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I Witnessed the Hidden Side of the Church of Almighty God

2017-04-21 Source:Kaiwind Author:LIANG Daliang


I am Liang Daliang (male) and live in Guangnan County of Yunan Province. I am now 32 years old. I entered the cult “Church of Almighty God” in 2012 and worked as the head of Zhuhai 22nd church. My personal experience is as follows:

Case 1: The Church of Almighty God lost humanity and poisoned children’s minds.

One day in December 2012, Lin Yi, the head of Zhuhai Baijiao church, invited me to the gathering organized by her church. In the afternoon, I took the bus to the Baijiao bus station and went to a secret gathering with Lin. The gathering was held on the 3rd floor of a remote building. I saw several elderly women walking around that building and realized that they acted as guard.

In the room, I found the atmosphere was very mysterious with drawn curtain during the day. The room was crowded with people, but I was surprised to see six little girls. According to Lin, she called this gathering with one server and two sisters responsible for evangelization. The six girls and one young man were “freshmen”. The aim of the gathering was to learn about those freshmen and evangelism so as to increase the members of the church.

In order to develop followers, the gathering had been exquisitely arranged. Fruits, peanuts and biscuits had been placed on the table to tempt those freshmen. Then, the two sisters used an MP4 player to broadcast narrated content of God Creating the World, the Sichuan Earthquake, Japanese Tsunami and other videos secretly made by the Church of Almighty God. They told the freshmen, “all things are created by the Almighty God, and only those who believe in the God can be saved. When the disaster comes, those who do not believe in the God will be ruined. Therefore, only those believing in the God can be blessed and escape from disaster.” Then, they told some things about evil ghosts and the hell made by the Church of Almighty God. At that time, I noticed that the girls were too scared and nervous to speak any word. Even, the young man looked pale.

Case 2: The Church of Almighty God lost humanity and incited followers to abandon home.

In early January 2013, through the arrangement of the superior leader Hai Li, our church accepted a follower named Gan Yuan from Zhuhai Doumen church. Then, through talk, I knew she used to work in Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliances Company with a high salary. In 2012, with the so-called doomsday coming, she gradually believed that, “the doomsday is approaching. Only through believing in the Almighty God, can people escape from disasters,” and quit her job. She devoted herself to the activities of the Church of Almighty God. As a result of frequent attendance in the gatherings and little care for her family and daughter, she was strongly opposed and criticised by her husband. As it was impossible to practice at home, she requested the local church to transfer her to another place. After her request was approved, she left home for our church and never returned again.

Later, I came to know she had a two-year-old daughter, so I asked her how she could be so courageous to leave home. She responded, “The power from God.” I was very satisfied at her answer, praising her: “You pursue the truth and practice it. As God says, leaving the family, husband, wife and children is the real beginning of entering the spiritual world. You really did that.” She immediately replied, “The work for God is to break up the chains of family and fulfill our love for God. God needs one who really loves him.”

Seeing she was so faithful to God, I recommended her to be the church's planting deacon responsible for developing freshmen. In the gatherings, we took her as a model. If someone would not leave their family, we would use her story to encourage him or her.

Once, I noticed her crying secretly. In fact, she heard that her husband was searching for her everywhere and her daughter was left alone. Hearing her story, I did not persuade her to return home. Instead, I told her that it was a test from our God and she could confront it strongly, because many people had been in a similar situation to her, and they gave up family and chose our God.

Since her arrival, Gan developed the freshmen and got together with leaders in our church. Under the incitement and teachings of community and church leaders, she became more obsessed with the Church of Almighty God and followed this cult more determinedly. She was propelled towards a life of crime and finally was sentenced to prison.

I ruined Gan’s life, made her lose her family and daughter and forced her to become a criminal. The Church of Almighty God is so abhorrent and made me ruin others and myself.

(Executive editor: Lin Mu)