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Wife of Sen Yang, Falun Gong Backbone in the US, Died from Cancer

2017-01-05 Author:Li Jie




Facts.org.cn Jan. 5, 2017, Reporter: Li JieIt is said that the wife of Sen Yang, a backbone of Falun Gong in the US, died from ovarian and lung cancer in 2015.  

Sen Yang, Han nationality, was born in Beijing in May, 1961. He graduated from the Department of Radio Engineering of Tsinghua University. He obtained the master degree in physics from Stevens Institute of Technology and doctoral degree in physics from Georgia Institute of Technology. Now he worked for Motorola. Sen Yang is a backbone of Falun Gong in the US and now he serves as the Chairman of US China Falun Gong Society, dubbed as a “scientist” on Falun Gong website.  

Ji Mei, also known as Yang Xiaomei, was born in Beijing in 1962. She immigrated to Illinois, US in 1992. She served successively as Director of Chicago branch of New Tang Dynasty Television and reporter of New Tang Dynasty Television (North America), a TV station affiliated to Falun Gong.    

As was said by Li Hongzhi, head of Falun Gong, he could “clean the body” of his followers so that they would not suffer from any disease. Yet according to insider news, in February, 2015, Sen Yang suffered from gallbladder polyp and underwent a gallbladder removal surgery.  

On Feb.25, 2006, Li Hongzhi bragged at the assembly in Los Angeles, “I have eliminated the names of all my followers on the list of the Hell, whereas common people are all on the list.”   

Unfortunately, Ji Mei, wife of Sen Yang and backbone of New Tang Dynasty Television, didn’t receive such favorable treatment. She died from ovarian and lung cancer in 2015.  

After her death, Sen Yang and Falun Gong played it down, blocked any news about it and didn’t hold the funeral for her.