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Romance of two horses goes viral on Chinese Internet

2017-11-15 Source:en.people.cn


Photos of a “horse couple” in Chengdu, southwestern China’s Sichuan province, recently went viral online. The romantic story behind the photos has aroused thousands of reposts and comments.

“I thought poverty was the only thing that limits my imagination, and now there is my bachelordom,” a Chinese netizen joked after seeing the photos.

According to Horsebreaker Zhang Yi, the two horses are both from Europe. The white horse, named Neith, is a horse breed from the Netherlands that is worth about 400,000 RMB. The black one is a crossbreed from France which has won domestic competitions in China.

Zhang said that both of them have to exercise for 45 minutes each day and complete their daily training tasks.

“They have developed a good relationship after coming to Chengdu,” Zhang said, joking that their “love” has gone beyond bloodlines.

Though having become an Internet celebrity, Neith still sheds sweat in equestrian events. At the 7th China Equestrian Festival that started last Friday in Chengdu, Neith’s excellent skills have won numerous applauses.