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Warning: Church of Almighty God Changed into Church of Loving God in South Korea

2017-01-16 Source:Kaiwind


 The Church of Loving God

According to the report on South Korean website “Religion and Truth” on July 19, the Chinese cult Church of Almighty God has changed its name to Church of Loving God in South Korea. It purchased a property in Gangwon-do as the place for the gating of its followers. The website issued a warning to the public: watch out for the cult activities of the Church of Loving God.  

It is reported that the Chinese cult Church of Almighty God or Eastern Lightening changed its name to Church of Loving God and the public need to watch out for it.   

According to the cult, the spirit of God is in the body of a woman named Yang Xiangbin and she is dubbed as the Female Jesus. Hundreds of followers entered Jeju South Korea, which does not require a visa, and remain in the country through fake marriages. Moreover, some of them have bought property in the country to gain the right to permanent residence in the name of investment. The vast majority of Korean followers belong to the category of illegal immigrants.  

One month ago, the cult bought the Utopia Youth Hotel in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do to carry out preaching activities.  

The website appealed to the public to unite against the harm of the cult.  

The cult has caused family breakdowns, murder, self-immolation and sexual seduction in China, which have triggered severe social dissatisfaction. Most of the followers of the Korean nationality arrived in South Korea after getting divorced. The cult promoted 2012 as the end of the world but, even though that year has passed, they still continue to advocate their doomsday theory..  


 Utopia Youth Hotel in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do