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I Encountered Sexual Seduction by A Follower of Almighty God

2017-02-12 Source:Kaiwind Author:Liu Wencun

My name is Liu Wencun. In April, 2011, my cousin introduced a girl to me named Lin Feng. She looked pretty and spoke slowly, so I found her very attractive. Seduced by her, I fell into the trap of the Church of Almighty God.

That year, I was 27 years old, a man of marriage age in my small village in Guanyun County, Jiangsu Province. My mother was worried and wanted to find a wife for me. Yet I couldn’t find my Mrs. Right. In 2011, my cousin visited my home and told me that she wanted to introduce a girl to me. Her parents had died and she worked in Lianyungang City. At that time, I was working in town and my cousin asked me to meet the girl. I fell in love with Lin Feng at first sight, yet I was worried that she might not like me. To my surprise, Lin was enthusiastic and she even told my mother that she wanted to stay at my home for a while. My family were overjoyed. During that time, she helped with the housework and my mother liked her a lot. My mother intended the two of us get married soon. Lin didn’t refuse. I thought that as she had lost her parents, I could take care of her after we got married. It all seemed natural for me and I didn’t doubt anything about it.

I didn’t rush to get married, intending that she would get to know more about me. I brought her to Lianyungang and we rented a house. The first few days were romantic. I went outside working and she waited for me in the house. In the evening, when I returned home, she said to me that the most important thing for us was to evangelize. She said we should be grateful to God for arranging our meeting. I thought what she said was reasonable and agreed to evangelize with her after work. At first, I knew nothing about the differences between the Church of Almighty God and Christianity. Yet she told me Christianity was outdated and now people believed in Almighty God. She even told me that doomsday was coming and we should do good deeds like making donations. Lin asked me to give in advance the money prepared for the wedding so that she could contribute some to Almighty God. To keep her with me, I asked my parents for RMB 20,000 and gave it to her.

After she got the money, Lin no longer mentioned anything about the wedding. I was worried and asked her to marry me. She agreed and told me that she had to go back to her hometown to get the Hukou so that we could obtain the marriage certificate.

On June 21, 2011, I bought her the ticket to Xu Zhou and I planned to pick her up and send her to the train station. Yet when I arrived at the rented house, I found that she and her luggage had all gone. I was panicked and rushed to the train station, yet she was not there. I realized that she might have been a swindler. How could my cousin introduce a swindler to me? I went to find my cousin and asked where Lin Feng was. She told her she met her at a gathering of the Church of Almighty God. She then introduced me to her and that was the only information she had of Lin. I realized I had been deceived by her.

She fabricated the story of her life and made use of my cousin to cheat me and my family.

When I knew the truth, I called the police. Yet I was told it was hard to find her, as I had no information. In this way, I was swindled out of RMB 20,000 by a cult follower. From then on, I didn’t dare to date any girl, until this year, when I met my girlfriend surnamed Sun. With her help, I got rid of the shadow of Lin. However, when I think of the cult, I feel scared and I hope that Internet users will be cautious and guard against the sexual seduction techniques of cults.