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I Donated My Son’s Earnings to the Church of Almighty God

2017-03-07 Source:Kaiwind Author:Ning Fanghong


My name is Wang Qiuxiang and I am 51 years old. I graduated from junior high school. Now I am a housewife living in Nanliangfu Village, Huafeng Town of Tai'an City.

In the 1990s, my village migrated due to the discovery of coal. Every household was compensated a lot and we built new houses, with extra savings in the bank. My husband worked at a nearby coal mine. I was a hard-working woman and was thrifty in managing family affairs, thus we, as a family of four, lived happily. I could laugh in my dreams and we hoped the children would grow up soon so we could have grandchildren.

A storm may arise from a clear sky. In 2005, as the children were growing up, my husband was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer. I went everywhere to seek medical advice. After two surgeries and many sessions of chemotherapy, he didn’t recover. The tumor cells spread to his lungs and he died half a year later, in his prime years. Over the two years in hospital, we spent all our savings and borrowed tens of thousands of Yuan from relatives. To pay for the debt, my two sons dropped out of school and I worked even harder. I was in so much grief that I lost the willingness to live on.

When I was exhausted by life, I encountered the Almighty God in early 2006. A tenant surnamed Liu inquired of my health and said, “Your family has suffered a lot these years. The reason is that you are not protected by God. Now God has undergone the second incarnation and came to the earth under the name of the Almighty God. If you follow God, he will protect your family and if you join the Church of Almighty God, you will be able to live a happy life. Nowadays, you no longer need to offer tributes; instead, just listen to God’s words. God will protect you from misfortunes such as coalmines or traffic accidents, or severe diseases. If God wants to save someone, he or she will not die.” I grew up believing that there are "Gods", and I had the habit of worshiping God. She was also very warm and considerate to me. I thought it was good that you would be protected without paying for that. I was excited, and suddenly felt full of hope in my life. I immediately expressed my willingness to join the "Church of Almighty God."

I began to read the books she gave me on the Church of Almighty God, such as Eastern Lightening, Follow the Lamb to Sing New Songs and Almighty God So Kind. I was gradually attracted by the books and spent all my spare time reading them. I was deeply convinced by the content that belief in the Church of Almighty God could protect the followers. I yearned for the bright future depicted by the Church of Almighty God. Secretly, I prayed that Almighty God could help my family pay back the debts and bless my sons to have wives and children. I thought that if my husband hadn’t died, the Church of Almighty God could have cured his cancer. As I thought that the Church of Almighty God can endow blessings and protect the followers from misfortunes, I began to attend gatherings and went on evangelizing missions. In this way, the Church of Almighty God became my whole life.

One day when we went on evangelization, the leader explained to us, “It is kind behavior to make donations. Everyone can donate and no one will regret their donations.” From then on, the leader called on the followers to make donations to God to show sincerity. She said, “Only when we make donations can God feel our sincerity. In this way, we will be protected.” In order to receive the blessings from Almighty God, I began to act without hesitation. Initially, I donated less than RMB 100. Later, seeing that others donated more than RMB 100, I was afraid that I might be left behind or regarded as insincere. Then I began to donate several hundreds of Yuan. I realized that the more I donated, the higher level I could attain and when doomsday arrived (According to the Church of Almighty God, doomsday would be on Dec. 23, 2012, and God would save the followers), my family can go to heaven. I made such donations over 30 times. Soon, the savings of RMB 10,000 from my sons were drained up by me. I was pleased with myself that I would be blessed more by Almighty God as I contributed so much.

Several months later, my elder son asked me for the money he gave me, as he was about to get engaged. I was stunned as the money had all been donated to the Church of Almighty God. I knew that I could no longer conceal the fact so I confessed to my children. They flew into a rage, scolding me for being foolish and being cheated by the Church of Almighty God. I refuted, “Doomsday is coming on Dec.23, 2012. What is the money for? You will know by then.” They found my answer both funny and annoying. In the end, my younger son gave the money to his brother. My elder son was angry with me for the next few years.

The "doomsday", December 23, 2012, arrived in a flash. On that day, seeing my poor expression, my children no longer scolded me, but advised me to eat well and have a good rest. I sat alone in the house, watching the sun rise and fall. Then the night came, and the world was not as dark as they claimed it would be. There was no chaos, but peace as usual. I felt more and more angry. My children were right. I was fooled by the Church of Almighty God.

(Editor-in-charge: Bai Cai)