even threw away all her medicines. If her family got angry, she would rebuke them, “Why bother taking medicine? By suffering from diseases, you are eliminating Karma and purifying your body. Falun Gong can ward off diseases and bring blessings, and you will regret it one day if you don’t practice it now.”

In 1999, when Falun Gong was labeled as a cult by the government and banned, many villagers knew the truth and abandoned Falun Gong. Yet Liu refused to come to her senses, continuing to burn incense in front of her portrait of Li Hongzhi and sit in meditation, practicing Falun Gong. The family repeatedly tried to dissuade her from practicing it, yet she just dismissed them by saying, “Don’t interrupt my self-cultivation.” The family could do nothing but let her continue.

Due to a lack of exercise and an irregular diet due to reading the books of Li Hongzhi most of the time, she began to experience some health problems, including chest pain, distress and coughing. Her husband was angry and asked her to go to see the doctor, but she refused by saying that it was a test of her by her master and caused by not practicing Falun Gong enough.

In the next few years, she spent all her time and energy practicing Falun Gong and “revealing the truth” by putting up posters to spread the heretical ideas of the cult. She seized every chance to improve her level of self-cultivation, however, her heath condition went from bad to worse and the symptoms of chest pain, distress and coughing didn’t ease at all.

One day in October, 2003, her mother-in-law saw that Liu looked pale and skinny, and coughed a lot, so she bought her some medicine and asked her to see the doctor. Liu refused her mother-in-law by saying, “You average people know nothing of the secrets of Falun Gong. I have no disease at all. My suffering is to eliminate Karma. My power is stored in every cell inside my body and they can kill all the bacteria, and my master is helping me ward off diseases. How could I be inflicted with any disease?” She pushed her mother-in-law outside her house as a “devil” hindering her from practicing Falun Gong. Seeing that, her mother-in-law had nothing more to do with her.

In February, 2004, Liu’s condition deteriorated, with an irritable dry cough, blood-stained sputum and edema of the face and neck. In the end, she couldn’t take care of herself. The family repeatedly asked her to see the doctor, but she insisted that her master was testing her and threatened suicide if they forced her to go to hospital.

At last, her family members forcibly took her to hospital. Due to her delay in receiving medical assistance, she missed the best timing for treatment. She was then diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, with liquid in the chest and cancer cells transferred to her liver and kidneys. The doctors tried their best, but failed to save her life. She died young, at the age of 40, on March 21, 2004.