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Eliminating Karma at the Expense of Husband’s Life

2017-03-03 Source:Kaiwind

Sun Xuede was born in Jining, Shandong Province in 1936. He went to work in Beijing in 1961 and worked in the factory of Tsinghua University as a Level VII bench worker. With his enthusiasm for work, he was re-employed after retirement by the employer and taught bench work technology to the students.  

Cui Ying, wife of Sun Xuede, was a Falun Gong practitioner. She had little schooling and was short-tempered and stubborn. As Sun was 10 years older than her, he always compromised to please his wife. Cui Ying began to practice Falun Gong in September 1997. At first, her husband didn’t stop her because she had found something to doand she was also subject to the discipline of “truthfulness, kindness and tolerance”, so she no longer lost her temper easily, nor yelled at the children. As a result, Sun Xuede was persuaded by his wife to begin practicing Falun Gong himself in 1998.   

However, in May 1998, when a program on the Beijing TV Station broadcast a negative report of Falun Gong, Cui Ying and other Falun Gong practitioners protested to the TV station for several days. Her son tried to dissuade her, “You had little schooling. Be careful and don’t be made use of by bad guys.” She just ignored him. She also participated actively in the protest in front of Zhongnanhai on April 25, 1999. She criticised her husband for not joining in these protests, “You missed the opportunities given by the Master one after another. What is the purpose of cultivation? Isn’t it for the realization of completeness?” Yet her husband just replied, “Just ignore it if others speak ill of Falun Gong and concentrate on self-cultivation.” Though their opinions varied on specific issues, they agreed on the principle that “different followers could have their own interpretation of the teachings.”           

According to law, the government banned Falun Gong, and the old couple could not figure it out, saying that "practice can cure illnesses and teach people to do good." The son said, "Since the government does not let us practice, it must have its own reasons. Just look at the cases where people refuse medical treatment and died due to practicing Falun Gong as reported on the television. We should learn from them.” Yet the old couple insisted, “Those are fabricated. Falun Gong brings benefit to followers and no harm.”  

After Sun Xuede quit his job, the elderly couple spent more time practicing Falun Gong. According to Li Hongzhi, “One has to abandon any worldly emotions to seek completeness and fly to the heaven.” Although they loved their grandchildren, they found it took them too much time to look after them. Their son said, “Why won’t you stop practicing Falun Gong, for me and for your granddaughter?” Sun would answer, “You are ignorant. Life is too short. When you realize completeness, you can enjoy happiness eternally.” As required by Falun Gong, the couple set alarms at 6:00 and 12:00 in the morning and in the evening, when they had to get up and pray with all followers around the world: with the prayer “eliminate all the evils and get punished quickly for the evil just done.” When the children cried, they thought that they were annoying and just ignored them until they finished praying. Their son tolerated these trifles, yet what he couldn’t tolerate was that his parents refused medical examination or treatment. According to them, Falun Gong practitioners were free of illness.     

In 2005, his son found that Sun Xuede’s physical condition had declined. He always felt sleepy and forgetful. The son tried to persuade his father to see the doctor, yet Sun Xuede refused, “I was just eliminating karma. I will recover a couple of days later.” His mother added, “It doesn’t matter. We are protected by the Master.” The elderly couple spent more time praying and even hung an amulet saying “Falun Gong is good” around their necks so that the Master could “rectify wrong practice.” Yet things did go as they expected. One year later, Sun Xuede’s health went from bad to worse. His feet were swollen and he suffered from urinary incontinence. In May 2006, he was forced to go to the hospital by his son. Seeing the examination results of Sun Xuede, the doctor scolded his son, “Why come to the hospital so late?” Sun was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. It was like a bolt from the blue. His son went back home, cut all the books of Falun Gong into pieces and smashed the amulet. Cui Ying cried with regret, yet it was too late and Sun Xuede died 3 months later at the age of 70.  

Learning from the lessons of his father, the son forced his mother to undergo physical examinations and Cui Ying was diagnosed with high blood pressure. She needed to monitor her blood pressure and take medicine. Confronted by the facts, Cui Ying no longer advertises “Falun Gong practitioners are free of diseases” and she followed the advice of the doctor to take medicine as treatment. It is hateful that Falun Gong took the life of her husband.